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Real estate and tech 4-ever

Kubiak, originally from Idaho, founded Honest Buildings in 2012 when he realized ... Weber graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in computer science but fell into real estate when he moved to Seattle. One day he asked a client at J.

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Riggs Kubiak, Brandon Weber and Caren Maio have decided to take on Microsoft—or at least the way real estate professionals use Excel—and change how the hidebound industry does businessThey say their endeavor only makes sense if they are in New York. Proptech, as property technology has become known, illustrates the marriage between established New York industries and the new wave of tech entrepreneurs, most of whom are concentrating on a single sectorIt is a major reason for the boom in tech companies in the city (see “Tech takes over”). Kubiak, originally from Idaho, founded Honest Buildings in 2012 when he realized that developers, no matter how big, couldn’t see what was happening at all their planned or active projectsIn fact, the bigger the company, the more it didn’t know, since it tried to track everything on an Excel spreadsheet. article continues below advertisement

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