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This Sportsman Supports Trump In Reversing Bears Ears Land Grab

It would only be a matter of minutes before real estate developers and oil companies broke ground ... That’s about one-quarter of the national monument total, created in just the past decade. Wyoming is the only state in the country not covered by ...

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The BLM, which is still in charge of the property, manages in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and a bunch of other federal and state lawsThe reality is that there is no economic incentive or legal prerogative to ruin this landscape. American Sportsmen, Don’t Be Bamboozled To my friends, the hunters of America, I say wake up! Don’t get sucked into the wrong side of the discussion by left-leaning mediaWe should not let organizations that don’t really care about us leverage us by touting “hunters’ and anglers’ rights.” Some of these organizations undermine what we should stand for as AmericansWe are hardworking, gun-owning hunters with jobs, families, and a love of freedom. Organizations such as Sierra Club are too eager to lie with the liberal leftThey would love if hunting were outlawed right after government took away our gunsSimply using the terms hunter, wilderness, or sportsman does not give them free reign to misrepresent those who spent their hard-earned money on membershipPeople who buy tags and support on-the-ground conservation deserve informed and restrained representation by the groups they give their money to. Some hunting and fishing websites read like a Teddy Roosevelt memorial and use TR’s image, which leads people to believe they are on the side of the outdoorsmanThey have been too quick to jump up next to radical environmental interests for the sake of popularityIf you are a member, and a group doesn’t represent you, demand change, or leave. Let’s look at Obama’s decision another wayWe need to be able to afford to take care of all these landsAmerica’s national monuments and parks have huge maintenance backlogsWe waste federal money and limit economic opportunity when we overregulate. People use these landsThey build their livelihoods on them—ranchers, recreationalists, and yes, even guys who find the gas that you use to drive your car to StarbucksRemember, the money brought into BLM through those lands belongs to all AmericansIt pays the bills so we can have public landsObama wanted to continue to force the decision-making, the concentration of power, to WashingtonWho knows better, bureaucrats or the American people on the ground? As a sportsman and American, I support President Trump’s decisionIt might be time to conduct your own research  and try to sort out the facts from the fiction before you accept hype at face value. Sergeant Major Kyle ELamb (retired) spent more than 21 years with the United States Army, most of those years with U.SArmy Special OperationsSGM Lamb has conducted combat operations in numerous theaters of operation, including Mogadishu, Somalia (Black Hawk Down), and has served numerous combat tours in IraqSGM Lamb is the author of several books including his latest, Leadership in the Shadows, available from Viking Tactics, Incand Photo Bureau of Land Management / Flickr Antiquities Act Bears Ears Bears Ears National Monument Bureau of Land Management federal land fishing hunting Interior Department land national monuments outdoor sports public land Utah Copyri

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