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Why Republicans Need To Self-Deport From Washington DC

which according to research published by Cushman & Wakefield has a running average commercial real estate price of less than half of the going rate in Washington. Likewise, the Republican consultant colony, including firms like mine, is now centered in ...

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The RNC, NRCC, and National Republican Senate Committee can just as easily operate today from metro Detroit or Nashville, with more convenient air service to visit the states Republicans actually carry in elections, which is most of themMoving the RNC to, say, suburban Fort Worth in still-Republican Tarrant County would situate it squarely in the middle of its fund-raising mecca and enable its staffers to attend barbecues, parent-teacher association meetings, and Little League games with people who think and live like the voters their candidates target. The building the RNC and NRCC shares is valued on the tax rolls at $17 million, and the NRSC’s is assessed at $8 millionThe Heritage Foundation compound around the corner is worth $45 millionThe mere divestment of this pricey Capitol Hill real estate would fund a nice operating endowment in a cheaper locale like Cincinnati, which according to research published by Cushman & Wakefield has a running average commercial real estate price of less than half of the going rate in Washington. Likewise, the Republican consultant colony, including firms like mine, is now centered in nearby Alexandria, VirginiaWe should all decamp and disperse significantly to the south or west, at least outside the circulation area of the Washington PostTrump couldn’t crack 20 in AlexandriaEven in his best precinct, he got less than half the raw vote Clinton didNo many how many of us move here, or how often we politely argue with our liberal neighbors, we are hopelessly outnumbered ex-pats. Republican Lawmakers Should Leave, Too This evacuation should not be limited to campaign operativesEvery senator and representative operates in-state offices plus digs on Capitol HillThere is nothing stopping a Republican from keeping skeletal crews in Washington and putting the bulk of legislative operations in real America, where his or her constituents live. Today, it requires a weekly movement of Berlin airlift proportions, often marshaled by well-organized interest groups, to bring constituents and their opinions in person to a member’s or senator’s officeRepublican policy could only get healthier if constituent opinion surrounded the staffers who write it, in their own grocery stores, ball field bleachers, and church pews. During Republican presidencies, we could even begin to relocate a substantial amount of the bureaucracy away from the banks of the Potomac River,There’s no reason two-thirds of the Department of Labor’s staff couldn’t be in Houston or the back office functions of the Environmental Protection Agency couldn’t be housed in MilwaukeeIt would lead us to hire different people, and we might even luck up and get regulators who have had to live under regulations in the real world. The further we move the center of gravity of the conservative movement inland, the smarter and more authentic our policy-making will beRemaining exiled as strangers in a strange land risks dulling our strategic senses and sensibilities, even if it’s against our will. Todd is the co-author of the forthcoming book, "The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics." In 2016, Todd helped lead the advertising efforts of the National Rifle Association against Hillary Clinton, the most extensive presidential campaign on the conservative side Todd’s clients have included six U.Ssenators, three governors, and more than two dozen congressmenTodd’s firm, OnMessage Inc., is the only active firm to have beaten four incumbent Democratic senators. Photo dankeck / Wikimedia Administrative State DC District of Columbia elite bubble flyover country GOP GOP Base Republican base Republican Party Republican voters self-deportation swamp Washington DC Copyri

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