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At Veterans' Homes, Aid-in-Dying Isn't an Option

California is not alone. Three other states where aid-in-dying is legal—Oregon, Colorado, and Vermont—prohibit use of lethal medications in state-run veterans’ homes. In Montana, where aid-in-dying is allowed under a state Supreme Court ruling ...

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Reuters) Kim Jong-un’s Sister Turns On the Charm, Taking Pence’s Spotlight (The New York Times) North Korea cheerleaders making quite an impression at Winter Olympics (USA Today) Continue Reading Netflix Could Netflix Be Giving Up on Prestige Films? David Sims The surprise release of The Cloverfield Paradox, along with acquisitions of other schlocky genre movies, suggests the company is leaning in to its “direct-to-video” approach. Just a year ago, at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, Netflix was a big playerThe streaming company was a little more than a year into releasing its own original movies for its subscribers, and it was looking for prestige hits to gain a foothold as a distributor Hollywood could take seriouslyIt acquired one of the best-reviewed films of the festival, Mudbound, for $12.5 million, and the Grand Jury Prize winner I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore, among othersIn terms of prestige, Netflix was lagging behind its competitor Amazon, which had nabbed a Best Picture nomination for its major Sundance acquisition of 2016, Manchester by the SeaMaybe Netflix’s new slate of indie favorites would turn things around. Continue Reading lillisphotography / Getty / Emily Jan / The Atlantic Stop Saying 'Smart Cities' Bruce Sterling Digital stardust won’t magically make future cities more affordable or resilient. The term “smart city” is interesting yet not important, because nobody defines it“Smart” is a snazzy political label used by a modern alliance of leftist urbanites and tech industrialistsTo deem yourself “smart” is to make the NIMBYites and market-force people look stupid. Smart-city devotees all over this world will agree that London is particularly smartWhy? London is a huge, ungainly beast whose cartwheeling urban life is in cranky, irrational disarrayLondon is a god-awful urban mess, but London does have some of the best international smart-city conferences. London also has a large urban-management bureaucracy who emit the proper smart-city buzzwords and have even invented some themselves The language of Smart City is always Global Business English, no matter what town you're in. Continue Reading Jonathan Ernst / Reuters The White House's Problem Is Dishonesty, Not Chaos David AGraham The fumbling of domestic-violence accusations against Rob Porter is a story about the administration’s inability to tell the truth, not its disorganization. The White House’s response to allegations of domestic violence against former Staff Secretary Rob Porter has so stunned reporters that the whole episode has become an exemplar of the total disorganization of the Trump administration. “Abuse Case Exposes Fissures in a White House in Turmoil,” The New York Times intonesAxios’s Jonathan Swan writes, “This is crazyEven in a White House that’s famous for chaos, I’ve never seen anything like this.” Politico’s Playbook simply announced, “CHAOS at 1600 Pennsylvania.” This is peculiar, not only because it is difficult to imagine what would rise to the level of notable chaos relative to the standards of this White HouseIt’s strange because the focus on disorder has overshadowed the more salient feature of the moment: Insofar as the administration is engulfed in chaos, it is a result of its inability to tell the truthThe Trump team doesn’t have a chaos problem so much as it has a dishonesty problemOf course this is not new, either—in fact, the serial dissembling of the White House has become so banal that it goes almost unremarked in this case—yet it is on particularly dramatic display here. Continue Reading Andrew Harnik / AP The Obamas' Official Portraits, Revealed Kriston Capps Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald rose to the occasion with their paintings of the former president and first lady, while—importantly—continuing their radical projects in black portraiture. Jasmine, African blue lilies, and Chicago’s favorite flower, chrysanthemum, flourish in the botanical backdrop of President Barack Obama’s official portraitThe 44th president appears seated in an ornate chair, with leafy vines threatening to climb up his pant leg. In her official portrait, First Lady Michelle Obama appears seated, too, in a flowing dress designed by MillyBetween her gown, with its touches of geometric patterning, and the sky-blue paint that frames her figure, the painting features a lot of hard-edged abstraction. 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