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Maryland Signs by Tomorrow Adds Second Acuity F UV Inkjet Flatbed Press

Signs By Tomorrow of Rockville is also heavily involved in the real estate market, managing a contract with a company that has offices in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C., with over 300 agents. The company meets the needs of this specific client by ...

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Mary Lou Goehrung, president, with her sons Glenn, far left, VP and COO, and Scott, VP and CTO, alongside their two Fujifilm Acuity F presses at their Rockville, Md., facility. HANOVER PARK, Ill- February 20, 2018 - The Acuity F by Fujifilm, a UV inkjet flatbed press with a blend of ultra-high quality and speed, enables Signs By Tomorrow to expand its offerings at its Washington D.Csuburban location in Rockville, Md. Within its 14,000-sq.-ftproduction facility, Signs By Tomorrow of Rockville prides themselves on fast turnarounds, high-quality products, and excellent customer serviceWith the recent addition of a second Acuity F, the company has experienced immediate improvement to its bottom-lineBy doubling its production capacity, they are earning new large businesses, including high profile clients within state and local government, and transportation department entities throughout Maryland. Established in 1992, Signs By Tomorrow of Rockville is a family-owned operationMary Lou Goehrung, president, and her two sons Glenn, VP and COO, and Scott, VP and CTO, are involved in the day-to-day, going ‘above and beyond’ along with their team of educated and talented professionals to provide a variety of sign and messaging solutions to their clients. In order to stay at the top of the sign industry Goehrung is always looking to increase quality, speed, efficiency and turnaround timeBill Davison, production manager, recommended that any new technology addition to the center must have three things: speed, dependability and large capacityAfter much research, the answer was clearPurchase another large 8’ x 10’ high speed Acuity F by FujifilmThis second Acuity F makes the Goehrung’s at Signs By Tomorrow of Rockville the only center in North America with this capacity. “Being able to print White is also really beneficial,” said Lori Garber, operations manager“We really do love the White ink on the Acuity F, it certainly exceeds our expectationsWe recently won a new contract because of our capabilities.” The Rockville location is successfully producing output on a variety of substrates, including MDO wood (a wood composite) for exterior post and panel signs, corrugated plastic yard signs, aluminum composite for real estate companies and rigid pieces like acrylic panels with stand-offs. “With the two Acuity F presses we print on acrylic, and other hard substrates, and we often print White ink down on clear decals or clear vinyl; having that ability helps us stand out from the crowd,” says Garber“When we print on MDO, those sheets are usually 4’x8’ so it’s nice to be able to print the whole sheet, bleed-off the edge if necessary, and finish the job very quicklyWe can even print 5’x10’ sheetsActually, with our two large Acuity F’s, we have the capacity to print four, 4’x10’ substrates all at one time.” Signs By Tomorrow of Rockville is also heavily involved in the real estate market, managing a contract with a company that has offices in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C., with over 300 agentsThe company meets the needs of this specific client by turning jobs quickly and efficiently with its two Acuity F presses. “We print on aluminum composite for the real estate agency,” says Garber“We are able to turn around their jobs fast, and the client is very pleasedWe also manage their ‘new development’ signs for properties and renovations, in addition to their ‘for sale’ and ‘open house’ signageAll these jobs go to the two Acuity F presses.” The Acuity F is the most productive printer in the popular Acuity SeriesIt combines eight years of market leading image quality with leading edge engineering and ink technology to deliver a state-of-the-art platform capable of a wide range of print applicationsWith a maximum print speed of more than 1,600 square feet per hour, the Acuity F is built for production. The Acuity F allows print service providers to select the right production speed and image quality to address a wide range of display applicationsThe addition of white ink further extends the application and media range to include clear and colored substratesThe Acuity F maintains all the advantages of the successful Acuity Platform, including near-photographic image quality, versatility and ease of use, but has been optimized for the efficient and high speed production of rigid media applications. “Not all sign shops have flatbed technologyOther sign shops are still printing onto a vinyl-type substrate and then mounting it by hand onto rigid substrates, which can lead to mistakes and errors,” said Garber“We can print directly onto the substrate with the UV ink, and it always looks greatHaving the two Acuity F presses allows us to print four, 4’ x 8’ sheets of material all at one timeThis has really increased our productivity.” Source: Fujifilm. The preceding press release was provided by a company unaffiliated with Printing ImpressionsThe views expressed within do not directly reflect the thoughts or opinions of Printing Impressions. jQuery('.content_widget.pull_quote').first().insertAfter(jQuery('.body-main div[itemprop="content"] p:eq(1)')); console.log({"ic":["wide-format-printing"]}); googletag .pubads() .definePassback("/124057991/pi_ros_inline", ['fluid']) .setTargeting("ic", ["wide-format-printing"]) .display(); 0 Comments View Comments Companies:FUJIFILM Graphic Systems Div Related Content Allegra Shop Expands Services Into Advanced Signage and Large Graphics The Week That Was With Julie G (01/22/2018) Annual EFI Connect Begins Graphic Systems Earns More with Onset X1 and X2 Fresh Artists Empowers Children Through Art SignCenter Expands to Accommodate Growth (function($) { // global JS object var bucketCarouselRelated = function() { //global vars var self, resizeTimer; return{ init: function() { self = this; // resize $(window).on('resize', function() { clearTimeout(resizeTimer); 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