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NC Democrats announce new candidates, and they’re almost all women

The wave of women signing up to run for political office has hit North Carolina.The state Democratic Party is spending ... will run against Republican Rep. John Faircloth, a real estate broker from High Point, for House District 62. The district represents ...

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Members of the General Assembly, the Council of State and the Judiciary applauded GovRoy Cooper as he arrives to deliver his first State of the State address in the House chamber of the Legislative Building in Raleigh, NC on March 13, 2016 Chris Seward Members of the General Assembly, the Council of State and the Judiciary applauded GovRoy Cooper as he arrives to deliver his first State of the State address in the House chamber of the Legislative Building in Raleigh, NC on March 13, 2016 Chris Seward setLeadImageSize(); $(window).resize(function() { var clientWidth = Math.max(document.documentElement.clientWidth, window.innerWidth || 0); if (clientWidth > 767) { $('.lead-item').find('.caption').hide(); $('.lead-item .lead-caption').show(); } else { $('.lead-item .lead-caption').hide(); } setLeadImageSize(); }); $('.lead-item img').click(function(){ var elemWidth = Math.max(document.documentElement.clientWidth, window.innerWidth || 0); if(elemWidth = scrollEndPos || windowCurrentPos Darren Jackson, the top Democrat in the North Carolina House of Representatives, said on Twitter that he thinks the rise in women candidates has been especially pronounced in the last year. “It’s something we were seeing way before all the sexual harassment scandals started to break,” he wrote“After the 2016 election, a lot of women started turning out for events, indivisible groups, house partiesMany for the first timeBeen seeing it for a year now.” (function() { var randomUrl = getRandomUrl(','); var eventMethod = window.addEventListener ? "addEventListener" : "attachEvent"; var eventer = window[eventMethod]; var messageEvent = eventMethod == "attachEvent" ? "onmessage" : "message"; $("", { "class" : "col-xs-12", "src" : randomUrl, "scrolling" : "no", "frameborder" : "no" }).appendTo("#newsletter-signUpWidget"); eventer(messageEvent, function(e) { if (randomUrl.indexOf(e.origin) != -1 ) { var key = e.message ? "message" : "data"; var data = JSON.parse(e[key]); switch(data.messageid) { case 100: var signupevent = new CustomEvent( 'signup', {"detail": data} ); window.dispatchEvent( signupevent ); break; case 200: $('#newsletter-signUpWidget iframe').css('height', data.iframe.height); break; } } }, false ); })(); Nationally, Democrats have been recruiting more women to run for office ever since Republican President Donald Trump was elected a year ago. The Raleigh city council is now half women for just the second time ever, after the city’s October electionsAlso in October, Virginia’s state legislature swung from a strong Republican majority to a split in power after Democrats flipped 15 seats in their favorAlmost all of those 15 Democratic winners were women. In North Carolina, the elections for state legislative seats aren’t until November 2018, and the deadline for candidates to file (Feb28, 2018) is still more than two months awaySo there might be plenty more women of either party to sign up to run for what has always been a male-dominated state legislatureAccording to the Center for American Women and Politics, 13 of North Carolina’s 50 senators are women, as are 30 of the 120 representatives. In addition to the six Democratic women who announced Monday, at least two other Democratic women might challenge GOP incumbents. Cary Life magazine editor Jennifer Ferrell hopes to run a second time against Republican RepNelson Dollar of CaryFirst, though, she will be in a primary against fellow Democrat Matt Calabria, a Wake County CommissionerAnd in the Senate, Jen Mangrum, a professor at UNC-Greensboro, plans to run against Republican SenPhil Berger, the top Republican in the legislature. Here are the candidates who announced Monday Wake County In the Triangle, lawyer Sydney Batch announced her candidacy for House District 37, which represents southwestern Wake CountyBatch is a certified child welfare specialist and runs a law firm focused on family law issues with her husband, JPatrick Williams. That seat is currently held by Republican RepLinda Williams, a former Holly Springs town councilwoman who joined the legislature last year after the retirements of former RepPaul “Skip” Stam, also a Republican. The district covers parts of Apex, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina and Garner. Batch said Monday in a written statement she wanted to run because “too many people feel the deck is stacked against them.” Related stories from McClatchy DC These women shattered ceilings, here's their message for you “People want affordable, accessible health care, quality and affordable education, safe air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a fair paycheck,” she said“Most of all, they want their children to live a more prosperous life than they have.” Charlotte suburbs In Concord, the 82nd district was redrawn so that its incumbent, Republican RepLarry Pittman, was put into a neighboring districtThe new 82nd district is home to a different Republican incumbent, RepLinda Johnson. Johnson could face Aimy Steele, an elementary school principal and former Spanish teacher who announced her candidacy MondayA statement from the Democratic Party’s spokesman quotes her as saying, “Since I was a young girl I felt a need to speak up for those whose voice was not heard.” Further to the south in the Charlotte suburb of Union County, a retired doctor and Army veteran named Rick Foulke announced he plans to run against Republican RepCraig Horn. Foulk was a doctor in the Army before retiring as a lieutenant colonel and going into private practice as an oncologist, first in Charlotte and then in Matthews. His campaign website says two of the issues he cares deeply about are expanding health insurance and increasing school funding. “Our quality teachers are leaving for other states every day because of low pay and lack of respect,” says a statement on his website“Our politicians have played partisan games with our lives by refusing to expand Medicaid.” Winston-Salem In the northern Forsyth County suburbs of Winston-Salem, Terri LeGrand announced her plans to run against Republican RepDeborah Conrad for House District 74. LeGrand is a financial aid administrator at Wake Forest University. “I’ve spent my life advocating for the powerless among us, first as a lawyer and social worker fighting for at-risk youth and their families and then as an administrator helping students from low- and moderate-income families attend college,” LeGrand said in a statement. The Democratic Party included LeGrand in its list of new candidates Monday, although she has been publicly campaigning for nearly two months. Greensboro Martha Shafer, a health care executive, will run against Republican RepJohn Faircloth, a real estate broker from High Point, for House District 62The district represents the northwest parts of Guilford County. Shafer’s announcement ran into technical difficulties; her campaign website link is broken. However, the Democratic Party spokesman quoted her as saying she’s running to support “our public schools that were once the pride of North Carolina.” !function(){var TOUT=window.TOUT=window.TOUT||{},utils={getCanonicalLinkHref:function(){for(var links=document.getElementsByTagName("link"),i=0;i-1}}}(); !function(){var TOUT=window.TOUT=window.TOUT||{};if(console&&console.log&&console.log("Tout SDK: "+ +new Date),!TOUT._sdkScriptTagParsedAt){TOUT._sdkScriptTagParsedAt=new Date,TOUT.EMBED_CODE_VERSION="1.2.0";var sdkHost=TOUT.SDK_HOST||"",sdkProtocol=TOUT.SDK_PROTOCOL||("https:"==window.location.protocol?"https:":"http:"),analyticsHost=TOUT.SDK_ANALYTICS_HOST||"",analyticsProtocol=TOUT.SDK_ANALYTICS_PROTOCOL||sdkProtocol;TOUT.onReady=TOUT.onReady||function(func){return TOUT._onReadyQueue=TOUT._onReadyQueue||[],TOUT._onReadyQueue.push(func),TOUT},TOUT.fireSimpleAnalyticsPixel=function(trigger_name,attrs){var img=new Image,url=analyticsProtocol+"//"+analyticsHost+"/events?trigger="+trigger_name;for(var attr in attrs)attrs.hasOwnProperty(attr)&&(url+="&"+attr+"="+encodeURIComponent(attrs[attr]));return img.src=url,img},TOUT.init=function(brandUid,options){options=options||{};var sdkScriptId="tout-js-sdk";if(document.getElementById(sdkScriptId)&&!options.forceInit)return TOUT;if(brandUid=TOUT.SDK_BRAND_UID||brandUid,"undefined"==typeof brandUid||"string"!=typeof brandUid||0===brandUid.length||brandUid.length>7)return TOUT.fireSimpleAnalyticsPixel("sdk_log",{log_level:"error",log_message:"BRAND_UID_NOT_DEFINED",content_page_url:window.location.href}),console&&console.error&&console.error("TOUT - Invalid Brand UID: "+brandUid),TOUT;TOUT._initOptions=options;var script=document.createElement("script");script.type="text/javascript",script.src=sdkProtocol+"//"+sdkHost+"/sdk/v1/"+brandUid+".js",,script.className="tout-sdk";var firstScript=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];return firstScript.parentNode.insertBefore(script,firstScript),TOUT.fireSimpleAnalyticsPixel("sdk_initialized",{content_brand_uid:brandUid,sdk_embed_code_version:TOUT.EMBED_CODE_VERSION,content_page_url:window.location.href}),TOUT}}}(); (function(){ var brandUid = "59aa48"; TOUT.mapAsyncFetchApp.init(brandUid); TOUT.init(brandUid); TOUT.mapAsyncFetchApp.fetch(); })(); ! function() { var tagalongWidth = 325; if (window.innerWidth 320 && window.innerWidth 768 && window.innerWidth 325) { tagalongWidth = 325 } document.body.addEventListener('ToutSDKLoad', function(evt) { //wait for SDK to load TOUT.model.setMixinSettings('TagAlong', { //change width of tagalong unit before player is created popoutWidth: tagalongWidth }) }) }(); Suggested for you lazyLoadingModule("zerg-template", "zerg-target", "zerg",500, undefined, undefined, undefined, "53332", undefined , undefined );   Comments   Needs to be visible to set the correct height of the comment componentI'm hiding it on document readyAppending it later did not work--> (function(){ var $commentingContainer = $('#commenting-container'), $commentContainerChevron = $commentingContainer.find(".glyphicon-chevron-down"), $fbComments = $("#fb-comments"); if($("meta[property='fb:app_id']").length === 1 && $("meta[name='allow-comments']").prop("content") === "true") { $commentingContainer.on('click', 'a.comments-toggle', function(){ if (typeof mi.commenting === "undefined") { mi.commenting = new mi.Commenting(); mi.commenting.setConf( { accountName: mi.pageInfo.getConf('marketInfo.domain'), fbapp_id: mi.pageInfo.getConf(''), fb_comment_div: {'data-width': '100%'} }); mi.commenting.display(); FB.XFBML.parse(document.getElementById("fb-comments")); } toggleComments(); }); $(document).ready(function(){ toggleComments(); }); } else { var disabledText = 'Comments have been disabled for this story.'; $fbComments.prepend("" + disabledText + ""); } //toggleClass() wasn't working in IE the first time if it has the class function toggleComments(){ if ($fbComments.hasClass('in')) { $fbComments.removeClass('in'); $commentContainerChevron.removeClass("rotate"); }else { $fbComments.addClass('in'); $commentContainerChevron.addClass("rotate"); } } })(); Videos More Videos 2:48 Roy Moore heckled while disputing sexual misconduct allegations in Alabama Pause 2:56 Virginia's newly-elected openly transgender state representative: Discrimination is a disqualifier 2:10 Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore rides horse to cast ballot 1:15 Trump dismantles Bears Ears National Monument 1:18 Gillibrand: Trump tweet is 'sexist smear'

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