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Dozens of pets rescued from Puerto Rico arrive in Maine, need homes

WESTBROOK (WGME) -- Dozens of pets that were rescued from Puerto Rico are in Maine and looking for forever homes. 200 dogs and 30 cats were rescued from Puerto Rico and brought to various shelters in New England, around 60 of them are in Maine. They’re ...

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Big plans for business in 2018?Give yourself the tools to own the new year at Connect SF, July 17-20, 2018 Learn More jQuery('.in-article-cta .btn.cta').on('click', function () { try { analytics.track('click', { category: 'button', label: 'ICSF18 in-article CTA Agent', pageUrl: window.location.href, eventName: eventName, linkUrl: jQuery(this).attr('href'), user_id: (ismUser !== null) ? ismUser.user_id : 'anonymous'}); } catch (ex) { connsole.log('Segment event missfired :: ' + ex.message); } }); Russia takes the 16 spot on the list of countries with the most millionaires at 152,000. Its wealth is extremely concentrated, which means that those who are rich are very rich. Many luxury real estate agents in the U.Sremain incredibly curious about the Russian affluent. In my last article, I shared that I expect Russian homeowners in the U.Smay soon look to sell because of the current sanctions and difficulty in getting visas. I have spent considerable time working with Russian buyers, I visit Moscow almost annually for nearly 15 years now and have learned a lot about how we differMy wife Vanda and our assistant Irina are also Russian, and they lend to my insight on Russian buyers. Below you’ll find three things about Russia and real estate that will help you work better with affluent Russian clients. The process is new to them When working with Russians, you will notice a few differencesThe first is cultural.13 ways to maximize your next open houseTom Ferry’s strategy for turning open houses into more listings READ MORE Their homes were once publicly ownedBut at the end of communist rule, these homes were turned over to the families who lived in them. Vanda, for example, who grew up in Moscow, still owns the family apartment there. This wasn’t that long ago, and Russians are essentially new to the buying and selling process both home and abroad. Business comes first Russians are very business-likeWhen I first started working with my Russian clients, I was caught off guard when right away they said, “What do you want to sell me?” They had no desire to engage in what we call “small talk.” They are guarded; they are unlike Americans and Europeans who start building relationships almost immediately. Instead, they get right to business and develop trust through discussions and dealsOnce they trust you, the relationships will be deeper than what you are used to with professional colleagues. As you can imagine, this is a much slower process than most of us are used toEven with Vanda’s connections, it has taken more than a decade of frequent trips to establish the rapport and critical connectionsBut thankfully, my clients now trust me and are loyal friends. The Russian real estate model is unsophisticated The Russian affluent, while growing in business sophistication, have also been impacted by their country’s unsophisticated residential real estate industry. Remember, real estate sales only became a job a short time ago when the government no longer owned the homesAnd when it comes time to buy or sell, a Russian will call a company, not an agent. The company is far more important than individual agentsThey do not have well-known agent superstars. The Russian system provides pros and cons for top U.Sagents who work in markets that attract RussiansThe negative is that it will be extremely hard to identify the agents who are well-entrenched in the Russian affluent community. Try this as a test: do a Google search for “top U.Sreal estate agents.” You’ll find list after list of top agentsDo the same for Russian real estate agents, and you won’t find manyInstead, you’ll see a variety of agencies listed. However, because company comes first, U.Sagents can narrow their focus on developing relationships with the right people at the top Russian brokeragesThis assumes the U.Sagents have a Russian contact who can set up the meetings and guide them through what to share and how to share it. Agents with U.Sbrands who can work with their foreign franchisees may have connections in RussiaCentury 21 and Sotheby’s are two U.Scompanies with a Moscow presence. I expect the Russian real estate industry will continue to mature, but it will take at least another five years to even be considered remotely near the levels you have in the U.SAnd an MLS-type system is years and years away. I believe we are only beginning to see Russians emerge as a major force in luxury real estateThey have undergone a lot of change, and their desire to embrace that change and move forward is amazing. Hopefully, this article will help you to understand the Russians a bit more and allow you to successfully work with them as they continue to show interest in buying homes globally. Laurent Demeure is the founder and CEO of Coldwell Banker France & Monaco. 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I thought that might get your attentionBut please understand that there was nothing sneaky here, and you do not need to tell CNN. by Laurent Demeure | Aug 25 Opinion 3 major differences between U.Sand European real estate I will never forget the exciting day when I agreed to buy the rights to franchise with Coldwell Banker in France and MonacoIt changed my life and brought great personal and professional benefits. by Laurent Demeure | Jul 7 Remember, there is luxury real estate outside the U.S. As the world continues to shrink, we must increase our global knowledge so we can be the best resource possible. by Laurent Demeure | Jun 8 Back to top Inman About Contact Support Advertise Sponsor Connect Careers Code of Conduct Privacy Terms of Use Products Select Community Inman Facebook group Agent War Room Broker War Room Vendor Exchange Contributor submissions Image submissions Awards Inman 101 Inman Innovators Inman Influencers

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