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Did Commerce RI Have Another Iceland Moment in Amazon Proposal?

It looks like the quality control group at the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation may have been out ... They should not be interpreted as precise real estate determinations but should instead be understood as the designers' illustrative sketches of the ...

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Rhode Island Tourism Iceland Video In 2017, national media weighed in on "Iceland": “The campaign’s rocky start marks a public setback for Governor Gina Raimondo, a Democrat and former venture capitalist who has basked in waves of positive press since taking office in early 2015,” wrote Jon Chesto for The Boston Globe on March 31 of the tourism debacle.  “A world-renowned designer was hiredMarket research was conductedA $5 million marketing campaign was setWhat could go wrong?”  quipped Katharine Seeyle for The New York Times in the post-mortem a week later on April 6“Everything, it turns out.” “The anatomy of a disastrous state branding campaign,” wrote Aarian Marshall for City Lab for The Atlantic Cities“After Rhode Island’s epic screw-up, a five-step guide to doing better.” Commerce’s Explanation for Renderings:  The Providence renderings prepared by the Massachusetts firm are near to scale and include a high level of detail. “The goal was to create visions of an urban workspace for Amazon on some of the submitted sites, providing an interpretation of the specifics described in the company’s RFPThese renderings are preliminary and conceptualThey should not be interpreted as precise real estate determinations but should instead be understood as the designers' illustrative sketches of the possibilities in general,” said Matt Sheaff, spokesman for Commerce.   var ad = '; var ad_url = '/ad-zone/17/300/250/business/did-ri-commerce-have-another-iceland-moment'; $(document).ready(function(){ $('#slideshow .slide_info').each(function(i){ var charLimit = 1000; var adInserted = false; var numChars = 0; if ($('iframe.slideshow-ad', this).length charLimit && !adInserted) { $(this).after(ad); adInserted = true; } }); if (!adInserted) { $(this).append(ad); adInserted = true; } } $('iframe.slideshow-ad', this).each(function(a){ $(this).data('views', 0); }); }); $('#slideshow .slides').cycle({ fx: 'turnDown', speed: 'fast', timeout: 0, pager: '#nav_slideshow ul', next: '.slideshow_next', prev: '.slideshow_prev', // callback fn that creates a thumbnail to use as pager anchor pagerAnchorBuilder: function(idx, slide) { // return selector string for existing anchor return '#nav_slideshow li:eq(' + idx + ') a'; }, before: function(curEl, nextEl, opts, fwdFlg) { $(nextEl).addClass('has-ad-call'); var slideshowAd = $('iframe.slideshow-ad', nextEl).first(); var views = parseInt('views')); //console.log('Views before: '+views); if (views > 0) { slideshowAd.attr('src', slideshowAd.attr('src')); //console.log('Ad refreshed') } else { slideshowAd.attr('src', ad_url); }'views', ++views); //console.log('Views: ''views')); }, after: function(curEl, nextEl, opts, fwdFlg) { var title_slug = location.pathname + '/slide/' + convertToSlug($(nextEl).find('h2:first').text()); title_slug = title_slug.replace('#', ').replace(/\/+/g, '/'); //ga('send', 'pageview'); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview', title_slug]); } }); }); function convertToSlug(txt) { return txt.toLowerCase().replace(/[^\w ]+/g,').replace(/ +/g,'-'); } Related Slideshow: National Press Critique RI’s Embarrassing Tourism Campaign - 2016 Prev Next New York Times A world-renowned designer was hiredMarket research was conductedA $5 million marketing campaign was setWhat could go wrong? Everything, it turns out. The slogan that emerged — “Rhode Island: Cooler and Warmer” — left people confused and spawned lampoons along the lines of “Dumb and Dumber.” A video accompanying the marketing campaign, meant to show all the fun things to do in the state, included a scene shot not in Rhode Island but in IcelandThe website featured restaurants in Massachusetts. Prev Next Boston Globe After the slogan’s unveiling, the blunders just kept comingA promotional video to accompany the campaign included a shot of a skateboarder in front of a distinctive building that turned out to be the famous Harpa concert hall, located almost 2,500 miles away, in Iceland The new website erroneously boasted that Little Rhody is home to 20 percent of the country’s historic landmarksAnd officials needed to remove three names from its restaurant database, after realizing the information was so outdated that two of the restaurants aren’t open right now. Prev Next City Lab “Cooler & Warmer.” It took me roughly 30 minutes of reading about Rhode Island’s new tourism catchphrase to realize that “cool” is a double entendre—as in, the occasional temperature of the Ocean State, but also “hip and awesome.” And I still didn’t quite get it? This was not a good signI may be dense, but lordy, was I not alone. Prev Next Time The Rhode Island Tourism Division had to pull its latest video shortly after it was posted online Tuesday because it contained footage shot in IcelandThe three-second scene in question shows a man doing a skateboard trick outside of the Harpa concert hall in Reykjavik, the country’s capital. IndieWhip, the company that edited the video, and the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, which hired the firm, have apologized for the error“The footage in question is of a Rhode Island skateboarder, filmed by a Rhode Islander,” IndieWhip added in a statement. Prev Next Forbes A Big Price Tag Puts a Target on Your Back. Rhode Island spent a reported $550,000 to develop the “Cooler & Warmer” campaignDevelopment costs for the Florida and Washington campaigns cost $380,000 and $422,000, respectivelyThat’s before the first piece of media was ever purchased. My advertising agency brethren will argue you have to invest money at the start of the campaign to “get it right.” But from my perspective, the above numbers seem exorbitant for a program built on public dollarsAnd in each case, an angry electorate agreed. Creating a great “place marketing” campaign is a difficult jobDon’t make it more difficult by ignoring the lessons from states like Rhode Island, Florida and Washington. Prev New York TimesBoston GlobeCity LabTimeForbes Next       Related Articles Raimondo’s National Press Problem Following Tourism Fallout Before Running RI’s Tourism PR, Havas Worked for Cianci’s Campaign Agency Finalist for RI Tourism Account Wins Top Award for Montana Tourism Ads RI’s Still Dissatisfied About Direction, Supports Charter Schools, Tourism and Legalized Marijuana Blackstone River Valley Celebrates National Bike & Tourism Month Starting May 1 Guest MINDSETTER™ RepCarson: Mismanagement of Tourism Campaign Has Jarred RI Raimondo’s Tourism Problems Are Far From Over Raimondo’s Out-of-State Contracts Extend Beyond Tourism More than 100 Errors on RI Tourism Website NEW: Raimondo Fires Betsy Wall For Tourism Campaign Debacle Westerly Chamber Boss Asks Commerce’s Wall and Pryor to Put Westerly in RI’s Tourism Video RI Tourism’s Havas Hires Top Lobbyist as Consultant RI Commerce Cancels Havas’ Tourism Contract, Firm Hit With More Fee Cuts: UPDATED Tourism Officials Fight to Bring Norwegian Air to RI, Langevin and Cicilline Fight Against Airline Fall River Mayor Correia Talks Tourism on GoLocal LIVE RI Selects New Tourism Vendors - Will State Finally Get it Right? RepNardolillo Blasts Raimondo Over New Tourism Campaign Does New RI Company’s Drone Video Have Tourism Potential? LIVE: Trudy Coxe Talks Tourism and the Future of Preserving the Past RI’s $5 Million Tourism RFP Sparks Questions Top Tourism Leader Makes Urgent Plea for New RI Branding Campaign RI Airport Corporation Taps Top Airport and Tourism Leader RI Tourism Vendor Who Did Iceland Video Sued for Stealing RI Commerce Corp Seeking Proposals for New Business, Tourism Advertising Agencies Error Riddled Tourism Campaign Consultant Wins National Award for RI Work   Enjoy this post? Share it with others. 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