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Funeral homes are becoming like event centers. This mortician wants a liquor license

Funeral homes are trying to shed their reputations as dark and somber ... giving families flexibility in planning a memorial. And even in Idaho, it all adds up to the decline of the traditional, dressed-in-black funeral. “Ten thousand-dollar funerals ...

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Serenity Funeral Chapel owner Heidi Heil keeps her chapel though it is rarely used nowadays“Nobody’s doing the traditional funeral,” she says Drew Nash Times-News Serenity Funeral Chapel owner Heidi Heil keeps her chapel though it is rarely used nowadays“Nobody’s doing the traditional funeral,” she says Drew Nash Times-News jQuery(document).ready(function () { mi.leadAssets.init(); }); Business Columns & Blogs Funeral homes are becoming like event centersThis mortician wants a liquor license By Heather Kennison Times-News (Twin Falls) LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest Reddit Print Order Reprint of this Story $(document).ready(function () { mi.articleShareTools.init({ nextLinkedin: '14371', nextPinterest: '14406' }); mi.socialSharingScroll.init(); }); February 19, 2018 05:19 PM Funeral homes are trying to shed their reputations as dark and somber places of the dead — by building party rooms where mourners can raise a glass, and their spirits, to celebrate the life of a loved one Cremations, which are also on the rise, are less expensive, giving families flexibility in planning a memorialAnd even in Idaho, it all adds up to the decline of the traditional, dressed-in-black funeral “Ten-thousand-dollar funerals — nobody wants that anymore,” said Heidi Heil, mortician and owner of Serenity Funeral Chapel in Twin Falls For many of her clients, an expensive service just isn’t feasibleAnd many younger people don’t want to take part or be “held captive” in a religious serviceSo they host more casual tributes or open houses to honor the deceased. jQuery(document).ready(function () { mi.renderNewsletterIframe.init({ container: '#newsletter-signUpWidget', url: ',,' }); }); Never miss a local story. Sign up today for unlimited digital access to our website, apps, the digital newspaper and more. SUBSCRIBE NOW jQuery(document).ready(function () { mi.calltoActionCtrl.init(); }); In response to these changing times, funeral homes such as Heil’s are getting more flexible with what they offer “We are becoming more and more event planners,” Heil said“Venues and event planners.” Semantic approach is to add css styling --> Serenity Funeral Chapel owner Heidi Heil hopes to acquire a liquor license so she can hold celebrations of life with alcohol Drew Nash Times-News But even Serenity Funeral Chapel, with its outdoor patio and indoor kitchen, can’t offer the same things an event center canIt’s part of why Heil put her business on the waiting list for a liquor license in 2013 “People want to have alcohol at the eventsA lot of people do,” she said“I have families that will do something here and then they go to the Turf Club,” a Twin Falls event center. Heil considers herself something of a visionaryShe saw the writing on the wall and knew that in time, more people would turn to cremation, and the traditional church service or graveside funeral would be at thing of the pastCelebrations of life, tributes and open houses are becoming the norm for memorials Ninety-five percent of Heil’s business is cremationBut of those patrons, 75 percent won’t use her chapel for a serviceSerenity Funeral Chapel has a chapel area mostly because of the perception it gives people about her business. “Nobody’s doing the traditional funeral,” she said“It needs to be something that’s going to draw meaning for people.” So she got her name on Twin Falls’ waiting list earlyIn Idaho, liquor licenses are awarded based on population estimates — one license for every 1,500 in populationCities with fewer than 1,500 people get two licensesWhen all licenses are taken, you can either rent or buy a license — or get on the waiting list It could take years to get a license; Serenity Funeral Chapel is still fourth on the Twin Falls listHeil knew her less expensive option would be to wait, but she probably has just a few years left, and the time to act is coming soon. Semantic approach is to add css styling --> Idaho mortician and Serenity Funeral Chapel owner Heidi Heil talks about the decline in traditional funerals, the rise in cheaper cremations and the need to build her business into event hosting Drew Nash Times-News Because liquor licensees must run their establishments a minimum number of hours per week, Heil’s plan is to open a bar as a part of an event centerShe wants to host everything from baptism parties to funerals “My long-term goal was to get that event center,” she said“It was something I was going to figure out as the time got closer.” Heil recently began a GoFundMe campaign to get the ball rollingShe’s hoping to raise $400,000 so she can buy an old building in Twin Falls’ warehouse district, fix it up and use it to supplement her business Although she wants to have a partner to help manage the bar, Heil has some experience with liquor sales already: “I did a lot of bar tending in college.” Most patrons still choose a traditional service, in a chapel with a program, said Dustin Godrey, funeral director at Rosenau Funeral Home & Crematory, also in Twin FallsBut more and more — and especially with the rise of cremation — people are hosting public gatheringsHe’s seen open-mic events with food and casual attire “It’s less like a service and more like a reception, almost,” Godfrey said“There’s a lot more laughter and remembering the good timesThose stories that weren’t ever supposed to come out.” Suggested for you lazyLoadingModule("zerg-template", "zerg-target", "zerg",500, undefined, undefined, undefined, "53337", undefined , undefined );   Comments   Needs to be visible to set the correct height of the comment componentI'm hiding it on document readyAppending it later did not work--> jQuery(document).ready(function () { mi.commentingFaceboook.init(); }); Videos SHARE COPY LINK More Videos Video Link copy Embed Code copy Facebook Twitter Email wpsRequire([ 'legacy-video' ], function ( video ) { return[{"id":"200619729","publication":"idahostatesman","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":"2:17","poster":"//","title":"Why Idaho's location makes it ideal for data centers","description":"Why Idaho's location makes it ideal for data centers 2:17","displayDescription":"Matthew Klinger, president of Fiberpipe Data Centers in Boise, addresses the need for data centers in today's Internet-based commerceKlinger is an advocate of state tax breaks on infrastructure purchases and other incentives to attract, and keep, data centers in Idaho.","videographer":"Darin Oswald","credit":"","published":1518823854,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":[{"publication":"idahostatesman","tag":"//","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=business_insider&id=200619729&eid=200994779&vidlength=long&pl="}],"langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"account":"","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM3xk0Y5oHDI2yNCA0sK9PttUOJCw01AQfm1MPJBrdgOtR0sCAZtfQjzb1pjxbD0gz6HHjH0l5V3y9J96d_19k7uEWJfQZxaPQO_WV4689dYgOycpDy23dcy-_iFUYMRlq2SrXcQ"}},{"id":"199911429","publication":"idahostatesman","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":"1:06","poster":"//","title":"Meridian's Fit Donut offers low-carb indulgence","description":"Meridian's Fit Donut offers low-carb indulgence 1:06","displayDescription":"Fit Donut offers doughnuts that are low-calorie, sugar-free and higher in protein than traditional doughnutsThey are promoted by owner Emily Knigge as a healthy alternativeGluten-free options available too.","videographer":"","credit":"","published":1518558596,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":[{"publication":"idahostatesman","tag":"//","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=business&id=199911429&eid=200994779&vidlength=long&pl="}],"langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"account":"","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM3xk0Y5oHDI2yNCA0sK9PttUOJCw01AQfm1MPJBrdgOtR0sCAZtfQjzb1pjxbD0gz6HHjH0l5V3y9J96d_19k7uEWJfQZxaPQO_WV4689dYgOycpDy23dcy-_iFUYMRlq2SrXcQ"}},{"id":"199909084","publication":"idahostatesman","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":"1:02","poster":"//","title":"Meridian's Fit Donut offers low-calorie indulgence","description":"Meridian's Fit Donut offers low-calorie indulgence 1:02","displayDescription":"Cutting back on carbohydrates but looking for a treat? Fit Donut in Meridian offers low-calorie, higher protein doughnuts for those looking for alternatives.","videographer":"","credit":"","published":1518557958,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":[{"publication":"idahostatesman","tag":"//","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=business&id=199909084&eid=200994779&vidlength=long&pl="}],"langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"account":"","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM3xk0Y5oHDI2yNCA0sK9PttUOJCw01AQfm1MPJBrdgOtR0sCAZtfQjzb1pjxbD0gz6HHjH0l5V3y9J96d_19k7uEWJfQZxaPQO_WV4689dYgOycpDy23dcy-_iFUYMRlq2SrXcQ"}}], [], {"wpsInclude":false,"wpsArea":null,"autoPlay":false,"pubName":"idahostatesman","embed":false,"cacheBust":"88849c5","iterator":10,"uniqueId":"200619729-1519274081467","paywallEnabled":true,"domainName":"","pubId":"39","isSecureRequest":false,"baseTemplate":"story","videoType":"sidebar"} ); }); Why Idaho's location makes it ideal for data centers 2:17 Why Idaho's location makes it ideal for data centers 1:06 Meridian's Fit Donut offers low-carb indulgence 1:02 Meridian's Fit Donut offers low-calorie indulgence View More Video jQuery(document).ready(function () { UD.updateDate.getDiffDate("1519261945", "MMMM DD, YYYY hh:mm A", "America/Boise", "en" , "-07:00"); }); Subscriptions Start a Subscription Customer Service eEdition Vacation Hold Pay Your Bill Rewards Site Information About Us Contact Us Newsletters News in Education Archives Social, Mobile & More Text News Alerts Mobile & Apps Facebook Twitter YouTube Google+ Instagram Advertising Information Place a Classified Local Deals Shopping Place an Obituary Today's Circulars More

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