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Recovery Kentucky restores hope to those held captive by addiction

It works. The program was established under my administration by Don Ball, then chair of the Kentucky Housing Authority. Ball, dedicated to building homes and helping others restore hope and dignity through recovery, saw an opportunity to redirect existing ...

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Thinkstock Thinkstock jQuery(document).ready(function () { mi.leadAssets.init(); }); Op-Ed Recovery Kentucky restores hope to those held captive by addiction By Ernie Fletcher LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest Reddit Print Order Reprint of this Story $(document).ready(function () { mi.articleShareTools.init({ nextLinkedin: '10267', nextPinterest: '10221' }); mi.socialSharingScroll.init(); }); February 17, 2018 02:14 PM A person dies of an overdose every 10 minutes across our nationAlmost four of them a day occur in Kentucky This epidemic ravages families and communities — not only by the deaths, but by the guilt, shame and humiliation felt by those held captive by addictionLives, so ensnared, languish as hopeless and without purpose This crisis affects every family and community by ending lives too soon, burgeoning our prisons and filling neonatal nurseries with newborns crying uncontrollably as they suffer through withdrawal, only to face a life of needless trials Recovery Kentucky was established to restore the lives and hopes of these captivesIt now serves nearly 4,000 Kentuckians each yearEach center accepts the homeless, those otherwise destined for prison and those who have simply reached the bottomThe path of hope relies on peer support and the 12-step program, where those who have had their lives restored share their experience and journey to help others find their way to recoveryIt works. jQuery(document).ready(function () { mi.renderNewsletterIframe.init({ container: '#newsletter-signUpWidget', url: ',,' }); }); Never miss a local story. 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SUBSCRIBE NOW jQuery(document).ready(function () { mi.calltoActionCtrl.init(); }); The program was established under my administration by Don Ball, then chair of the Kentucky Housing AuthorityBall, dedicated to building homes and helping others restore hope and dignity through recovery, saw an opportunity to redirect existing funding for more effective outcomes Utilizing funds from the U.SDepartment of Housing and Urban Development, community-development block grants and the Justice Cabinet, we have now built 14 centers across the state that show nearly a threefold return on investment — something you rarely find in government Stephanie McCarty recently shared her experience“It’s absolutely changed my life,” says the 30-year-old“I truly mean thatWhen I was sent to WARM (a recovery center), I was unable to be any kind of productive member of societyMy daughter was 1 year old, and I was unable to be a mother to her for the first year of her lifeNot because I didn’t want to be or because I didn’t love her, but my substance abuse problems held me hostageIt is not like that today.” The astonishing results of Recovery Kentucky speak for themselves A 2017 University of Kentucky study revealed that one year after program participation: 84 percent of users were drug free; 94 percent previously addicted to opioids and 85 percent of those addicted to heroin stayed drug free These results exceed or rival any program anywhereFollowing my term, First Lady Jane Beshear continued working with Ball to increase the number of centers and now GovMatt Bevin is expanding this effort to complete the coverage of Kentucky and to promote the program as a national model. On the national level, Congressman Andy Barr has worked to promote this program and provide greater support from WashingtonAfter the inauguration, Barr met with President Donald Trump and HUD Secretary Ben Carson to help shape our national policy on the opioid crisisHe highlighted the unmet need for additional transitional housing that combines addiction treatment such as the Recovery Kentucky model Embracing the principles of Recovery Kentucky, Barr also convened a Kentucky 6th District Drug Abuse Task Force and two working groups addressing transitional housing and workforce training to expand this effective modelRecently, he brought Carson to Kentucky to witness the resultsAs a follow-up to that visit, Barr is working with HUD and the administration on legislation that would give states more flexibility to use housing and addiction-treatment money to combat the hopelessness and homelessness caused by addiction. At home, with the goal to ensure every Kentuckian affected by this epidemic has a recovery opportunity, Barr is working with Bevin to build a recovery center in the eastern part of his district as well as across the commonwealth The story of Recovery Kentucky is a tribute to Ball and to those who have joined him in the effort to fight this epidemic and to restore the lives held hostage by addictionThanks to Bevin and Barr, the effort is expandingThis is a wise investment with a good return for taxpayers, touching every community in our commonwealth and restoring hope and purpose to Kentuckians whose lives would otherwise end tragically. DrErnie Fletcher is a former governor of Kentucky DrErnie Fletcher lazyLoadingModule("inlinegallery-template-200721084", "inlinegallery-target-200721084", "gallery",500, undefined, undefined, undefined, "undefined", 200721084 , 1 ); Suggested for you lazyLoadingModule("zerg-template", "zerg-target", "zerg",500, undefined, undefined, undefined, "53301", undefined , undefined );   Comments   Needs to be visible to set the correct height of the comment componentI'm hiding it on document readyAppending it later did not work--> jQuery(document).ready(function () { mi.commentingFaceboook.init(); }); Videos SHARE COPY LINK More Videos Video Link copy Embed Code copy Facebook Twitter Email wpsRequire([ 'legacy-video' ], function ( video ) { return[{"id":"200896714","publication":"kentucky","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":"5:39","poster":"//","title":"'Make sure our children go to school in peace and security'","description":"'Make sure our children go to school in peace and security' 5:39","displayDescription":"Shane Romines posted a Facebook video Friday pledging money for metal detectors in Corbin schools and challenging other community leaders to step up to similarly help defray expenses for smoke detectors in school districtsSome have joined the fund-raising drive which has expanded to about four counties.","videographer":"","credit":"Shane Romines","published":1519058171,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":[{"publication":"kentucky","tag":"//","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=state&id=200896714&eid=200721094&vidlength=long&pl="}],"langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"account":"","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM0t4aWUwOHWSCwx3mgmeRyLa66dBNb1WQQSVL4VoBk7TLqUVm-_2_XIJhjy8rw3EPc7KWWbmGrCe1IJcQZdJB-sshOfgKxpuWUEPqhgyq9Bs914AR5wr4xzGafgwPHIJAYafmQM"}},{"id":"200947474","publication":"kentucky","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":"1:18","poster":"//","title":"Nick Richards: 'Guys are trusting each other more'","description":"Nick Richards: 'Guys are trusting each other more' 1:18","displayDescription":"Kentucky's Nick Richards addresses the team's efforts to keep that \"winning feeling,\" including more time together off the court.","videographer":"Marcus Dorsey","credit":"","published":1519073368,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":[{"publication":"kentucky","tag":"//","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=uk_basketball_men&id=200947474&eid=200721094&vidlength=long&pl="}],"langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"account":"","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM0t4aWUwOHWSCwx3mgmeRyLa66dBNb1WQQSVL4VoBk7TLqUVm-_2_XIJhjy8rw3EPc7KWWbmGrCe1IJcQZdJB-sshOfgKxpuWUEPqhgyq9Bs914AR5wr4xzGafgwPHIJAYafmQM"}},{"id":"200941364","publication":"kentucky","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":"1:46","poster":"//","title":"'The whole mood changed': Win over Alabama a spark for Cats","description":"'The whole mood changed': Win over Alabama a spark for Cats 1:46","displayDescription":"Kentucky's Wenyen Gabriel reflects on how the team grew closer after the streak of losses before the win over Alabama\"Those losses hurt ..that bonded us together even more.\" Recovering to win against Alabama should help the team as it faces its next opponents.","videographer":"Marcus Dorsey","credit":"","published":1519071867,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":[{"publication":"kentucky","tag":"//","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=uk_basketball_men&id=200941364&eid=200721094&vidlength=long&pl="}],"langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"account":"","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM0t4aWUwOHWSCwx3mgmeRyLa66dBNb1WQQSVL4VoBk7TLqUVm-_2_XIJhjy8rw3EPc7KWWbmGrCe1IJcQZdJB-sshOfgKxpuWUEPqhgyq9Bs914AR5wr4xzGafgwPHIJAYafmQM"}}], [], {"wpsInclude":false,"wpsArea":null,"autoPlay":false,"pubName":"kentucky","embed":false,"cacheBust":"8f6a992","iterator":10,"uniqueId":"200896714-1519101436672","paywallEnabled":true,"domainName":"","pubId":"47","isSecureRequest":false,"baseTemplate":"story","videoType":"sidebar"} ); }); 'Make sure our children go to school in peace and security' 5:39 'Make sure our children go to school in peace and security' 1:18 Nick Richards: 'Guys are trusting each other more' 1:46 'The whole mood changed': Win over Alabama a spark for Cats View More Video Op-Ed Support legislation that will stop shooting tragedies, not bring more House solar bill undermines entrepreneurship, benefits monopolies If cost of solar has dropped so much, why are subsidies still needed? Solar customers add power to utilities, don’t hurt low-income customers Politicians won’t fix this gun culture, so my generation must Op-Ed jQuery(document).ready(function () { UD.updateDate.getDiffDate("1518894859", "MMMM DD, YYYY hh:mm A", "America/New_York", "en" , "-05:00"); }); Subscriptions Start a Subscription Customer Service eEdition Vacation Hold Pay Your Bill Rewards Site Information About Us Contact Us Newsletters News in Education Archives Social, Mobile & More Text News Alerts Mobile & Apps Facebook Twitter YouTube Google+ Advertising Contact Us Place a Classified Ad Local Deals Shopping Digital Solutions Media Kit More

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