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Real Estate – February 16

Jones to D & J Real Estate Properties LLC, 403 Pearl St., Fortville ... Myrtle Bray Revocable Living Trust to B & M Hancock Properties LLC, 510 S. Pennsylvania St., Greenfield, $25,000. Melva Smith, trustee of the Myrtle Bray Revocable Living Trust ...

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The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:Jan9Steven Pand Linda Roseman to Vance ATrattner, 1015 Shady Creek Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $228,000.Anna KMontgomery to Anthony JCollins, 1820 Country Lane Drive, Center Township, $130,000.Luke Tand Barbara SThompson to Sean Mand Cristina McClimon, 448 NCounty Road 350W, Buck Creek Township, $175,000.Donald BJones to D & J Real Estate Properties LLC, 403 Pearl St., Fortville, $65,000.Kenneth EGrider to Regina RGrider, 9859 EState Road 234, Brown Township, $45,000.Samuel Dowden Revocable Living Trust to Robert BFerrell Living Trust, 418-426 EBroadway St., Fortville, $475,000.Alan and Amber Craney to Casey DKendrick, 902 South St., Shirley, $117,000.Wesley LHidebrandt to Jeffrey CFish Jr., 4184 SCarrie Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $425,000.Erin LGreen to Randall GBrown, 724 Franklin Court, Greenfield, $118,000.Mae View LLC to Jason Kand Karoline LGrant, 441 Woodstream Drive, Greenfield, $120,885.Randall Muegge to Dependable Properties LLC, 315 NHarrison St., Greenfield, $35,000.Jan11Paul Rand Angela EDillow to Carl ACowan, 203 NCounty Road 500E, Jackson Township, $38,500.Myrtle Bray Revocable Living Trust to B & M Hancock Properties LLC, 510 SPennsylvania St., Greenfield, $25,000.Melva Smith, trustee of the Myrtle Bray Revocable Living Trust to B & M Hancock Properties LLC, 504 SPennsylvania St., Greenfield, $25,000.Steven Aand Stacie CWherry to the Gast Living Trust, 1248 NDeer Lane, Buck Creek Township, $315,000.Jan12Griffin Revocable Trust to 316 Properties LLC, 214 EMichigan St., Fortville, $90,000.Griffin Revocable Trust to 316 Properties LLC, 210 EMichigan St., Fortville, $90,000.Patsy McCreery to Laurie DSensing, 928 WNorth St., Greenfield, $99,900.Adam Cand Amy JMartin, 1416 King Maple Drive, Greenfield, $155,000.Jan16Renee Larrabee to Claudia JHeck, 822 WU.SHighway 52, Brandywine Township, $62,500.Katrina LDickison and Herbert Mears to Lisa V Dalton and Kevin DDalton, 1302 Sherwood Drive, Greenfield, $290,000.Aileen CLewis Revocable Trust to Gary HKeen, 2204 Alexandria Drive, Buck Creek Township, $167,000.Jan17Eric SLytle to Jared Jand Emily MJackson, 614 EMill St., Fortville, $111,500.Earl JJacobs Jrto David Goodin, 5286 WU.SHighway 40, Sugar Creek Township, $13,713.Brett Mand Heather LHill to Home Equity Asset Trust 2007-3 Home, 3510 SCedar Creek Lane, New Palestine, $265,500.Jay Cand Stacy LEversole to Embrace Home Loans Inc., 6880 WCounty Road 100N, Buck Creek Township, $123,750.Hoosier Spirits Incto Justin Vestments LLC, 1301 WMain St., Greenfield, $127,500.Marvin DGriffin Jrand Harold EOlin to Johanna LBlack, 323 SState St., Greenfield, $98,000.Jan18Mark AHavens to Randall Rand Valerie JBrown, 6131 ECounty Road 100S, Blue River Township, $250,000.Donavan Land Kimberlee LMcDonald to Aaron Mand Julie ECorbett, 3027 SCounty Road 300W, Sugar Creek Township, $458,000.Michael Jand Donna MGerlovich to Kaylee O’Brien, 4204 SCounty Road 300E, Brandywine Township, $223,000.Richard Aand Verlyn RWilson to Amy RHolliday, 819 SFirst St., Wilkinson, $92,500 STAY CONNECTED14,376FansLike2,283FollowersFollow ABOUT USNobody covers Hancock County like the Daily Reporter.22 WNew RoadGreenfield, IN 46140(317) 462-5528Circulation: (317) 467-6040Classifieds: (317) 467-6000Advertising: (317) 477-3208Newsroom: (317) 467-6022Contact us: dr-editorial@greenfieldreporter.comFOLLOW US

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