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Illinois lawmakers implement more than 200 new laws for 2018

More than 200 changes to Illinois laws went into effect on New Year’s Day ... SB 1884 requires laboratories to make a reasonable effort to find homes for dogs or cats used in their research. A staple circus character is now a part of history.

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More than 200 changes to Illinois laws went into effect on New Year’s Day. Sure, none of them counted as a meaningful state budget or pension reform, but look at it this way: Illinois now has an official state grain (corn) and exercise (cycling)  if( ww 1. Public safety Under House Bill 733, car buyers won’t be able to drive vehicles off the lot unless stickers, decals and paperwork are removed from the windowsAnd that includes test drives at the dealership. The bill comes after the death of Brendan Burke, who was killed in a crash by someone test driving a vehicle that had decals obstructing his view, Secretary of State Jesse White said. Health care Illinois residents with pre-existing conditions have new support under  HB 2959, a law prohibiting insurance companies from denying people trying to enroll in a benefits program with a pre-existing condition.  HB 1805 allows 16- and 17-year-olds to sign up as organ and tissue donors when they apply for their driver’s license or state identification card.  Criminal justice  Stalking, intimidation and any transmission of obscene messages on the internet could be considered hate crimes, according to HB 3711.  HB 2390 allows the courts to try crimes committed at churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious hot spots as hate crimes. Senate Bill 0639 allows the prosecution of a person who delivers a fatal dose of a controlled substance to another person. Women’s rights Under SB 0057, domestic violence victims can keep their phone numbers without paying a fee to break cellphone contracts after leaving their abusers. HB 2369 requires public and charter schools to provide breast-feeding accommodations for students. HB 3215 requires school districts to provide feminine hygiene products, including tampons and sanitary napkins, to students for free.  Consumer protection  SB 298 requires businesses to provide price lists for standard services so customers can make more informed decisions about what they’re buying. Legislators drafted the law with women in mind because they often pay more for products and services than men, Senate Democrats have said. Early childhood development When it comes to young children, troublemakers need all the help they can get. HB 2663 requires early childhood programs to find services to help young children work through their problems rather than expelling them. Animals Divorce can be a tricky and tumultuous process – especially when it comes to the toughest question at the end of a relationship: Who gets the dog?  Under SB 1261, a judge decides who gets to keep the dogDeciding factors include important pet parent details concerning who takes care of the animal on a day-to-day basis, and who spends more money on necessities, such as food and vaccinations. SB 1884 requires laboratories to make a reasonable effort to find homes for dogs or cats used in their research. A staple circus character is now a part of historyTo protect elephants from harmful training conditions and abuses, SB 1342 prohibits circuses or traveling animal acts in Illinois from using African and Asian elephants. The internet No business likes a bad review – and no customer likes to be silenced.  SB 1898 gives customers the right to post reviews of restaurants online no matter whether their comments are positive or negative.  Transportation  HB 2895 names cycling as the state’s official exercise, and there are three other bicycle traffic laws that went into effect Jan1 in Illinois.  HB 1784 strengthen cyclists’ rights on the roadThe law outlines three new provisions allowing motorists to pass a bicyclist on the highway in a no-passing zone, making riding a bicycle on a highway shoulder legal and allowing cyclists to use a rear red light instead of a rear red reflector.  Just because ...  HB 0470 designates corn as the official state grain of Illinois.  SB 1586 allows the Department of Natural Resources to establish rules for people to safely scatter cremated remains in a state park.  And SB 0055 designates Aug4 of each year as Barack Obama Day in honor of the 44th president of the U.S.  if( ww >= 1024 ){ $("#ear-container").html('); } else { $("#ear-container").addClass("innertube").html('); } Related Links Illinois lawmakers implement more than 200 new laws for 2018 From smart to silly, ring in 2017 with 190 new state laws Where should I eat? Mystery Diner knows Get a restaurant review from our Mystery Diner once a week in our free newsletter.Sign UpAboutContactAdvertiseSubscribeTerms of ServicePrivacy PolicyAbout Our AdsPlace a Classified AdCareersCopyri

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