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Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin in Court Over Calls for Troll Storm’ Against Montana Jewish Woman

Tanya Gersh of Whitefish, Montana announced in April a lawsuit against Anglin ... posted an article on Medium targeting Gersh, a real estate agent, over a real estate dispute. The next day, Anglin made a post for his subscribers titled “Jews Targeting ...

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Andrew Anglin, who founded and runs the white nationalist Daily Stormer website, claims his call is protected by free speech JTA Dec 05, 2017 3:39 PM comments Print   Zen Subscribe now  Shareshare on facebook  Tweet send via email reddit stumbleupon document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() { // read the sharing count of the article from facebook var remote = ',share&id='; var ajax = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", remote, true); ajax.onload = function() { if(ajax.status == 200) { var data = JSON.parse(ajax.responseText); //Update facebook counter on article var facebookCount = (data.share && data.share.share_count) || 0; if (facebookCount != 0 ) { document.querySelector('.media__content .js-fb-count').innerText = facebookCount; } } } ajax.send(); }); Andrew Anglin From the Channel 2 interview Anti-Jewish and pro-Netanyahu's son: The bizarre story of the neo-Nazi behind The Daily Stormer U.Sneo-Nazi: 'I'm defending Yair Netanyahu because he stood up against the Jews' Analysis Richard Spencer is simply the latest far-right extremist to laud Israel as a white 'ethno-state' model Attorneys for neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, who founded and runs the white nationalist Daily Stormer website, said his calls for a “troll storm” against a Montana Jewish woman are protected by free speech. The motion to dismiss a lawsuit against Anglin filed Thursday in federal court also argued that the neo-Nazi memes and anti-Jewish slurs used by Anglin, who blogs on the website, are protected free speech and pose “no true threat” to Jewish people. Tanya Gersh of Whitefish, Montana announced in April a lawsuit against Anglin for revealing her personal information and inflicting “emotional distress.” The lawsuit was filed on Gersh’s behalf by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an anti-racism nonprofit. Anglin launched a campaign in December against Gersh after Sherry Spencer of Whitefish, mother of another white supremacist, Richard Spencer, posted an article on Medium targeting Gersh, a real estate agent, over a real estate disputeThe next day, Anglin made a post for his subscribers titled “Jews Targeting Richard Spencer’s Mother for Harassment and Extortion – TAKE ACTION!” Gersh claims that anonymous internet users harassed her family after Anglin revealed her home address and phone number, her husband’s business contact information and her son’s Twitter handle. Keep updated: Sign up to our newsletter Email* Please enter a valid email address Sign up Please wait… Thank you for signing up. We've got more newsletters we think you'll find interesting. Click here OopsSomething went wrong. Please try again later. Try again Thank you, This email address has already registered for this newsletter. Close var newsletterURvar_1629041; $(document).ready(function(){ //Create new newsletterRegistrationObject instance var normalScreen = $("#newsletter-initial_1629041"); var responseScreen = ""; var emailField = $("#newsletterUREmail_1629041"); var waitScreen = $("#newsletter-loader_1629041 .js-modal"); newsletterURvar_1629041 = new newsletterQuickRegistreationV2( normalScreen, responseScreen, emailField, waitScreen, "1629041", "ltr", {"enterEmail":"", "badEmail":"Please use a valid email address", "errorMsg1":"An error has occurred.", "errorMsg2":"please try again later", "successMsg1":"Thank you for signing up.", "successMsg2":"Click here for more newsletters", "alreadyRegisterMsg":"This email address has already registered for this newsletter.", "segmentId":"1339605", "segmentName":"Haaretz Daily", "emailNoteId":"newsletterUREmail_1629041_note", "emailErrNoteId":"newsletter-error_1629041", "trenDemonUrl":"" }); newsletterURvar_1629041.init(); }); The suit accuses Anglin of invading Gersh’s privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and violating a Montana anti-intimidation lawThe Daily Stormer created a campaign on WeSearchr to pay for Anglin’s legal expenses, raising more than $159,000 in donations from more than 2,000 contributors. Anglin’s attorneys said in their filing that the messages against Gersh were “generally recognized anti-Semitic tropes, without actual harm reasonably to be construed,” according to the filing. “And, even Nazi expression, no matter the psychic harm on Jewish residents, is nonetheless protected speech,” the motion says“Thus, there was no true threat.” The call for a “troll storm,” according to the attorneys is free speech “made on a website to spur others to express their opinions to Plaintiff and her associates” and “to contribute more speech to the marketplace of ideas.” Among the messages sent to Gersh’s private email, according to the Washington Post, are: “Ratfaced criminals who play with fire tend to get thrown in the oven;” “Merry Christmas, you Christ-killer;” “It’s time for you to take a one way ticket to tel aviv;” and “You have no idea what you are doing, six million are only the beginning.” Gersh’s attorneys from the Southern Poverty Law Center have been unable to find Anglin in order to serve him with the lawsuit in a bid to force him to appear publicly in courtThey have posted notices in local newspapers in Ohio, where his family lives, in order to fulfill the legal notice requirements for a lawsuit. 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