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Federal prosecutors say that Ohio man used MacOS malware that covertly operated cameras and mics and exfiltrated porn searches for 13 years

An indictment in the US District Court for the Northern District of Ohio's Eastern Division alleges that Phillip ... almost 400 infected Macs connected to his server, mostly from homes in the US.

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Last July, Patrick Wardle, a researcher specializing in Mac malware at security firm Synack, found a new version of FruitflyAfter decrypting the names of several backup domains hardcoded into the malware, he found the addresses remained availableWithin two days of registering one of them, almost 400 infected Macs connected to his server, mostly from homes in the US. USA vs Phillip R Durachinsky [US District Court for the Northern District of Ohio's Eastern Division] Prosecutors say Mac spyware stole millions of user images over 13 years [Dan Goodin/Ars Technica] (Image: Alanthebox, CC-BY-SA) SHARE / TWEET / 9 COMMENTS apple / creepware / crime / fruitfly / infosec / law / macos / malware / ohio / security My latest are: a YA graphic novel called In Real Life (with Jen Wang); a nonfiction book about the arts and the Internet called Information Doesn't Want to Be Free: Laws for the Internet Age (with introductions by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer) and a YA science fiction novel called Homeland (it's the sequel to Little Brother)I speak all over the place and I tweet and tumble, too. --> GET THE BOING BOING NEWSLETTER Loading.. 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