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Iowa dramatically outspends Minnesota to lure companies like Amazon

compared with 93 in Iowa and 106 in Wisconsin, according to Site Selection magazine, a trade publication that publishes an annual review of capital spending. Real estate professionals from around the country agree that Minnesota has a lot to offer ...

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Industry leaders are cautioning agents working Toronto’s west end, warning them about a seemingly ideal client intent on luring them to vacant properties. Lighter Side: When real estate ads go wrong Let’s face it: not all agents are the marketing gurus they think they areUnfortunately, some of those bad puns and awkward photos make it to their advertising materials. New study reveals how Canadians feel about various professionals, including real estate agents. And the results aren’t great for the profession. According to a report by Insights West, an industry research firm, only 50% of Canadians have a favourable opinion of real estate agentsOf those who have a positive opinion, a mere 8% say they have a very positive opinion and 42% say they have a somewhat positive opinion. One caveat that should be mentioned, however: The survey was conducted using a sample of 1,257 and it can be assumed not all of those participants have actually worked with a real estate agent And with negative stories about agents – and any industry, really – appearing more often in the news than positive ones, some opinions may not be based on actual experiences. Agents’ results put them in line with lawyers (14% very positive and 36% somewhat positive) and bankers (36% very positive and 13% somewhat positive). So how do agents’ results compare to other industries? Not nearly as poorly as politicans and car salespeople (24% and 28% respectively) but not as well as nurses (92%) and doctors (89%). “As was the case in 2016, politicians and car salespeople are not particularly revered by Canadians,” Mario Canseco, vice president, Public Affairs, at Insights West, said“Still, there are some subtle differences across provinces and age groups when it comes to other professions.” Digging deeper reveals agents are viewed most favourably in Saskatchewan and Manitoba (54%), followed by Ontario (53%), Alberta (51%), Quebec (48%), the Atlantic and North (47%), and BC (42%). One positive that can be taken away from the study, which was conducted between May 26 and June 2, is that sentiment about real estate agents is improving. Last year, the first year the study was conducted, 49% of the Canadians surveyed had a positive opinion about real estate agents.

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