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"But among the happiest states, it’s a surprisingly mixed bag. Utah, California, and Hawaii are all in the top 10 states for real estate values. But Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota? Not so much." In other words, if you're looking for a happy ...

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AUDREY MALONE Last updated 11:11, January 30 2017 var titleForShareBar = 'Real estate agents play the image game'; TOM LEE/FAIRFAX NZ Harcourts residential agent Rupert Bain invests in his personal appearance, because the impression he makes on clients is hugely important. Real estate agents are arguably the best dressed profession.Each morning, Harcourts Hamilton's Rupert Bain puts on a suit, a tie, a handkerchief to match his tieDepending on the shirt, he may also slip on cufflinksHe also has some nice watches.Once a fortnight, he gets his hair cutAnd at 34, he's invested in braces to straighten his teeth. TOM LEE/FAIRFAX NZ Real Estate agents, like Bain, go through socks and shoes quite quickly taking clients around housesSo socks are the one place Bain livens things up. "I didn't get them done when I was a kid, so I thought I may as well now," he says.READ MORE: * Casual dress may not really mean casual at work * Being creatively casual at work Bain, who sells residential real estate, thinks it is important to portray a cultivated image to the clients. TOM LEE/FAIRFAX NZ Bain pays attention to his cufflinks. "They are spending a lot of money, so I think it shows respect to show up looking goodAnd it makes you feel good, doesn't it?"Bain also ensures that his car is kept clean and presentableHe drives a Volkswagon SUV, but he protests that it was a practical choice for a family vehicle - that there was no thought given to image that went into the purchase decision.The one area Bain lets himself go a little crazy is with his socks."Everything else is quite straight, so I like to add something in with my socks." Ad Feedback

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