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The Latest: New Mexico ex-senator gets 18 months in prison

FILE - In this Nov. 14, 2017, file photo, former New Mexico state Sen. Phil Griego testifies at his ... Prosecutors accused Griego of using his elected position and acumen as a real estate broker to guide the sale of a state-owned building in downtown ...

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A former New Mexico state senator convicted of fraud, bribery and felony ethical violations stemming from allegations that he used his position for personal gain has been sentenced to 18 months in prison. A state district judge on Friday also ordered Phil Griego to serve 5 years of supervised probation and pay $47,225 in finesJudge Brett Loveless gave Griego a 12-year-prison sentence, but waived all but 18 months. Prosecutors accused Griego of using his elected position and acumen as a real estate broker to guide the sale of a state-owned building in downtown Santa Fe through various approvals without properly disclosing his financial interest. Griego maintained he did nothing wrong in earning a $50,000 commission from buyers of the propertyHe resigned from the Legislature in 2015 at the close of a Senate ethics investigation. ___ 9:50 a.m. A New Mexico district court judge has convened a sentencing hearing former state SenPhil Griego to decide on possible fines and jail time for corruption convictions. Judge Brett Loveless held a hearing Thursday at a Santa Fe courtroom. Griego has been convicted by a jury of fraud, bribery and felony ethical violations in a corruption trial over accusations he used his position as a lawmaker to profit from the sale of a state-owned building. The New Mexico Attorney General’s Office is seeking a 10 year prison sentence and fines of $52,000. Defense attorney Thomas Clark told the courtroom that jail time would be the equivalent of a death sentence because of Griego’s age and health problemsGriego is 69. Family members including a grandson adopted by Griego are asking the judge for leniency. ___ 3:00 a.m. A former New Mexico state senator will soon learn whether he will spend time behind bars for fraud, bribery and other convictions. A sentencing hearing for Democrat Phil Griego is scheduled Friday in Santa Fe. Prosecutors have requested that Griego spend at least 10 years in prison, serve five years’ probation and pay fines for his crimesThe defense argued in court documents filed Thursday that such a punishment would amount to a death sentence for the 69-year-old Griego, who was described as having significant health issues. Prosecutors accuse Griego of using his elected position and acumen as a real estate broker to guide the sale of a state-owned building through various approvals without properly disclosing his financial interest. Griego maintains he did nothing wrong in earning a $50,000 commission from buyers of the property. Copyri

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