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Milwaukee-area’s MSP Real Estate hires VP of asset management

Before joining MSP Real Estate and Heritage Senior Living, Martin was a regional asset manager in the Madison area, overseeing a portfolio of roughly 50 properties and more than 3,350 units throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. Martin’s experience ...

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ABC NewsFredrik Eklund is shown here talking with ABC's Rebecca Jarvis for "Nightline." 0 Shares Email Fredrik Eklund has already made a name for himself as the top ranked real estate agent in New York, a reality TV star and an author -- but now he is excited to take on a new role as “dad.” The “Million Dollar Listing New York” star and his artist husband Derek Kaplan are planning to start a family -- and Eklund already has their baby girl’s name picked out. "I think the biggest goal of my entire life has been to have a family, and that’s something that’s happening nowThat’s going to change everything,” Eklund, 37, told “Nightline.” “But I’ve just always known I’m going have a daughter and her name is going to be Milla.” Watch the full story on "Nightline" tonight at 12:35 a.mET Mega-Rich Foreigners Bring the Heat to Miami's Luxury Condo Market Champagne, Sure, But a Psychic? Inside Luxury Estate's Extreme Open House PHOTOS: See How These Celebs Staged Their Homes For Sale Eklund, who has a new book out called “The Sell,” has sold homes that run the gamut from multi-million dollar townhouses to glittering condominiums with panoramic views in the skyHe has even sold units still under construction. He and his team sold $1.1 billion worth of real estate last year, making him the No1 agent in New York City“Million Dollar Listing New York” is now in its fourth season, and Eklund admits it had helped his success. “It’s basically tripled,” he said“But you never know what comes from the show or what doesn’t.” Eklund’s high-profile business has drawn the attention of celebrity clientsHe just sold Sarah Jessica Parker’s townhouse, which had a list price of almost $20 millionHe has also been spotted house hunting with Jennifer Lopez. “The boring answer is [celebrities are] people just like you and me,” Eklund said“They’re trying, on a very different budget, to find a home that works for them.” For every apartment he sells, Eklund and his team take a 2.5 percent commission, which he said may seem like a lot of money, and their commission can range into the millions, but he added that they don’t get paid until an apartment or a building closes. Even still, his charm and ambition have helped make him a very rich man and he enjoys the fruits of his laborEklund’s main mode of transportation is a chauffeur-driven Range Rover. “It is luxury but it’s also a necessity,” he said“I am with clients all day long, i take them aroundI can do a lot of deals and negotiations.” He owns an apartment in Manhattan, which he would only say ranges in $5 to $10 million in price. He dresses impeccably“I think 10 percent of your income should to go clothing,” he said“This coat was $3,000." And he says he gets a $275 haircut every three weeks. “The haircuts are expensive, but it’s a piece that you wear every day of your life, and everyone is going to see it,” he said. Eklund insists he is just like the rest of us, and his success is hard wonOriginally from Sweden, Eklund said he came to the United States “with nothing.” “I had never done a real estate deal in my life,” he said“When I first came to New York and became a real estate agent, my first apartment was $550,000 that I soldI mean that was a big price point for me.” He also briefly experimented with doing gay porn for a week, a fact he has always been open about. "I got an email, and I was very young, and I said, ‘OK, I’ll try it.’ I tried it and I was done,” he said“It’s not something that I’m proud of, but I’m not ashamed of it, eitherI’m very neutral to itI never really think of it anymoreI was worried when I did it that I would meet someone that I would fall in love with someone who would say uh-huhSo thank goodness I met Derek who doesn’t careHe loves me.” Now as a luxury real estate agent, Eklund is trying to pass on the secrets to his fame and fortune in his new book, “The Sell,” a guide book on how to best the best, no matter what field of work you’re in. “Selling is universal,” he said“We are all sellingWhen you go on a date you are sellingWhen you go on a job interview, you are sellingIn my job, selling real estate is just sellingI sell real estate, but it’s no different than selling insurance or cupcakes or gym membershipIt really isn’t, because it’s about people.” 0 Shares Email Star Comments Add Interests Customize your news feed by choosing the topics that interest you. To save your interests across all devices Log In or Sign Up » A Day in the Life of a Celebrity Real Estate Agent +Mega-Rich Heat Up Miami's Luxury Market Michelle Williams responds to controversy over pay gap with Mark Wahlberg Couric breaks silence about Lauer scandal: 'Disturbing, distressing, disorienting' Sam Rockwell drops f-bomb on 'Saturday Night Live' Rebecca Hall said she regrets working with Woody Allen: 'I am profoundly sorry' Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte weds former Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid 'Proud Mary' producers respond to John Fogerty's criticism Harvey Weinstein's estranged wife moves forward with fashion line amid scandal 'Darkest Hour' star Gary Oldman on his remarkable transformation into Churchill Reddit founder shares his fears and resolve on wife Serena Williams' labor 'ordeal' The specific way John Mayer wants to hear from fans ANALYSIS: One year in, Donald Trump has redefined the presidency ANALYSIS: Republican strategists say Democrats virtually certain to win House in 2018 North Korea's Kim Jong Un crows over 'Fire and Fury' book on Trump Ice jams cause flooding in Northeast as more cold and snow loom Chelsea Manning files to run for US Senate Diplomats face challenge of reassuring allies they're not 's---hole countries' Trump again extends Iran nuclear deal he vowed to rip up Trump cancels trip to London, says he won't cut ribbon at new US Embassy 'Offensive,' 'shocking,' 'shameful': World leaders blast Trump's 's---hole' remarks Trump: 'Never said anything derogatory about Haitians' Combat fighter pilot joins competitive Arizona Senate race Trump ignores uproar over 's---hole' remarks as he honors Martin Luther King Jr Outgoing Virginia governor says he'd deck Trump if provoked White House appears unfazed by Trump's 's---hole countries' comment Trump target of petition to block his attendance at World Economic Forum Missouri governor's ambitions could take a hit in cheating scandal Ohio GOP congressman joins US Senate race window.abcnvideo = window.abcnvideo || {}; window.abcnvideo.storysection = "entertainment"; window.abcnvideo.storyid = "30367404"; = "null"; window.abcnvideo.url = "null"; window.abcnvideo.playlist = null; window.abcnvideo.editorautostart = "true"; window.abcnvideo.featuredvideo = "null"; window.abcnvideo.featuredimage = ""; window.leadStoryAnalytics = "{\"prop1\":\"abcn\",\"eVar1\":\"abcn\",\"prop4\":\"story\",\"prop5\":\"abcn:entertainment\",\"eVar5\":\"story\",\"prop6\":\"abcn:entertainment::nightline\",\"prop13\":\"jarvis,rebecca|pedersen,claire|effron,lauren\",\"prop16\":\"abcnews\",\"eVar16\":\"abcn|sec_entertainment||altsec_nightline|20150416|30367404|story|ntl_fredrikeklund_150416\",\"eVar17\":\"story:abcn:nightline\",\"prop24\":\"30367404|A Day in the Life of a Celebrity Real Estate Agent\",\"prop25\":\"\",\"prop26\":\"\",\"prop37\":\"storypage-novideo\",\"eVar39\":30367404,\"eVar41\":\"jarvis,rebecca|pedersen,claire|effron,lauren\",\"prop41\":\"\",\"prop42\":\"04-16-2015\",\"eVar42\":\"04-16-2015\",\"prop43\":\"12:32\",\"eVar43\":\"12:32\",\"eVar45\":\"fredrik eklund, million dollar listing, new york, real estate, manhattan real estate, sarah jessica parker, celebrity, \",\"prop46\":\"http:\/\/\/Entertainment\/day-life-celebrity-real-estate-agent-fredrik-eklund\/story?id=30367404\",\"eVar46\":\"http:\/\/\/Entertainment\/day-life-celebrity-real-estate-agent-fredrik-eklund\/story?id=30367404\",\"prop47\":\"\\\\\\\"Million Dollar Listing New York\\\\\\\" star Fredrik Eklund is the top agent in U.S.\",\"eVar47\":\"\\\\\\\"Million Dollar Listing New York\\\\\\\" star Fredrik Eklund is the top agent in U.S.\",\"eVar48\":\"\",\"prop49\":\"05-26-2015\",\"eVar49\":\"05-26-2015\",\"prop52\":\"A Day in the Life of a Celebrity Real Estate Agent\",\"eVar52\":\"A Day in the Life of a Celebrity Real Estate Agent\",\"eVar55\":\"\",\"eVar59\":\"\",\"prop66\":\"\",\"eVar66\":\"\",\"site\":\"site\",\"pageName\":\"abcn|sec_entertainment||altsec_nightline|20150416|30367404|story|ntl_fredrikeklund_150416\",\"pageURL\":\"\",\"pageType\":\"\",\"server\":\"\",\"channel\":\"abcn:nightline\",\"events\":\"event3\",\"varnish_device\":\"site\",\"storyID\":30367404}"; window.leadTQ = "{\"realsection\":\"\",\"id\":\"30367404\",\"othersubs\":\"\",\"altsection\":\"nightline\",\"byline\":\"rebecca jarvis, claire pedersen and lauren effron\",\"objType\":\"story\",\"keywords\":\"\",\"subsection\":\"\",\"recipes\":\"\",\"path\":\"\/Entertainment\/TV\/story\/\",\"show\":\"nl\",\"caid\":\"Entertainment\/TV\",\"section\":\"entertainment\"}"; window.chartbeatConfig = "{\"location\":\"\/Entertainment\/day-life-celebrity-real-estate-agent-fredrik-eklund\/story?id=30367404\",\"pageName\":\"A Day in the Life of Celebrity Real Estate Agent Fredrik Eklund as He Prepares to Become a Dad\"}";

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