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Timeline of Mitt Romney's political career amid potential run in Utah

According to Utah's Desert News, Romney was courted by members of the ... Romney had a seemingly strong relationship with Donald Trump, back when the then-real estate mogul backed Romney in the 2012 campaign. But those ties didn't seem to bind.

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PlayJim Urquhart/Reuters, FILEWATCH Mitt Romney: Everything you need to know 0 Shares Email Mitt Romney may be edging back onto the national political stage, and it wouldn't be the first time that he's made a comeback. Widespread speculation about a potential run to replace SenOrrin Hatch, R-Utah, after he announced his retirement Tuesday, means Romney's political life may not be over. Here's a review of Romney's political timeline to date, and a look into his possible future prospects. First forays Politics runs in the Romney bloodline: Mitt's father, George, served as governor of Michigan and later Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under former President Richard Nixon. RDA/Getty Images, FILEAmerican politican George WRomney (1907-1995), announces his intention to run for governor of Michigan, with his son Mitt and his wife Lenore, Feb10, 1962 Mitt Romney didn't start his career in politics right awayHe instead had a lucrative career in management consulting and later private equity, where he co-founded Bain Capital, where, according to Forbes, his estimated worth in 2012 was $230 million. Romney test the political waters for the first when, after taking a leave of absence from Bain Capital, positioned himself as a Republican challenger to longtime Democratic SenTed Kennedy in the 1994 electionKennedy won 58.1 percent of the vote to win the election; Romney, with only 41 percent of the vote, returned to Bain after the failed bid. A few years later, Romney pivoted to another challenge: running the Salt Lake City Olympic Games Organizing CommitteeIn 1999, he took another leave from Bain to the organization's president and CEOIt was in financial trouble when Romney first took over, but ended with $100 million profit, according to Fortune. Massachusetts moves Romney caught the political bug again -- but this time in his longtime home state of MassachusettsAccording to Utah's Desert News, Romney was courted by members of the Massachusetts GOP after Romney was "portrayed as [the] savior" of the successful Olympics. Romney answered the call, running and winning the Massachusetts gubernatorial bid in the 2002 election against an embattled Republican incumbent who intended to serve a full term. At one point during the campaign, members of the Massachusetts state Democratic party questioned his Massachusetts residency, arguing that he was actually a resident of Utah – an argument that may be inverted now should he decide to pursue Hatch’s senate seat. Wendy Maeda/Boston Globe via Getty ImagesGovMitt Romney has a year-end interview in his office with Globe reporters, Dec16, 2003 in Boston. He used the gubernatorial platform to raise his presence in national politics, taking a prime slot at the 2004 Republican National Convention. In 2005, just two years into his four-year term, Romney announced that he wouldn't seek re-electionThat's when he set his eyes on his next political step. Presidential bids Romney first targeted the presidency during the 2008 electionHis bid failed, though, losing out in the primary to Arizona Senator John McCain. After that loss, Romney's actions made it clear to many that he wasn't out of politics for goodHe created a political action committee and continued to give political speeches. He predictably ran for president again in 2012, and this time he won the primary. Romney lost again, though, to the incumbent, Barack ObamaThe former president won 51.1 percent to Romney's 47.2 percent. Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images, FILERepublican presidential candidate Mitt Romney arrives with his wife Ann Romney at a rally in Manchester, N.H., April 24, 2011. Back and forth with Trump Romney had a seemingly strong relationship with Donald Trump, back when the then-real estate mogul backed Romney in the 2012 campaign. But those ties didn't seem to bindRomney lashed out against Trump during the 2016 election, calling him a "con man, a fake" during the primary and trying to urge voters in key states to vote in a way that would stop Trump from getting the party's nomination. The bid didn't work, however, and after Trump eventually won, Romney appeared to make nice with TrumpHe was publicly being considered as a possible Secretary of State, having dinner with the then-President-elect in New York City during the transition. Lucas Jackson/Reuters, FILEMitt Romney speaks after a dinner meeting with President-elect Donald Trump at Jean-Georges inside of the Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York, Nov29, 2016. The reunion didn't lastAfter Trump took office, Romney has continued to be critical of the president, calling on him to apologize for his comments after the violence in CharlottesvilleRomney even said the president's remark caused "racists to rejoice." Return to political life? The path for Romney to head to Washington -- which would be for the first time in an official capacity -- could come in the form of a Senate bid. But this time, it wouldn't be in Massachusetts. Romney has remained popular in Utah, a state that has a large Mormon population and is home to the George WRomney Institute of Public Management at Brigham Young University. And as of Tuesday, the senior senator from Utah announced that he would be stepping down, leaving a spot open if Romney sought it. Former third party presidential candidate Evan McMullin, who won 21.5 percent of the vote in Utah, called for Romney to run for Hatch's seat, writing in a tweet that: "In this seat, we must have a leader prepared to meet the challenges of our day and our futureI hope that leader will be @MittRomney." Thank you for your service to our state and country, Senator Hatch. In this seat, we must have a leader prepared to meet the challenges of our day and our futureI hope that leader will be @MittRomney— Evan McMullin (@Evan_McMullin) January 2, 2018 Adding fuel to the fire: Romney's decision to change the location on his official Twitter account from Massachusetts to Holladay, Utah. 0 Shares Email Star Comments Add Interests Customize your news feed by choosing the topics that interest you. To save your interests across all devices Log In or Sign Up » Timeline of Mitt Romney's political career amid potential run in Utah Trump doesn't back down from slamming 'really boring and untruthful' tell-all FBI, DOJ ramp up Clinton Foundation investigation Trump administration wants $18B to build 'big, beautiful wall' A timeline of Trump and Bannon’s turbulent relationship 'Sloppy Steve' Bannon becomes Trump's latest example of name-calling Author disputes Trump, says he 'absolutely spoke to the president' Disputed Trump book a hot midnight item at DC bookstore, No1 bestseller on Amazon Ex-WH press secretary Spicer says he was unaware Trump had discussed firing Comey The Note: Trump-Bannon breakup could be good for bipartisanship Trump slams 'phony' tell-all, nicknames Bannon 'Sloppy Steve' Bannon's Breitbart role threatened by Trump feud: Sources Trump probably can't gag Bannon and 'Fire and Fury' author, say legal experts Brutal frigid blast slices across East Coast; record low temps possible FBI probing Clinton Foundation corruption claims Man allegedly killed children, spouse before killing himself in LA County home Class action lawsuit filed in wake of Thomas Fire in California 2 GOP lawmakers want Sessions to quit, say he's lost control Trump's presidential voter fraud commission was short-lived Justice Dept struggles to explain impact of new marijuana policy Republican wins hotly contested Virginia race after name picked out of ceramic bowl Trump-Bannon feud scrambles key 2018 GOP primaries Who is the author of hotly debated book about the Trump administration In new rule, Trump tries to deliver a health care promise Former Trump adviser concedes he 'probably' called Trump an 'idiot' in new book window.abcnvideo = window.abcnvideo || {}; window.abcnvideo.storysection = "politics"; window.abcnvideo.storyid = "52113517"; = ""; window.abcnvideo.url = "/Politics/video/mitt-romney-43883691"; window.abcnvideo.playlist = [43883691]; window.abcnvideo.editorautostart = "true"; window.abcnvideo.featuredvideo = "Mitt Romney: Everything you need to know"; window.abcnvideo.featuredimage = ""; window.abcnvideo.uniUrl = "" window.leadStoryAnalytics = "{\"prop1\":\"abcn\",\"eVar1\":\"abcn\",\"prop4\":\"story\",\"prop5\":\"abcn:politics\",\"eVar5\":\"story\",\"prop6\":\"abcn:politics::\",\"prop13\":\"keneally,meghan\",\"prop16\":\"abcnews\",\"eVar16\":\"abcn|sec_politics|||20180103|52113517|story|mitt romney political timeline\",\"eVar17\":\"story:abcn:politics\",\"prop24\":\"52113517|Timeline of Mitt Romney\\\\\'s political career amid potential run in Utah\",\"prop25\":\"\",\"prop26\":\"\",\"prop37\":\"storypage-hasvideo\",\"eVar39\":52113517,\"eVar41\":\"keneally,meghan\",\"prop41\":\"\",\"prop42\":\"01-03-2018\",\"eVar42\":\"01-03-2018\",\"prop43\":\"9:13\",\"eVar43\":\"9:13\",\"eVar45\":\"Mitt Romney, Ann Romney, presidential run, campaign, George Romney, Richard Nixon, Donald Trump, Orrin Hatch, Evan McMullin, Olympics \",\"prop46\":\"http:\/\/\/Politics\/timeline-mitt-romneys-political-career-amid-potential-run\/story?id=52113517\",\"eVar46\":\"http:\/\/\/Politics\/timeline-mitt-romneys-political-career-amid-potential-run\/story?id=52113517\",\"prop47\":\"He is being speculated as a possible replacement for SenOrrin Hatch\",\"eVar47\":\"He is being speculated as a possible replacement for SenOrrin Hatch\",\"eVar48\":\"\",\"prop49\":\"01-03-2018\",\"eVar49\":\"01-03-2018\",\"prop52\":\"Timeline of Mitt Romney\\\\\'s political career amid potential run in Utah\",\"eVar52\":\"Timeline of Mitt Romney\\\\\'s political career amid potential run in Utah\",\"eVar55\":\"\",\"eVar59\":\"\",\"prop66\":\"\",\"eVar66\":\"\",\"site\":\"site\",\"pageName\":\"abcn|sec_politics|||20180103|52113517|story|mitt romney political timeline\",\"pageURL\":\"\",\"pageType\":\"\",\"server\":\"\",\"channel\":\"abcn:politics\",\"events\":\"event3\",\"varnish_device\":\"site\",\"storyID\":52113517}"; window.leadTQ = "{\"realsection\":\"\",\"id\":\"52113517\",\"othersubs\":\"\",\"altsection\":\"default\",\"byline\":\"meghan keneally\",\"objType\":\"story\",\"keywords\":\"\",\"subsection\":\"\",\"recipes\":\"\",\"path\":\"\/News\/story\/\",\"show\":\"\",\"caid\":\"News\",\"section\":\"politics\"}"; window.chartbeatConfig = "{\"location\":\"\/Politics\/timeline-mitt-romneys-political-career-amid-potential-run\/story?id=52113517\",\"pageName\":\"Timeline of Mitt Romney\'s political career amid potential run in Utah\"}";

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