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Real Estate Transfers, Feb. 10-16

HUD to Davis Real Estate, LLC, 164 Halsey Road ... Aaron and Eunice Han to Dev M. and Georgia D. Mehta, 14 Quarterhorse Crossing, $675,000. Stanhope Fiona J. Westenberge to Rudolph Slesinger and Pri Csewhakan, 2 Port Morris Ave., $240,000.

Archived Story

Andover Township Yorkshire Country Club, Inc./Tompkin to Tim Keyes and Mary ESomerville, Warbasse Junction Road, $250,000 Federal National Mortgage Assoc to Jaime MQuezada and Marlen Ramirez, 40 Lake Iliff Road, $198,300 Bank of New York/JP Morgan Chase Bank to Christopher Rand Elyse Bilancia, 301 Stickles Pond Road, $149,000 Federal National Mortgage Assoc to Lisa Mand Joseph BMancino Jr., 16 Howard Dr., $60,900 Christopher and Donna Grant to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, 5 Bernard Dr., $336,789 Byram David and Kristen NShafer to Tyler Micchelli and Keriann Musto, 15 Beech St., $185,000 Frankford Castlerock 2017, LLC, to Joseph Heimlich, 100 Decker Road, $38,500 Robert and Christy LGolwick to Frances Szwe and Jeanne MWalsh, 6 Perry Road, $315,000 Franklin Robert Vand Barbara JJohnson to Ricky JO'Neill, 358-360 Rutherford Ave., $135,000 Robert and Chaya Roth to Hartmann Associates, LLC, 11 Mc Cann St., $57,000 Steven Minkoff to Katerina Macz, 6 Mabie St., $149,000 Pawel Gomulka to Deven AMartinez, 189 Main St., $215,000 Julie Dispenziere to John Powers, 44 Constitution Way, $145,000 Eric GRuiz and MYllamile to John Aand Lauren JSmalley, 15 Hillside Ave., $320,000 Green Fannie Mae to L.FReal Estate, LLC, 132 Hibler Road, $206,500 Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Fahad Ali Hyder, 9 Stone Bridge Dr., $281,000 Hamburg Lucille LDarnsteadt to Adriana G.DGonzatti, 19 Route 23 N., $359,000 Wells Fargo Bank, NA, to Sheryl LBergeron, 6 Urban St., $125,000 Wells Fargo Bank, NA, to Sonia MGodoy, 25 Spruce Hill Ct., $190,000 HUD to Robert GEaton, 23 Bank St., $95,000 BCB Community Bank to Christina Brossman, 93 Falcon Ridge Way N., $90,000 Jessica Sand Scott Meyers to Joel ERomeo, 152 Falcon Ridge Way N., $75,000 Hampton Mark Aand Sharon MTriolo to Cornerstone Construction of North J., 6 Tanner Ct., $77,850 HUD to Davis Real Estate, LLC, 164 Halsey Road, $175,060 Hardyston Est of Angela HRainer/Ann Eto Joann Gregoli, 17 Beardslee Ct., $230,000 Michael and Lisa Napovier to Daniel and Jacqueline McGuinnes, 21 Witherwood Dr., $360,000 Edward Chan et al to Keith and Robin JTrevor, 17 Havenhill Road, $335,000 MTGLQ Investors, LP/Selene Finance to G&C Construction, LLC, 3 Summit Road, $70,000 Sheriff of the County of Sussex to Alfa Investments, LLC, 12 Pale Star Ct., $104,000 Christopher Rand Erika LRenehan to Gregory MBiondo and C.RMcLaughlin, 52 Deerfield Dr., $312,000 Donna AGunderman et al to Joseph Gunderman III, 3203 Route 94, $100,000 Est of Phillip SLanaras/Dennis Ato Christopher Blau and Rocchina Menna, 85 Tamarack Tr., $190,000 Fannie Mae to Talia Vu, 15 Beechmont Terr., $129,000 Hopatcong Boro Queens Park Oval Asset Holding Tst to 951 Wewanna, LLC, 9 Center St., $100,000 Atkins/Hopatcong, LLC, STE Ph-1 to John Eand Susan AAibel, 301 Mariner's Pointe, $579,900 Neville and Coreen Williams to Alison Suto, 6 Johnson Ave., $246,500 Federal National Mortgage Assoc to Jerri Niglio, 118 York Road, $189,000 US Bank National Assoc to T3 Innovations Inc., 104 Unger Ave., $138,000 Lori AChupinka to Karen LHartman, 110 Brendona Ave., $250,000 Bank of New York to David Beck, 126 Flora Ave., $74,900 Est of Edward Kravetz/Milraod, C.A., to 211 Elmira, LLC, 211 Elmira Tr., $60,000 Federal National Mortgage Assocto Kenneth MJohn, 215 Idalroy Tr., $299,900 Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Jose Imbachi, 26 Alfred Way, $145,000 Federal National Mortgage Assoc to Tapa 1973, LLC, 342 Dupont Ave., $60,000 Kenneth and Olga Bovair to Ryan SMaloney and Leslie Herrera, 62 Sutton Tr., $275,000 Fibianca Group Inc Bldg 5 to Jason Alverez, 6 Beck Lane, $145,000 MTGLQ, Investors, LP/Selene Finance to Joseph Young, 309 Elmira Tr., $90,000 Luis and Zoe Orama to Danielle KBartke, 11 Jefferson Tr., $188,400 Bank of New York Mellon to Catherine MMcLaughlin, 6 Rutgers Way, $77,500 Christiana Trust/Selene Finance, LP to American Industrial Mechanical, LLC, 25 Bucknell Way, $50,000 MTGLQ Investors, LP to Equity Homes, LLC, 29 Lebanon Tr., $82,500 Michele Filan to Kathleen ASterling, 716 Brooklyn Mountain Road, $119,430 Nicole and Timothy Howell to Jesus Pacheco and Marilyn Perez, 2 Northwestern Tr., $129,000 Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Tapa 1973, LLC, 42 Coolidge Tr., $32,500 Allied Development and Real Estate Ho to Sagewood SFR Pool I LLC, 152 Madison Tr., $106,000 Brian and Skye Fillmore to Matthew SSmith, 775 Brooklyn Mountain Road, $173,000 Beverly CGulan and Patrick Oxenham to Michael SWille, 8 Papoose Tr., $309,000 Bank of New York Mellon Tst to Mary EWhite, 14 Altavista Tr., $155,100 Est of Kenneth ARogers/Richard Bto Jacqueline Loughridge, 330A Lakeside Ave., $225,000 Lafayette Joseph Schork to Joseph Iorio and Tiffany Atieh, 110 Meadows Road, $400,000 William DSparling to Jeffrey WPietrzak, 49 Beave Run Road, $150,000 Montague Yvonne Land Theodore ABrace Jrto M Gallopavo, LLC, 367 Clove Road, $390,000 US Bank National Assoc RMAC Tst2016 to Patrick and Patricia Narcise, 607A Sleepy Hollow Road, $49,000 Louanne Cular to Myers, Geraldine, Dale Mand Juliet, 2 Adams Lane, $260,000 Sheriff of the County of Sussex to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., 226 Old Chimney Ridge Road, $40,000 Tammy SWilson to Cesar Lecha, 640 Sleey Hollow Road, $199,680 Federal National Mortgage Assoc to Barbara JAmoia, 105-C Hemlock Hill, $17,625 Joseph and Mary Rose Garrity to Crescent Property Management, 354-A Lake Shore South, $50,000 Prof-2013-M4 Legal Title Tst II/US to Etleva Lilo, 362-C Lake Shore South, $50,000 Federal National Mortgage Assoc to 246B Shore Dr., LLC, 246-B Lake Shore North, $25,000 Bank of New York Mellon Tst Co to John CMassari, 12 Phillips Lane, $176,000 Newton Daniel Sperry and Melissa Coughlin to Joshua Rothstein and Catherine Ruch, 105 Lake Ave., $130,000 91 High, LLC to Michael and Rachel Bucci, 91 High St., $159,000 Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, 5th Fl to Henry Saltos, 35 Liberty St., $109,900 Virginia Trudgeon to Roberta CVan Jaarsveld, 19 Ryerson Ave., $145,000 Grande Villagio at Newton, LLC, to Athar Khan and Nusrath Nazeer, 8 Giancarlo Lane, $169,900 Sheriff of the County of Sussex to 98 Sparta Ave., LLC, 98 Sparta Ave., $185,000 77 High Street Associates, LLC to Jeffrey Harrison, 77 High St., $229,000 JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA to James Abboud, 7 Barrett Ave., $75,500 11 Diller Avenue, LLC to Jennifer Miseo, 11 Diller Ave., $148,000 David and Lori SPetry to Michael Dand Karen Chandler, 6 Windsor Dr., $301,000 Laine Lanear and SHazard-Lanear to Erin Land Joseph AGoellner, 53 Lincoln Pl., $269,000 Gregory JSchaffer Et Alto 12 Church Street, LLC, 12 Church St., $150,000 Wells Fargo Bank, N to Krzysztof Onifaciuk, 9 Washington St., $45,000 Robert Rand Carol L Burns to Joseph and Penny Rebisz, 9 Hamilton St., $124,500 Selene Finance LP to Capital Income and Growth Fund, LLC, 22 Union Pl., $30,000 Willard Gand Vivienne ELacken to Steven Matos et al, 23 Mason Ave., $125,000 Global Premier Asset Mgt., LLC, to Hector M Lopez Jr., 8-10 New Hampshire St., $34,900 AIK Capital LLC to Sagewood SFR Pool I LLC, 27 Diller Ave., $133,000 Marie ADavies to Mark Palmiere, 41 Linmore Ave., $236,000 Grande Villaggio at Newton, LLC, to Manthan Patel and M Dhruti, 1 Giancarlo Lane, $197,325 Grande Villaggio At Newton, LLC, to Barbara JNemeth, 3 Giancarlo Lane, $187,000 Grande Villaggio at Newton, LLC, to Christine Kalafut and Lisa Shedden, 13 Giancarlo Lane, $182,900 Ogdensburg Est of Patricia Dolan to Amy Smith, 95 High St., $185,000 Amanda Vermeylen and David Paulich to John Mand JLester Mastrogiovanni, 26 Wausau St., $187,000 Sparta Robert JCorbo to Derek and Angela Kasse, 29 Longview Road, $210,000 Ronald Mand Nancy LStanton to Joel Aand Cristina Dela Pena, 281 Springbrook Tr., $199,000 Linda LPalmer et al to Berardi Building, LLC, 27 Shawnee Tr., $65,000 Berardi Building, LLC to Anderson Enterprise, LLC, 27 Shawnee Tr., $100,000 Eduardo and Lori KCarrasco to Edward and Carmella Toye, 360 No Church Road, $180,000 Gwen ACirri to Jack and Laura Jadach, 105 West Mountain Road, $280,840 Courtney and Cale Petermann to Tobias Pand Angelica DAlbrecht, 23 Pine Cone Lane, $280,000 Gregory Eand Susan EMurphy to John Eand Ann MCarothers, 11 Snow Ridge, $530,000 Kevin RAitken to Anthony Giardullo and GGerardiello, 27 East Shore Tr., $199,900 Jeffrey MFeldman and Patr O'Keefe to Eric and Marissa Wiggins, 7 Silver Lane, $444,441 Federal National Mortgage Assoc to Ramez Kand Alaa Yassin, 131 Main St., $85,000 Federal National Mortgage Assoc to Dariusz Uczkowski, 6 Hemlock Ter., $61,000 Steven Williams to Jenna Marsano, 93 Stanhope Road, $375,000 Deborah AMetsger to Kenneth WMcNulty , 69 Hunters Lane, $337,500 Patrick Cand Jaime LHowell to Stephen and Teresa Niziol, 9 Pine Cone Lane, $324,900 Mary Burke to Steve and Karen Babat, 264 East Shore Tr., $460,000 Mark H Gitlen and Karen Kourtessis to Robert Mand Donna TChiapperino, 230 East Shore Tr., $1,222,000 Timothy Tower to Michael Sand Kelly APurdon, 37 Green Road, $315,000 Thomas Lindsley and Kristin Savasta to Joseph and Janice MPeters, 64 Manor Sq., $294,500 Peter Nand Marianne Chletsos to Sean Tand Shannon LGressler, 87 Westgate Dr., $532,500 Gull Brothers, LLC to Danielle FCamastra and Blake Davis, 69 Valley View Tr., $324,000 Donna Storz to Thomas and Kristin Lindsley, 2 Prosperity Dr., $470,000 Lou and Debi Dobbs to Leslie and Alyse Cahn, 9 Alder Dr., $515,000 Katelyn Monteleone and WCeccarelli to Elvin Giordano, 3 Lewis Lane, $318,500 Erin Mand Timoth RHajj Srto Thomas NPaolazzi and Reina-Paolazzi, 10 Morgan Dr., $475,000 HUD to Doris YGonzalez, 210 West Mountain Road, $290,000 Louis Maurizi to Serafino and Sandra Aprile, 31 Holland Circle, $85,000 Joseph and Jessi Liotta to Ryan Wilcox and Kelly McClurkin, 23 Christy Lane, $300,000 David and Linda Bollard to Grzegorz Kotulski and E.KKotulska, 56 Morning Star Dr., $562,000 Phyllis and Debra Bennett to Jessica Land Gregory Dumpert, 56 Milton Road, $285,000 Aaron and Eunice Han to Dev Mand Georgia DMehta, 14 Quarterhorse Crossing, $675,000 Stanhope Fiona JWestenberge to Rudolph Slesinger and Pri Csewhakan, 2 Port Morris Ave., $240,000 Minh Ly and Hong Nguyen to Briana Gaspich, 68 Brooklyn Road, $253,000 Salmon Brothers Incto County of Morris Adm and Records Bldg., 5 Furnace St., $16,000 Fannie Mae to Joseph ADelgrosso, 8140 Ashland Ct., $76,000 Mevlut Gand Devon Colak to Ann Rosenberg, 316 Stonegate Lane, $129,900 Stillwater Township Sean Degan to Evan and Lauren Mangold, 907 Jasmine Lane, $163,000 Sussex Borough Wilshire Enterprises, Inc to Si Family Holdings Sussex Lands, LLC, 2 Center St., $39,000 Vernon Letter Perfect Homes, Inc to Kayla Scovell and Nuri Gunes Jr., 37 Evergreen Road, $199,900 GMAT Legal Title Tst 2013-1/US Bank to Griselda Gand Angel MVazquez, 2 Foulton Ter., $79,000 Federal National Mortgage Assoc to Sagewood KT II, LLC, 20 Wagon Wheel Road, $65,000 Est of Barry AAbrams/Angela to CK Resources, LLC, 313 W Lakeshore Dr., $41,000 HUD to Woodart Construction, Inc, 6 Elm StE., $16,000 Theodore BMoran to Pedro Delvalle and Stella Alvarado, 2 Tallahatchie Dr., $242,025 Est of Peter TNeillands/Richard Tto Heesang Ahn, 46 Edsall Dr., $220,000 US Bank Nat'l Assoc Tst/Wells Farg to Palmetto Construction Services, LLC, 61 Edsall Dr., $110,000 Federal National Mortgage Assocto Aaron Land Paula AFitt, 13 Village Way Unit 4, $24,000 Sheriff of the County of Sussex to Dennis Clark, 3 Davos Dr., Unit 9, $64,000 Wantage Jesse RStevens to John and Sarah Gillen, 214 Lower Unionville Road, $260,000 Wilshire Enterprises Incto Si Family Holdings Sussex Lands, LLC, Off Route 284, $312,000 William and Margaret DStaszewski to LG Husky Homes, LLC, 30 Rose Morrow Road, $72,000 Ryan Jand John EZappile Jrto Stephanie LGreen and Shawn Snyder, 485 Route 284, $239,000 Griffin Adkins and Morgan McCarthy to Justin Attanasio and Jessica Kiely, 98 Wantage School Road, $257,000 Achtau Investments, LLC, to Ewa Investments, LLC, 717 Route 23, $156,100 Ernest Wand Tressa Mathes to Terrence Mand Anna Lulay, 14 Courtland Dr., $235,000 Joyce Yonushewski to Aileen Donovan, 29 Spring Hollow Road, $220,000 Donald and Tanya Bassani to Carole JOrdini, 37 New York Ave., $220,000 21st Mortgage Corp to Pamela Aand Kenneth JConklin, 70 Old Clove Road, $88,000 Betty-Jane and Everett Zabriskie Jrto Antonio and Maria GForestiero, 75 Coykendall Road, $140,000 Deutsche Bank/OCWEN Loan Servicing to Brian Tucci, 150 Mudtown Road, $176,846 Thomas Pand Toni LHibbits #411 to Donald Nand Shaina RLiu, 1 File Road, $255,000. 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