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Celebrity Homes We Loved in 2017

According to tax records, Depp (who was born in Kentucky and lived there for part of his childhood ... joined Lasata (one of Jackie O.’s childhood summer homes) on the market. Matthew Perry’s Hollywood Hills Home Actor Matthew Perry of Friends fame ...

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Celebrity Homes We Loved in 2017 Robb Report 2 days ago Rebekah Bell © Photo Credit: Courtesy Exterior Celebrities have long captured society’s attention, with fans admiring everything from their clothes to their cars—and their homes are equally as mesmerizingFrom Jackie O.’s childhood home in Virginia to Johnny Depp’s horse farm in Kentucky, here are five celebrity properties we fell for in 2017.Jim Belushi’s Los Angeles VillaActor and comedian Jim Belushi put his 14,200-square-foot Los Angeles residence on the market this year for $38.5 millionLocated on a 1.3-acre double lot, the Brentwood Park home was modeled after villas in Northern Italy.Twisting trees and a cobblestone driveway set the stage for the Mediterranean estate, which offers six bedrooms and 11 bathsDesigned by architect Oscar Shamamian, the home features a cornucopia of materials from around the world. Reclaimed fireplace mantles and Italian terra-cotta tile floors give the home a distinctly Italian flair, while Moroccan glazed bathroom tiles and reclaimed roof tiles from Venezuela add a global feel.The two-story home features a plethora of built-in bookshelves, fireplaces, and antique-style light fixtures that create a down-to-earth feelShowcasing everything from a dressing room to a private stairway that leads to a hot tub and cold plunge grotto, the master suite guarantees a good night’s sleepFramed by a curvaceous archway, the kitchen has hardwood floors, an island, and glass cabinetsFor an added bit of fun, a hidden door leads to an office and basement, where a screening room, wine room, and sauna and steam room await.Outside, a swimming pool is flanked by a 60-foot pool deck made from travertine imported from TurkeyTwo inviting outdoor fireplaces with cozy sitting areas, fountains, and open-air dining spaces surround the pool.Johnny Depp’s Kentucky Horse FarmActor (and part-time pirate of the Caribbean) Johnny Depp offered his Kentucky Bluegrass Farm at auction on September 15, giving interested parties the chance to bid on the 41-acre spreadThe property is located near Lexington’s Keeneland Racecourse, a thoroughbred racetrack that was listed as a National Historic Landmark in 1986Designed with equestrians in mind, the country estate features three barns with 15 stalls, 10 water paddocks, and a caretaker’s house.Built in 1915, the 6,000-square-foot main residence has six bedrooms, seven baths, a cozy sunroom, a gourmet kitchen, and a four-car garageIn the backyard, a swimming pool is positioned next to a playground area with slides and swings.According to tax records, Depp (who was born in Kentucky and lived there for part of his childhood) first bought the property in 1995 for $950,000He sold it in 2001 for $1 million and then bought it back 4 years later for twice that sum.Bids were accepted both in person and online, but the home ultimately failed to sell at auction when it didn’t reach its reserve price.Jackie O.’s Childhood Home in VirginiaAs a child, former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis lived at Merrywood, a charming Georgian-style home in McLean, VaThe red-brick and limestone residence, which is situated on seven acres overlooking the Potomac River, was recently listed for $49.5 million—giving future owners the chance to make memories of their own in the historic home.The 23,000-square-foot gated abode is equipped with nine bedrooms, 11 baths, and two half bathsA sweeping entry hall opens to regal rooms adorned with hardwood floors, antique chandeliers, and fireplacesAn elevator services all four levels of the home, and a climate-controlled wine cellar awaits on the lowest level.Outside, formal landscaped gardens surround the home, and outdoor garden rooms are well-suited for hosting partiesNearby, a tennis court and swimming pool provide hours of unlimited entertainmentThe neighboring carriage house has room for four vehicles as well as staff accommodations and two offices, and a covered pavilion includes a kitchen, exercise room, and indoor pool.Located about half an hour from Washington, D.C., the residence provides ready access to a plethora of historic landmarksThe property, which is currently owned by AOL cofounder Steve Case, joined Lasata (one of Jackie O.’s childhood summer homes) on the market.Matthew Perry’s Hollywood Hills HomeActor Matthew Perry of Friends fame has put his Hollywood Hills home on the market for $13.5 million, giving future owners the chance to host hordes of their own friends in the modern manseWalls of glass, horizontal lines, and eye-catching overhangs give the home a mid-century-modern feel, while hardwood floors, modern appliances, and a glass-walled fireplace provide a contemporary look.Built in 1962, the single-story house is equipped with three bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathsThe glass-walled master suite, which features a large closet and master bath with a deep soaking tub, opens to the infinity-edge poolA state-of-the-art, subterranean screening room is outfitted with glass windows that peer into the swimming pool, providing a theater experience worthy of Hollywood’s eliteLime-green accents add bright pops of color to the kitchen and dining area, while built-in bookshelves and a fireplace make the living room feel cozy.A moat-like walkway leads from the living area to the lush lawn, where reflecting pools and fire pits create an elevated environmentOutfitted with plush seats and a television, the covered pavilion is reminiscent of a poolside cabanaThe hilltop home seemingly floats above Los Angeles, offering panoramic views of the twinkling city below.Christie Brinkley’s Hamptons HomeActress and model Christie Brinkley’s North Haven estate at 1 Fahys Road can now be yours for only $20 million (down from its original listing price of $25 million)Tucked away amongst the trees, the scenic and secluded residence provides direct access to Sag Harbor and 327 feet of sandy beachfront.The three-story, 5,500-square-foot home is situated on an expansive 4.44-acre lotOriginally built in 1843, the five-bedroom home includes plenty of period furnishings and piecesGrand columns, oak banisters, wide-planked pine floors, and four brick fireplaces are just a few of the details that represent the estate’s historic ambienceModern additions include the kitchen’s bold soapstone and marble countertopsThe charming master suite holds a sitting room, bath, and private terrace that offers sweeping views of the harbor.Outside, the expansive grounds are just as stunning as the home’s interiorsThe pool, spacious lawn, and garden are perfect for summer barbecues and beach parties, and the beach is just a few steps awayIn the evenings, residents can sit outside and watch the sunset or visit downtown North Haven, which is just half a mile away.Brinkley also listed a scenic estate in the Hamptons for nearly $30 million. 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