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Modern Homes Burning as Much as Eight Times Faster

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS - Firefighters say modern homes are burning faster than ever. This video shows a room filled with modern synthetic furniture and one with natural materials like hardwood and cotton. The fire in the naturally furnished room stays small ...

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Posted: Mar 04, 2018 08:45 AM CST Updated: Mar 04, 2018 08:48 AM CST AUI().use('anvato-strategy-chartbeat',function(){ window['_cbv_strategies'] = window['_cbv_strategies'] || []; window['_cbv_strategies'].push(AnvatoStrategy); }); (function(A, $){ function renderAnvatoVideo() { A.ready('anvato-video-player', function(){ var containerId = "" || "anvatoPlayPreview_1886469_134949"; var pInstance = containerId + "_anv"; var config = { videoTitle: "Burning\x20Home\x20Concerns", pInstance: pInstance, url:"", poster:"", mcp : 'LIN', player:', plugins : {} }; config.autoplay = "true"; = "1886469"; config.plugins.dfp = { adTagUrl: "[referrer_url]&description_url=&ciu_szs=728x90,300x250&ad_rule=0&vpos=preroll&coid=$coid&correlator=[timestamp]" }; AnvatoVideoPlayer.loadVideoByLatestVersionAnvatoJS(containerId, config); anvp[pInstance].onReady = function(playerInstance) { var _cbv = window._cbv || (window._cbv = []); _cbv.push(playerInstance); }; }); } renderAnvatoVideo(); })( AUI(), jQuery ); var _sf_async_config={}; _sf_async_config.uid = 23192; _sf_async_config.domain = '; _sf_async_config.useCanonical = true; (function() { function loadChartbeat() { window._sf_endpt = (new Date()).getTime(); var e = document.createElement('script'); e.setAttribute('language', 'javascript'); e.setAttribute('type', 'text/javascript'); e.setAttribute('src', '//'); document.body.appendChild(e); } var oldonload = window.onload; window.onload = (typeof window.onload != 'function') ? loadChartbeat : function() { oldonload(); loadChartbeat(); }; })(); NORTHWEST ARKANSAS - Firefighters say modern homes are burning faster than ever.This video shows a room filled with modern synthetic furniture and one with natural materials like hardwood and cottonThe fire in the naturally furnished room stays small and contained to one area, while the room with the synthetic furniture is fully engulfed in just 4 minutesThis means your choice of furniture or home decor could decide whether or not you lose everything in a house fire."They just put out so much heat so quickly that it's just not like it used to be." said Captain Dennis Thurman with the Rogers Fire Department.Captain Thurman has been fighting fires for almost 2 decadesHe says over the years, house fires have presented a new challenge for them."Most of the new modern furniture, within 5 minutes of it we're in a fully involved fire situationNational average a quality fire department will be on the scene in 6 minutes." said CptThurmanAccording to U.L., a safety consulting company, your choice of home furnishings could determine the outcome of your home if it catches fireSynthetic furniture burns 8 times faster than natural."Think about your grandmother or grandfathers houses, the things that they did have were natural materials real hardwoods and cotton and things like thatI'm not sure that you would even find those in your local furniture store." said CptThurman.John Purtle, the owner of Precious Cargo in Fayetteville, agreesHe said nowadays, natural furniture is hard to come by."Organic's more expensive in the market placeSoy based foams are more expensive to produceDown feathers are more expensive." said Purtle.Purtle said since natural furniture can cost hundreds of dollars more than synthetic, it's a tough sale."Cost is always going to be the thing, the less expensive it, is the better it's going to sell." said Purtle.If you can't afford to spend a few extra hundred bucks, Captain Thurman said at least shell out for one item."The biggest thing that I would tell a new homeowner or old homeowner you have to have smoke detectors." said CptThurman.Purtle said it's easier to find organic mattresses in local furniture stores but things like organic couches are a bit harder to findSo sometimes a simple Google search may help you in determining where to buy those products. 

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