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After beatdown in Utah, next two Warriors games will mean something

He knew they mailed in the 129-99 loss in Utah. They knew it, too ... the skyscrapers, the two-story homes and even under the topsoil. All-star games are under assault across the continent for being anachronisms whose only value are watching the teams ...

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He knew they mailed in the 129-99 loss in UtahThey knew it, tooThat’s the problem with good players who double as smart players – they know it before you can yell at them, thereby undercutting the value of yelling in the first place. This is in keeping with the Warriors’ light-switch approach to this regular season – that having reached a pinnacle that puts most other pinnacles to shame, they have come to realize just how to conserve the available air while still running up wins and ancillary numbers. And it isn’t that they got beat by 30They had five 20-point-or-more losses last year, and the parade worked out just fineI mean, once the team and the city figured out what was legitimate work and what was bill-padding. It’s that Kerr is stuck not having a way to vent his spleen the way most other coaches doIt’s a small thing, true (although still light years more important than LaVar Ball’s analysis), but the Warriors are so confident in the collective that beatdowns like Tuesdays don’t get repeatedWe know this because their entire history of losing streaks is three three-game streaks, seven two-game streaks (playoffs included) and 31 one-game streaks. Which is why Friday’s game in Sacramento, and more so Saturday’s game in Denver, will actually have a bit of meaning to themThe first, to see how vengeful the Warriors feel like being, and the second, to see if they can deal with all the bizarre treats that the Nuggets at altitude bring. If they really do feel bad about the level of their disinterest Tuesday, it will show, twiceIf they are merely testing Kerr’s patience, they’ll dominate the Kings and then revert in DenverAnd if they are forcing Kerr to have a tantrum just to see how purple a face can get...well, I’d watch that. And isn’t that why we are all here? Tags: Golden State Warriors, Ray Ratto, Steve Kerr Third Brady-Belichick Super Bowl loss brings the worst in recency bias USATSI Third Brady-Belichick Super Bowl loss brings the worst in recency bias By Ray Ratto February 04, 2018 8:31 PM This is directed specifically at our brethren and sistren at NBC Sports Boston, especially the noted troublemakers Phil Perry and Tom Curran, who cover the New England Patriots on a daily basis. This result proves that Bill Walsh is better than Bill BelichickThis also proves that Joe Montana is better than Tom BradyI mean, I think that’s how Legacy Bingo works, right? The Philadelphia Eagles won the title of Super Bowl Pinball Wizard Sunday night in a 41-33 victory over the Patriots that will be remembered mostly as a grand night for bettors over the bookies, a glorious rebirth for Nick Foles, a difficult night for the Philadelphia Police Department, and an addition to the long-running series of “Long Suffering Cities Finally Getting Theirs” that began in 2004 in Boston and moving to Chicago’s South Side, Chicago’s North Side, Cleveland, The Bay Area West and East and Houston. What it doesn’t mean, of course, is that Belichick and Brady have been diminished by the result of Sunday’s game, except by idiot talkmongers and manure sculptors who believe that recency bias is the same as scientific method. This game made a mockery of defensive strength and elevated the new eraThey were proud NBA combatants at a time when America’s youth is turning from football to basketball as their organized amusement of choiceThe Eagles won, and if you need that to mean that the Patriots lost, go aheadNobody’s going to be mean to you as long as you stay off social mediaSocial media is where scum goes to multiply. But part of the new world order is diminishing the team with fewer points and castigating it and its denizens to the seventh circle of hell, and we want you to be happy, even if that means you have to deny the past by elevating the very recent past. So Walsh and MontanaOr Brown and Graham, or Lombardi and Starr, or Noll and Bradshaw, or take your pickYour favorites are now supposed to be better than New England’s favorites because that’s how this nonsense worksThe last team to lose is filth because we want it to mean that. But at least this way, we can hold Curran and Phil Perry and all our pals in Boston responsibleYou people did this, and you will reap the whirlwind. In fact, let’s double down on stupid AND kneejerk and say, “This wouldn’t have happened if Jimmy Garoppolo was still there.” I mean, if that’s the game we must play to remain down with the millenials, so be it. Besides, we also have NBC Sports Philadelphia, and they’re the best people everI know thisI just read the box score. Tags: New England Patriots, NFL, Philadelphia Eagles, Ray Ratto, Super Bowl With All-star games under assault, the NHL has its work cut out for it USATSI With All-star games under assault, the NHL has its work cut out for it By Ray Ratto January 29, 2018 10:34 AM The Rattocast There are probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 19,000 sporting events in the United States in any given year, and that’s only taking in the Big Four sports, pro soccer and college football and basketball (men’s and women’s), so it is understandable that we have only so much brain to give to practice games and exhibitionsAs an example, the Pro Bowl is largely and correctly regarded as American’s greatest shame, because for all its other problems, America’s role as the world’s entertainer is damaged by the low level of this particular entertainment. Thus, it is easy to see why the NHL All-Star Game being awarded to San Jose for 2019 slipped under the radar, the skyscrapers, the two-story homes and even under the topsoilAll-star games are under assault across the continent for being anachronisms whose only value are watching the teams being selected (and the NBA even screwed that up this past week). This means that to get the area reinvigorated in the next year’s time, the NHL may need to fool with its format to address the new societal realitiesThe divisional-round-robin format doesn’t exactly vibrate with fun, and the game is way too convivial in any event. Thus, we suggest that the league take a note from the NBA’s new book and go Stars vsSnubsOr acknowledge the new politics under which we endure and go U.SvsForeignersYou know, sell that misplaced jealousy and status-seeking. The enduring argument about all-star selections (other than how many players want to be selected and then not show up) has always been whether it should reward careers or best seasons – in other words, legacy choices against guys actually doing the deedsAnd as we have seen with the NBA, those who don’t get picked get very very salty indeed. This is an area that screams for exploitat err, marketingThe NHL does not have a history of guys complaining that they should have been named, but it is amenable to trying anything to get people to pay attention to their ever-shifting formatsThus, the trick is to name a team that will torque off other players (maybe taking Alex Ovechkin but not Sidney Crosby, or vice versa) to the point that they will both bitch about the selections and bring that bitching to the ice. If it means paying one team more than the other, do itIf it means Gary Bettman doing a presser in which he says “We all know who the best players are, and these are the others,” do itHockey struggles to avoid stratifying its work force, but it seems to be working in the NBA, where royalty and reputation go hand in hand (see Paul George). But if the game is coming back here to give an artificial prod to a franchise that evidently needs one, the league should make it a priority to find a way to make the game We vsTheyIt will be an absurd contrivance, but at this point, what contrivance hasn’t been tried? So let's go past "He Hate Me" to "Of Course We Do," and see if that'll sell. Tags: NHL, NHL All-Star Game, Ray Ratto, San Jose Sharks, Sidney Crosby Load more Third Brady-Belichick Super Bowl loss brings the worst in recency bias After beatdown in Utah, next two Warriors games will mean something With All-star games under assault, the NHL has its work cut out for it Super Bowl Week already has us asking how much too much is too much too much? New XFL? Bring in these two NFL teams and see if you can fix them The NBA finally steps into the ring with legalized gambling One thing is certain about the Baseball Hall of Fame's new class The four Super Bowl storylines everybody will be talking about NBA All-Star Game more and more reveals personalities rather than skills Who is now the Warriors' biggest rival? How? Why? In 2018, the Warriors have been borderline zen Bortles the worst QB in the NFL? Yeah, he doesn't care Let Steve Young's brilliant Monday Night Football idea come true Mark Davis was ready to violate Rooney Rule the moment he took over for Al The flaw in Draymond Green's referee suggestion is obvious It's too bad Steve Kerr isn't getting the chance to handle LaVar Ball Terrell Owens not in Hall of Fame for one reason, and one reason only Raiders showing Rooney Rule now almost a mannequin in a scrimmage With Del Rio gone, Mark Davis' legacy in Oakland on the line Eddie D owning the suddenly-available Panthers? 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