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Dry Basement® Foundation Repair | Kansas City MO

Since 1975, Dry Basement® has repaired and waterproofed over 35,000 foundation and water problems in homes and businesses in Missouri, Kansas and surrounding areas. We can stop or even reverse the effects of a deteriorating foundation and permanently ...

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Our professional, well trained and experienced staff will expertly handle any basement water or foundation issue you may haveChances are that we have successfully solved your exact issue hundreds of times already, but if you do have something unique, we will use our expertise and experience to figure out the perfect solution to your specific issueIn addition to water proofing and foundation leveling and repair, we also install ump pumps, solve yard drainage problems and expertly finish your basement to your exact specificationsWe will assess the problem, determine the best solution and give you a detailed written estimate, free of chargeCustomers speak well of our work and we will be happy to furnish you with plenty of testimonials. Accepts: American Express Cash Check Discover MasterCard Visa Tags: basement waterproofing omaha foundation repair omaha how do i keep my basement dry omaha best basement waterproofing omaha foundation settlement omaha radon solutions omaha sump ph1:umps basement finishing omaha yard drainage solutions omaha Facebook Twitter Email Print Save Categories Basement Waterproofing near Omaha, NE Foundation Contractors near Omaha, NE Reviews × Post a comment as Emoticons [smile] [beam] [wink] [sad] [cool] [innocent] [rolleyes] [whistling] [lol] [huh] [tongue] [love] [sleeping] [yawn] [unsure] [angry] [blink] [crying] [ohmy] [scared] [sleep] [sneaky] [tongue_smile] [thumbdown] [thumbup] [censored] [happybirthday] [ban] [spam] [offtopic] [batman] [ninja] [pirate] [alien] Comment Text Cancel Post comment

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