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An Attack on My Privacy in Wisconsin's Political War

Mr. Chisholm weaponized an arm of the government, which was supposed to be Wisconsin’s ethics watchdog, to issue broad subpoenas and warrants for documents. The agency even worked with law enforcement to conduct paramilitary raids on people’s homes.

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An Attack on My Privacy in Wisconsin's Political War The Wall Street Journal 2 days ago Leah Vukmir ‘Elena, I have something I need to tell you.” Those were the first words I said to my 29-year-old daughter Thursday afternoonI was calling to let her know that according to the Wisconsin Justice Department report released Thursday, my personal emails, along with approximately 500,000 of those belonging to my colleagues in the Wisconsin Senate and other Republican leaders, were acquired in a John Doe investigation.The emails had been kept in the Governmental Accountability Board building in a unsecured file called “opposition research.” Personal emails with Elena were included, I had learnedSome of our emails even involved discussion of her medical recordsThese communications didn’t belong in the hands of the government but were collected as part of a politically motivated investigation into GovScott Walker.Under Wisconsin law, prosecutors can ask a judge to authorize a “John Doe” investigation, which is intended to protect the wrongly accused or allow investigators the ability to establish probable cause before filing chargesBut in a gross manipulation of the law, in 2012 a liberal judge named Barbara Kluka allowed Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, a Democrat, to conduct a secret investigation into whether GovWalker had broken campaign-finance lawsHe had notMrChisholm weaponized an arm of the government, which was supposed to be Wisconsin’s ethics watchdog, to issue broad subpoenas and warrants for documentsThe agency even worked with law enforcement to conduct paramilitary raids on people’s homesThese raids and seizures were the result of a mere accusation of campaign-finance violation, for which there was no basisAs it turns out, investigators at the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board took it upon themselves to acquire the personal emails of Republican politicians, including me.As of June 2016 the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board no longer existsI wrote legislation that led to the agency’s elimination, and this has been one of my proudest accomplishments as a state senatorYet I am still considering legal options for the invasion of my personal privacyI was appalled at the news, especially because those who ran the John Doe investigation read and kept the emails between my daughter and meThis was criminal behavior, and the individuals involved ought to see jail timeUnaccountable investigations and special prosecutors have become typicalTake a look at the investigation of the president by Robert MuellerMore than $3 million in taxpayer funds, and what has been accomplished? From Lois Lerner and the IRS to James Comey and the FBI, something is rotten with the way justice is implemented in America today.In addition to being a mom and a nurse, I am a conservative state senatorI fear fewer people like me will seek office after seeing what I’ve gone throughWhy would a mom want to speak on her political beliefs if she thought it might make her family the target of a government agency? Why would anyone want to become an elected official if it might mean that private conversations are not protected from unreasonable search and seizure? © Ivan Moreno/Associated Press Elena will be fineBut I don’t want her to live in a country where the government deprives people of due process or their right to speak freelyIf it can happen in Wisconsin, it can happen elsewhereLet the stories of Wisconsin’s John Doe abuses be a warning for the rest of the country that liberty really does require vigilance MsVukmir, a Republican, is a state senator and U.SSenate candidate from Wisconsin Go to MSN Home More in News Democrat Jones an upset winner over Moore, who refuses to concede The Washington Post Moore refuses to concede Alabama Senate race The Hill Winners and losers from the Alabama special election The Washington Post White House qualifies false Trump claim he doesn't know his accusers CNN -

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