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Sixty-Something: The Quest For Adventure

Edward Giamo Jr. was a brilliant real estate lawyer/baron, but when I met him he was my friend Bobby's older brother, and Edward was still attending Georgetown University. Edward had worked at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. He told me stories of ...

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Edward Giamo Jrwas a brilliant real estate lawyer/baron, but when I met him he was my friend Bobby's older brother, and Edward was still attending Georgetown UniversityEdward had worked at Philmont Scout Ranch in New MexicoHe told me stories of climbing The Tooth of Time Mountain along with tales of encountering the bears, the snakes, and coyotes in the parkBy the time I was 15-years-old, I went to Philmont and stood on the peak of The Tooth of Time, and had a bear incident of my own. Bob Hemm is the father of a friend of mine, Drew HemmBob is without a doubt a man who was years ahead of everyoneHe even drove BMW's in the mid 1960's, when no one had them; yet, the Hemm's had three: a 1600, a 2002, and the luxury Bavaria modelBob had a Beta Max camera system in the late 1960'sIt would be 15 years before I even saw anotherBut it was Bob who talked of parachute jumps, flying his own plane, and gliders to a very attentive Troop 1, in Pelham New YorkIn all honesty, my own father had his own plane in 1969, and did soaring in gliders too, but as to parachuting he once explained he spent his time in the 8th Air Force during World War II attempting not to be forced to parachute out of his B-17 bomberAs he put it, "I am never going to jump out of a perfectly operating aircraft." I also know he witnessed fellow servicemen being shot by Germans as they parachuted out of crashing planes When I was in the Cub Scouts, my friend Lee Brandreth's mother, Bonnie Brandreth, was our den mother that first yearI never met her husband/Lee's dad until Lee and I were freshman at G.W.U., and he drove us from Atlanta to Washington D.Cafter Thanksgiving weekend in 1971 During that 8-hour drive he told stories of attempting to climb the Matterhorn, hiking in the Alps, plus the fun of owning the James Bond model Aston Martin DB IIIHe was also on Admiral Chester Nimitz's staff during World War IIIt was that day that I decided mountain climbing in the Alps was going to be for meLastly I have to add, that a woman, who was at dinner with Lee, his dad, and myself when we stopped on that drive in Richmond, commented that, "Jack Brandreth is the best looking man, I have ever seen!" No one has ever said that about me. Now, at 65-years-old looking back, I realize it was Edward Giamo's stories that led me to visit and camp out in over 20 National Parks and climb the Tooth of Time in New MexicoIt was Bob Hemm who was responsible for my 1977 purchase of a BMW 320i in 1977 that I drove all over the northeast It cost only $6775 back then, 4 years later the cost of a BMW 320i was $32,000Throughout my life it was Jack Brandreth who was responsible for teaching me to think outside the boxIt was his advice I used when purchasing the best outdoor gear, which in the end was very wise. Lastly, I must also say thank you to Jack Brandreth for my adventures in the AlpsI went back 23 out of the next 25 years until my divorce and its ramifications ended that streak(The other two years I missed were the years my daughters were born.) The end result was a successful summit of MtBlanc in the mid 90's, the tallest Mountain in the AlpsAs I watched the sunrise over Western Europe from that summit I looked at the Matterhorn off in the distance and thought of Jack and his many attempts to summit that noble mountainIn later years, I skied the Matterhorn, and on a separate occasion, I took my mom and dad to Zermatt and my kids to the Italian side of the Matterhorn, Cervinia. As of now, I have had the opportunity to do long hikes of the Appalachian trial in nine statesAlong with my daughters, I did all the huts in the White MountainsI also did ice climbs alone and with hikes in the AdirondacksMount Blanc traverses Italy, France and Switzerland, and I love that region, and even took my wife Cindi there this last MarchI never attempted to climb the Matterhorn, because as a father of young daughters, I felt that mountain, with its brittle rock that led to a dozen deaths per year, was way too risky Now as a sixty-something, I sail Gardiner's Bay with my quest for adventure being an attempt to produce the best sailing sunset photo that dayHowever, still when I sit in my big bedroom chair, I still dream of climbing upward to see views I have never seen before. Related Articles: Leave Your Legacy At South Fork Natural History Museum Jerome Lawerence And Robert ELee's Inherit The Wind At Southampton Cultural Center The Custer Institute Announces Fall Events Leave Your Legacy At South Fork Natural History Museum Submit Your Comment Comments Guest (Tom Creekmore) from Millsboro, Delaware says:: I flew with the 8th Air Force in WW II and would like to talk with Bob HemmMy number is 302 549 1116. Jan 2, 2018 9:13 pm Guest (Joanna ormond) from Charleston, SC says:: Great article. Always look forward to the insightful and entertaining articles from TJ Clemente 😁💜 Jan 2, 2018 5:05 pm   Please try again."); return false; } } //--> Submit Your Comment Please note, you are not currently logged inYour comment will be submitted as a guest. To submit your comment as a member, please click here. Your Name: Location:* Comments:* * Comments will be reviewed and posted in a timely fashion * All fields are required Question:* What color is a banana? 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