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Going digital aids lead-generation for real estate firms

DJ: What types of services does Dealbot provide? Halver: Dealbot is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and our company specializes in lead-generation for real estate investors. We offer marketing services such as direct mail, telemarketing and online ad ...

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Dealbot is based in Charlotte, U.S., and the company specializes in assisting real estate firms with the process of buying and selling propertyTwo years ago Dealbot recognized they could gain an edge over their competition by implementing a system for analyzing and qualifying the large volume of leads that call in every day. In order to track the leads of their online ad campaigns to their inbound phone line, Dealbot began using CallRail, a call tracking and analytics platformTwo years later, the use of CallRail’s analytics has helped Dealbot strike a balance between direct mail and telemarketing efforts Moreover, since implementing CallRail, Dealbot has more than quadrupled the number of inbound sales calls they receive every month and are able to handle up to 3,000 inbound calls per monthTo find out how this was achieved and to signal to other businesses how big data analytics can help with the digital transformation journey, Digital Journal spoke with Blair Halver, founder and president of Dealbot. Digital Journal: Thanks for the interviewWhat challenges does the real estate sector face in today’s climate? Blair Halver: The political climate, demographic shifts and wavering economic stability can all affect the ebbs and flows of real estateHowever, it’s currently a seller's market, meaning the biggest challenge real estate investment firms are facing is increased competition in finding profitable, off-market deals to acquire. DJ: What are margins like for real estate companies? Halver: Real estate investment can be an extremely profitable industry, but only if investors are using the most efficient services to drive leads, which extends to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer salesBy upgrading our services while simultaneously handling greater inbound call volume with CallRail, Dealbot has likewise been able to boost its overall brandWe are bringing in far more clients than with our last call tracking vendor, and greatly increasing the company’s overall revenue in the process. DJ: What types of services does Dealbot provide? Halver: Dealbot is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and our company specializes in lead-generation for real estate investorsWe offer marketing services such as direct mail, telemarketing and online ad campaigns to drive traffic to our clients’ websites or drive phone calls to their businessesWhen people are ready to sell their house, our goal is to get them to call our clients before putting it on the market themselves. Dealbot handles all incoming calls for our clients, and CallRail helps us weed out the calls that aren’t going to result in profitable deals, saving our clients time and money spentOur services also cut out the middlemen when generating leads and dealsIf one of our leads results in a deal, we make it clear to our clients that it’s their deal -- we never capitalize on their profit. DJ: Which types of clients do you work with? Halver: Dealbot works with real estate investors to drive leads through omnichannel marketing capabilities DJ: Why did you decide to work with CallRail? Halver: After using another call tracking vendor for several years, Dealbot recognized that the platform’s technology just couldn’t keep pace with our plans to grow and was unable to manage the increasing number of inbound leadsAfter extensive research, Dealbot decided CallRail would be the ideal partner for how we wanted to grow our company and our ambitious plans for the future With CallRail, our clients can integrate their software with a wide range of marketing platformsBy integrating their available platforms with phone call analytics, our customers have the ability to generate deeper marketing insights that result in better and more qualified leads. DJ: What functionality does CallRail provide? Halver: CallRail provides Dealbot with call tracking and analytics servicesFor Dealbot, signing up with CallRail allowed us the flexibility to constantly increase the volume of inbound calls we took and to customize each account according to the client’s needs DJ: Which types of analytics are most useful? Halver: The call flows feature in particular is beneficial for usWith our previous vendor, it was near impossible to setup a call flow, but with CallRail, everything is streamlined, simple to use and also generates top resultsCallRail’s call flow feature allows Dealbot to specify days and times during which live calls could be tracked and route after-business-hours calls to an answering service or to Dealbot’s own internal voicemail systemThe feature provides us reassurance that every call is going to the right person, every timeIt also allows us to create custom greetings and route callers by area code and zip code. DJ: How easy was it to integrate CallRail? Halver: CallRail’s ease of implementation was one of the primary decision makers behind Dealbot’s switchUsing their white label call tracking platform, we can easily set up a streamlined dashboard for clients to view reporting and analyticsThis feature includes a branded dashboard, branded emails and a customized domain name, so that our client’s customers will only see their brand and won’t be distracted by the outside software. CallRail’s platform also makes it easy for Dealbot to customize solutions to each client’s needsWe don’t have to take a cookie-cutter approach -- every client gets the personalized solution that’s best for themTo our clients, that’s even more valuable than the analytics and reporting because of the simplicity and reassurance it brings. DJ: What has been the impact on your operations after implementing CallRail? Halver: Dealbot implemented CallRail more than two years ago, and since then, we’ve more than quadrupled the number of inbound sales calls we receive every monthWe’re now able to handle up to 3,000 inbound calls per month, compared to about one-quarter of that number with the old system CallRail’s services have allowed us to fine-tune our marketing strategies and raise our service offering to another level of professionalism and capacityFor those reasons and many more, the platform has been absolutely essential to helping us as we continue to grow. More about call tracking and analytics platform, Real estate, digital transformation More news from call tracking and an... 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