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Real estate development students win national contest

Two UB real estate development students won first place in an intercollegiate ... Tringali and Turner placed atop a field that included teams from New York University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University of St. Thomas ...

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Through a research process that included data mining with the Erie County Industrial Development Agency and weekly meetings with Uniland executives, Tringali and Turner looked behind The Delaware North building’s emergence, addressing issues of historic preservation, community engagement, financial structuring, and urban design. Among their findings was the importance of community outreach in building buy-in for a project that involved the controversial demolition of an existing buildingThe final design scheme incorporated the original building’s terra cotta features. Serendipity also came into playUniland’s speculative purchase of the site at the corner of Delaware Avenue and Chippewa Street coincided with a significant real estate dilemma for Delaware NorthThe company wanted more modern space and was considering relocating to BostonUniland’s successful response to the company’s request for proposals ultimately retained an international corporate headquarters — and 350 largely high-paying jobs — for the city. Executives at Uniland were impressed by the rigor and discipline Tringali and Turner brought to the project“They were well prepared, had insightful questions when we met to discuss the case study and showed a good understanding of commercial real estate,” says Vice President Michael Montante, adding that the knowledge exchange with UB is part of the firm’s investment in the future of real estate. “With our interns at Uniland, we want to give them real-life experiences — projects that help them learn through active participationOur goal is to educate future commercial real estate practitioners and prepare them for life after college,” Montante says. Uniland’s Sayadoff, who met with the pair regularly, agrees“From start to finish, Chris and Kevin were diligent in their research and reportingEarly in the process they established a schedule for completing various parts of the report. They sought outside resources beyond Uniland throughout the entire process to bolster the data and information for the case study,” Sayadoff says“Both Chris and Kevin put forth tremendous effort to complete this project, and are deserving of first placeThey earned it.” Tringali graduates this month and has already landed a job as a portfolio manager with Arbor Realty Trust in BuffaloTurner is heading to New York City for a winter session internship with architecture firm FXFLOWLE. Please leave blank Comments UBNow encourages discussion and welcomes comments from UB faculty, staff and students using a email address. Comments are limited to 125 words and must follow the university’s Comment Guidelines. The UBNow editor moderates comments and reserves the right not to publish those that do not add anything new to the discussion or fail to adhere to the Comment Guidelines. Please submit your comments in the box below. 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Loading events… UBCMS.components.eventlist.formatEvents("G7gFPJSSrd"); UB IN THE NEWS Social workers lack tools to spot chronic child neglect 12/18/17 Psych Central reports on research led by Patricia Logan-Greene, an assistant professor ofo social work, which found that social workers lack tools to identify cases of chronic child neglect. To fight cybercrime, UB engineers match photos to smartphones 12/15/17 The Verge reports that UB computer scientist Kui Ren and colleagues have discovered how to identify smartphones by analyzing just a single photo taken by the device, an advancement for cybersecurity. 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