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French Montana opens up about building schools in Morocco, soccer, his new video ‘Famous,’ and more

Montana got his start in the music industry when his mixtape ... Trump is treating the States like it’s Trump real estate — where you have to be qualified to move into one of his buildings. A great leader spreads love, and he’s not doing that.

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Why is giving back to Africa important to you? God blesses you to bless other peopleThe moment you stop doing that, he’ll take everything away from youI feel like I can shed light to where I come from, especially from me living in Africa for 13 years and then witnessing firsthand how the people in Uganda really need our help when it comes to health care and [the necessities of life]That shouldn’t be questionable or a privilege. Diddy donated $200,000 to the Suubi ‘Hope’ Health Center as part of the Unforgettable health care campaign that you started last yearWhat was his decision behind that? Shout-out to my big brother Diddy, that’s my best friendHe’s seen the vision from day one and said here’s a gift for youHim helping my cause is better than buying me a carThat’s how you receive your blessings, in helping others who can’t help themselvesThere’s no greater joy in life until you can help someone that has no motive at getting anything back from you. What has Diddy taught you? Never put all of your eggs in one basketGod only blesses people with good karma, so I feel God has blessed Diddy to become one of the wealthiest mogulsLast time he dropped an album was 10 years ago, but he still ranks as Forbes’ highest-paid hip-hop artist. Can you elaborate about the call from Jay-Z about ‘Famous’? Jay had asked me to send him the album, and when he heard it he said how ‘Famous’ was his favorite songHe knows what the song means because it can also be a father talking to his daughterHe wants to take [his daughter] Blue to the Blue City [Chaouen] too. Where do your music influences come from? LifeFeelingsThe vibrationsWhen you’re at the gym and you’re on your last two sets but you do five more because that song came on, or when you’re chillin’ and that song plays that echoes what you’re going through and you start to cryIt happens to everyoneMusic is the only language that your body and the world speaks. You did some acting in Fox’s EmpireAre you hoping to do more acting in the future? As far as films, I started the Cocaine City DVD series [back in 2002, which gave a glimpse into the lives of rappers like Remy Ma, Waka Flocka and Lil Wayne]I directed about 16 episodes before I got into the mix [and was in front of the camera showing my rap game come-up]So film has always been a top love alongside music. I just finished directing my own movie, Respect the Shooter [in collaboration with A$AP Rocky]It’s basically about a bunch of guys trying to make moneyMichael KWilliams, Chris Brown, Fabolous, Snoop [from The Wire] and myself are all in it. Who’s your favorite athlete? Mike TysonHe was raw and never held anything back. As an immigrant yourself, what are your thoughts on President Donald Trump’s recent comments about immigration? Trump is treating the States like it’s Trump real estate — where you have to be qualified to move into one of his buildingsA great leader spreads love, and he’s not doing thatI feel a lot of the real heroes [in America] come from other placesThey weren’t born here; they come from different parts of the worldHe’s going to last four years, and then we’ll move on to the next president. This Story Tagged: Bad Boy Records French Montana Music Sports Culture HBCU The Uplift Contact Masthead About Twitter Facebook

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