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HMC Spins Out $3.4B Real Estate Team To Bain Capital

HMC’s real estate team reportedly began exploring outside options ... Based in Boston and founded in 1984 by former U.S. presidential candidate and governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney with partners from consulting firm Bain & Co., Bain Capital is ...

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People Moves Regulation Halls of Justice Institutional Tech & Services Indices In Depth Contributors Lifestyle HMC Spins Out $3.4B Real Estate Team To Bain Capital Dec 15 2017 | 11:35pm ET The 20-person real estate team at Harvard University’s $37 billion endowment will reportedly spin out and become part of a new Bain Capital real estate investment group formed to bring the group aboard. The move will be effective February 1, 2018, according to a statement from Bain Capital on Friday, after which the group will be Bain employeesIt will continue to be led by Dan Cummings, currently head of real estate at Harvard Management CompanyThe team, which has invested more than $3.4 billion of equity in its direct real estate investment strategy since inception in 2010, will continue to manage HMC’s direct real estate investment portfolio from within Bain, the statement added, and HMC will continue to invest in the team’s future strategies. The addition of a dedicated real estate team will benefit Bain’s global distressed and special situations portfolio and the company’s consumer, hospitality and retail portfolio private equity portfolioHMC’s real estate team reportedly began exploring outside options a year ago, including launching an independent vehicle.  The move is the latest step by the world’s largest university endowment to restructure operations under new CEO Narv Narvekar after several years of underperformance relative to its peersHMC has long relied on direct investments by in-house teams such as the real estate group instead of the more common practice of relying on outside fund managers to build specific portfolio exposures. Based in Boston and founded in 1984 by former U.Spresidential candidate and governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney with partners from consulting firm Bain & Co., Bain Capital is one of Wall Street’s largest remaining closely-held partnershipsThe company manages approximately $85 billion across private equity, venture capital, credit and public equity strategies.  E-mail This Print This Order Reprints Twitter LinkedIn Facebook. 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