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The Slice: Possible reasons to resent dear old Washington

Et cetera. Flo Moore shared this. “When we visited Washington, D.C., and took a tour bus, the driver asked for people’s homes. My husband said we were from ‘the real Washington.’ This resulted in boos from other passengers. But it brought some ...

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Fri., Feb9, 2018 By Paul Turner 459-5470 Twitter Facebook  Email  Reddit  SMS The other day, The Slice brought up the subject of locals identifying where they live when their travels take them far from home. You knowDo they say “Spokane” even if they live well outside the city? Et cetera. Flo Moore shared this“When we visited Washington, D.C., and took a tour bus, the driver asked for people’s homesMy husband said we were from ‘the real Washington.’ This resulted in boos from other passengersBut it brought some chuckles, too.” So why do you imagine people would boo the mere mention of Washington? Go ahead and guess. A) The people doing the booing all lived in red statesB) Vidalia sweet onions loyalistsC) Never liked Bing CrosbyD) Angry about all the World Series titles the Mariners have won. E) Jealousy stemming from living in flat ****hole statesF) Went to Seattle once and got hit in the head by a salmon hurled by some bearded hipsterG) Still wishing the British had prevailed back in the 1770sH) Those booing resent us for having two female senators. I) Jealous of Grand Coulee DamJ) Tired of hearing about the ZagsK) They blame everything on Jimi HendrixL) They blame everything on Starbucks. M) They blame everything on MicrosoftN) Angry that their states can’t claim the B-17O) Resent that Chuck Jones was born in SpokaneP) Can’t stand apples. Q) Angry at NordstromR) Fear Seattle is going to steal their NHL teamS) Airbus backersT) Kenny G was born in Washington. U) Offended by Sir Mix-A-LotV) Everyone else on the tour bus was from OregonW.) Blame everything on Kurt CobainX) Didn’t understand “Twin Peaks.” Today’s Slice question: What percentage of the time when national news media add “state” to Washington is it utterly unnecessary because, given the context of the story being reported, the possibility of confusing our Washington with Washington, D.C., is approximately zero? My favorite example? Oh, there are so many from which to chooseBut I guess it might have to be a New York Times story a few years ago that talked about perilous mountaineering exploits on a snow-capped mountain in, yes, Washington state. I’m all for clarity, but c’monHow many snow-capped peaks are there in the District of Columbia?Write The Slice at P.OBox 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email pault@spokesman.comSlice reader John Span got a kick out of a prominent S-R front-page headline about a bridge earlier this week, “The Plan to Span.” Published: Feb9, 2018, midnight  Tags: The Slice if (window.matchMedia("(min-width: 768px)").matches) { // } else { document.write(');

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