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New year is bringing new laws in Tennessee

Also related to courts, The Tennessee Zero to Three Court creates five more zero-to-three court programs in the Department of Children's Services to ensure early evaluation and services for very young children from troubled homes. The program is funded ...

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Also related to courts, The Tennessee Zero to Three Court creates five more zero-to-three court programs in the Department of Children's Services to ensure early evaluation and services for very young children from troubled homesThe program is funded from $2 million in federal Title IV-E waiver funds for child welfare reform. A consumer-protection measure that passed the General Assembly this year requires used-car dealers to obtain a recall database report no more than 48 hours before a vehicle saleIf the report shows the vehicle is subject to a do-not-drive or stop sale order, the sale stops until repair is made. Another will allow adults with disabilities the right to have paid personal aides, rather than licensed health professionals, to perform health maintenance tasks for them, such as glucometer tests, administering eye and ear drops, nebulizer treatment and ostomy care, among other services. And, finally, Senate Bill 0032 now allows barbers to make house callsThe bill amended a statute saying barbers could only go to someone's home and cut hair if the customer was too ill to get out; now they can provide home services to anyone as long as they have a residential barber certificate. 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