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5 most impressive prefab homes from 2017

Prefab homes, made of pre-manufactured parts assembled on site ... come true asking $275K This adorable cottage straight out of a storybook in Lexington, Kentucky, dates back to 1885. The 7 campers and trailers we loved in 2017 From beautifully crafted ...

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Architecture 5 most impressive prefab homes from 2017 From a dwelling designed by algorithms to a pop-out house By Jenny Xie Dec 29, 2017, 5:00pm EST tweet share pin Cover’s first built structure, a prefab dwelling designed by computer algorithms Cover From tiny houses to shipping container homes, alternative housing options have never been more excitingPrefab homes, made of pre-manufactured parts assembled on site, are also in the mix and have stretched our imaginations of what housing can be quite a bit this year Without further ado, here are five standout designs that show what prefab can do in 2017, including a dwelling designed by computer algorithms and 10-minute pop-out house that readers went absolutely gaga forTake a closer look Prefab by algorithm Cover About six months after we reported that an LA startup was designing backyard prefab dwellings with computer algorithms, said startup was ready to show off its first installed unitMade up of architects, designers, and engineers, Cover starts the design process with an extensive client survey to gather data for its algorithmic software, which then spits out floor plans optimized for customers’ needs and desiresThe finished result combines a satisfying minimalist form with seamless built-in details. The prefab that’s also tiny and smart Founded in 2015, Austin startup Kasita finally moved towards production this year, opening a 25,000-square-foot manufacturing facility for its high-tech tiny prefab homeThe 352-square-foot dwelling is sleek on the outside, smart on the inside, packed with over 60 smart home devices that are all programmed to work togetherGo inside with Curbed in the video aboveThe company also recently received approvals to manufacture and sell its homes in California and Nevada A sleek prefab for the homeless Photos by Haylie Chan and Zelig Fok via Dezeen Designed and built by first-year graduate students at the Yale School of Architecture, in partnership with local non-profit Columbus House, this clean-lined modern prefab contains a studio on the first floor and a two-bedroom family apartment spreading over two floorsThe units will go to locals who are or are at risk of becoming homelessThe design is a twist on the standard gabled house, with a slanted roof, deep overhangs, and boxy dormer windows that double as interior seatingThe walls, flooring, roof panels, and windows were all prefabricated on the Yale campus The house that self-assembles in 10 minutes From U.Kcompany Ten Fold Engineering comes this entrancing prefab that builds itself at the push of a buttonYup, the portable structure self-assembles in under 10 minutes, unfurling into an approximately 690 square foot dwelling that can serve as a home, office, clinic, shop, exhibit space, and moreThe units can also be stacked or equipped with solar panels to go off-grid The prefab that embodies “rural modernism” Go Logic This year, Maine-based design-build firm Go Logic, launched a line of prefab dwellings that can be assembled onsite in less than two weeksRanging from 600 to 2,500 square feet, the designs in the Go Home collection marry traditional barn and cottage styles with a modern twist, namely clean lines, open floor plans, Ikea cabinetry, and passive house design Next Up In Architecture These snowflakes are actually famous architecture plans Green design in 2017: More solar, wind, and algae from Curbed SF Bay Area’s most beautiful homes of 2017 Playful modern home created in traditional ‘40s Shanghai house Minimal prefab home was assembled in just 5 hours 10 concrete homes we loved in 2017 Trending Tax bill: Here’s data on how your city’s housing market will change If you live in a high-cost city, be ready for changeIf not, you probably won’t see much. Is this the best RV of the year? Winnebago’s 41-foot Horizon RV just won RV of the year thanks to its sleek, modern interiors. As food halls flood cities, some wonder about benefits of the boom Amid stalls of street food and real estate interest, ‘peak food hall’ seems far off Minimal prefab home was assembled in just 5 hours The modern home features a facade of wood slats, recessed windows, and a floating staircase. The 5 best shipping container houses of 2017 We’ve rounded up the five shipping container houses we loved the most this year. More in Trending ChorusAds.cmd.push(function() {ChorusAds.addVariable("trending_sidebar", ["true"])}); Newsletter Enter your email address Go By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy and European users agree to the data transfer policy. 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The Latest 1885 cottage is a fixer-upper dream come true asking $275K This adorable cottage straight out of a storybook in Lexington, Kentucky, dates back to 1885. Lauren Ro These snowflakes are actually famous architecture plans No two snowflakes are alike, and neither are building plans, apparently, which is why the latter make fantastic variations of the former. Lauren Ro Green design in 2017: More solar, wind, and algae  From a helluva lot of development in solar to more sophisticated urban farming, we give you the rundown of the sustainable design news to know from this year. Jenny Xie Restored 1972 Airstream is a vintage camping dream The trailer boasts custom-made cabinets, furniture, and artwork. Megan Barber Craftsman-inspired new build asks $660K in Portland This new build in Portland thankfully preserves some of the soul of the Craftsman-style architecture from which it takes its inspiration. Lauren Ro Playful modern home created in traditional ‘40s Shanghai house The overhaul brought in a modular display wall, perforated metal staircase, and playful rear courtyard. Barbara Eldredge Chorus Terms of Use Privacy Policy Communications Preferences Contact Send Us a Tip Community Guidelines Masthead About Curbed Newsletters All Systems Operational Check out our status page for more details. Vox Media Advertise with us Jobs @ Vox Media

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