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Local real estate brokers honored

Max and Tina Coleman own the brokerage and are the regional owners for Montana and Idaho ... “These exceptional real estate professionals are among the top in our industry and we salute them.” Steve Morris, founder and chairman of EXIT Realty ...

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MICHELLE MCCONNAHA Facebook Twitter Email Print Save #modal-image-801e4d9e-4cb0-5b70-96f8-bc354d56a9fd img { max-height: 1141px; } Local real estate brokers honored MICHELLE MCCONNAHA Dec 7, 2017 Updated 11 hrs ago Facebook Twitter Email .tnt-restrict-img-801e4d9e-4cb0-5b70-96f8-bc354d56a9fd { max-width: 1815px; } Buy Now Nicole Jones, Jani Summers, and Craig Siphers display their recent international awards from the EXIT Realty Corporation. MICHELLE MCCONNAHA Facebook Twitter Email Print Save Hamilton-area associate brokers earned international awards recently by EXIT Realty Corporation International.Jani Summers with EXIT Realty Bitterroot Valley was honored with the Gold Award for closing more than 75 real estate transactions during the production year, which ran from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.“I feel very proud – it is quite an honor,” Summers said“I owe it all to the work ethic I learned as a child.” EXIT Realty Bitterroot Valley owner Max Coleman said Summers is in the top 1 percent of realtor

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