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6 Real Estate Networking Tips From The Experts

3. Go After the Quiet Ones – Fafie Moore As co-owner of Realty Executives Nevada, Moore has learned how to master real estate networking. One of her best, and most effective strategies, is to scan a crowded room, and find the people nobody else is ...

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“A good way for the shy and introverted to network is with a buddyBuddies can give each other moral support while holding each other accountable.” Action Step: If you’re shy and a timid about networking opportunities, find a trusted ally — even if they’re not in the real estate investing trade — to take along with you. 3Go After the Quiet Ones – Fafie Moore As co-owner of Realty Executives Nevada, Moore has learned how to master real estate networkingOne of her best, and most effective strategies, is to scan a crowded room, and find the people nobody else is talking to. “My strategy is to watch for the wallflowers, as well as those standing near the wallsSurprisingly, these individuals often prove to be the organization’s leaders or even the person who wrote the check for the event.” Action Step: At your next networking or social event, talk to that person off by themselves, first, before talking to anybody else. 4Create Noise in Your Industry – Evan Carmichael Entrepreneurial coach Evan Carmichael — despite the fact that he lists Kris Jenner (of Kardashian fame) as one of his clients — actually considers himself an introvert, and not a fan of talking to strangers with the goal of business networkingInstead, Carmichael prefers to cause waves and create a bit of gentle disruption in his industry, rather than schmoozing. “I get my large clients, interview opportunities, brand deals, book deals, etc… all through the noise that I make in my industryI network by having people come to me.” Action Step: Come up with one or two ways you can kick up some dust in your market to distinguish yourself — perhaps by taking a strong stand on an issue — and have people approach you. 5Online = Offline – Andrea Dixon As executive director of the Center for Professional Selling at Baylor University, Dixon has plenty of experience with business networkingShe’s keen to remind entrepreneurs that networking isn’t just about face-to-face interactionsOne key mistake she sees is people using sarcasm — even offensive language — in their social media online profiles, which can derail any potential networking done in-person. “What you put online is your face-to-face brandYou cannot engage with people and present yourself as a person of positivity while showing a sarcastic persona online.” 6Master the Art of the Follow Up – Than Merrill Our very own Than Merrill believes networking doesn’t end when the handshakes stop and the goodbyes are givenFollowing up, after an initial networking introduction, can be just as important as networking itself. “Following the initial meeting with an individual, make an effort to follow-up on your previous conversationThat doesn’t mean you need to send an email before you get back to your car, but it does mean that you will want to show them you appreciate their time while they still remember you.” Action Step: Get in the habit of following up, quickly, after meeting anybody in a networking context. 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