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Kentucky public TV station gives suspended students a turn behind the cameras

An educational initiative developed by a Kentucky public broadcaster is turning teens who ... “When people sit down and get to enjoy PBS Kids in their homes, we forget about these youth that can’t just sit down and watch television because they ...

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Whitney Nicely is the queen of real estate in east TennesseeAll Real Estate, All the Time with Whitney Nicely is a podcast to learn about flipping, flopping, listing, buying and investingFollow her on Instagram @WhitneyBuysHouses or Facebook. Email Whitney Nicely Article image credited to Syda Productions / Trending 10 hidden Facebook features all agents should know by Amy Puchaty | Feb 5 Why 2018 is the year of the agent by Brad Inman | Feb 1 Douglas Elliman sues Taylor Swift for breach of contract by Marian McPherson | Jan 30 Is the traditional real estate model dying a slow death? by Bernice Ross | Feb 5 Finding and hiring top talent for your team by Nolan Greenberg | Feb 5 Show Comments Hide Comments Comments Related Articles 3 areas of continuing education agents can't afford to ignore Check out these courses today by Sean Whaling | Sep 9 PieSync merges disparate contacts without risking data loss So no lead falls through the cracks by Craig CRowe | Sep 7 When neighborhoods go bad Profitable investing opportunities can be found in neighborhoods branded as 'bad' by Daren Blomquist | Sep 1 10 selling mistakes you can't afford -- for your business's sake Avoid these errors, and your rewards will be plentiful by Bruce Keith | Aug 1 Back to top Inman About Contact Support Advertise Sponsor Connect Careers Code of Conduct Privacy Terms of Use Products Select Inman Pro Market Intel Community Inman Facebook group Agent War Room Broker War Room Vendor Exchange Contributor submissions Image submissions Awards Inman 101 Inman Innovators Inman Influencers

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