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Oklahoma State pounds Kansas 82-64, sweeps season series with Jayhawks

KU entered having won 102 straight regular-season conference home-and homes. Iowa State was the last team to sweep ... who tied for sixth in the conference with Oklahoma, Baylor and Texas. “The two times we played them, it hasn’t even been close ...

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chosen Big 12 Player of the Year","displayDescription":"KU Jayhawks senior Devonte’ Graham talks about being awakened by a phone call from Bill Self, who told him he’d been chosen Big 12 Player of the Year.","videographer":"Rich Sugg","credit":"The Kansas City Star","published":1520281262,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":"//","langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"enabled":false,"account":"5502557046001","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM1lDGV6T5I5sBzceCTft1iD58oboWLx2ae7B4uS6OPlWNB6lYMuwL4VclR43ZaBEDuItG0o0U5Bgdfc4oFvvAITPpbRoLVF7N_uSvmFQX3FUKgt-DXsp9DHNfTQrQfb9iDsZR_S"}},{"id":"203554284","publication":"kansascity","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":111,"poster":"//","title":"KU coach Bill Self on Big 12 & NCAA tournaments","displayDescription":"KU Jayhawks basketball coach Bill Self says nine Big 12 teams could make the NCAA Tournament, and he expects intense Big 12 Tournament this week in Kansas City.","videographer":"Rich Sugg","credit":"The Kansas City Star","published":1520279309,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":"//","langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"enabled":false,"account":"5502557046001","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM1lDGV6T5I5sBzceCTft1iD58oboWLx2ae7B4uS6OPlWNB6lYMuwL4VclR43ZaBEDuItG0o0U5Bgdfc4oFvvAITPpbRoLVF7N_uSvmFQX3FUKgt-DXsp9DHNfTQrQfb9iDsZR_S"}},{"id":"203449769","publication":"kansascity","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":79,"poster":"//","title":"KU's Bill Self on Special Olympics Clinic and Graham honor","displayDescription":"Kansas coach Bill Self said Sunday that Devonte' Graham will someday have his No4 jersey hung in the Allen Fieldhouse rafters.","videographer":"Gary Bedore","credit":"The Kansas City Star","published":1520212947,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":"//","langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"enabled":false,"account":"5502557046001","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM1lDGV6T5I5sBzceCTft1iD58oboWLx2ae7B4uS6OPlWNB6lYMuwL4VclR43ZaBEDuItG0o0U5Bgdfc4oFvvAITPpbRoLVF7N_uSvmFQX3FUKgt-DXsp9DHNfTQrQfb9iDsZR_S"}},{"id":"203354804","publication":"kansascity","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":162,"poster":"//","title":"Bill Self after loss to OSU: ‘They’re better than us’","displayDescription":"Kansas coach Bill Self talks after his team’s 82-64 loss to Oklahoma State on March 3, 2018.","videographer":"Jesse Newell","credit":"The Kansas City Star","published":1520123886,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":"//","langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"enabled":false,"account":"5502557046001","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM1lDGV6T5I5sBzceCTft1iD58oboWLx2ae7B4uS6OPlWNB6lYMuwL4VclR43ZaBEDuItG0o0U5Bgdfc4oFvvAITPpbRoLVF7N_uSvmFQX3FUKgt-DXsp9DHNfTQrQfb9iDsZR_S"}},{"id":"203353089","publication":"kansascity","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":48,"poster":"//","title":"KU's Devonte’ Graham on his biggest frustration following loss to Oklahoma State","displayDescription":"Kansas guard Devonté Graham talks after his team’s 82-64 loss to Oklahoma State on March 3, 2018.","videographer":"Jesse Newell","credit":"The Kansas City Star","published":1520123349,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":"//","langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"enabled":false,"account":"5502557046001","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM1lDGV6T5I5sBzceCTft1iD58oboWLx2ae7B4uS6OPlWNB6lYMuwL4VclR43ZaBEDuItG0o0U5Bgdfc4oFvvAITPpbRoLVF7N_uSvmFQX3FUKgt-DXsp9DHNfTQrQfb9iDsZR_S"}},{"id":"202941364","publication":"kansascity","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":95,"poster":"//","title":"KU's Malik Newman just wants to focus on competing, not on bracketology\n","displayDescription":"Jayhawks guard Malik Newman spoke on March 1, 2018 about what his team needs to focus on moving forward toward the postseason.\n","videographer":"Rich Sugg","credit":"The Kansas City Star","published":1519950901,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":"//","langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"enabled":false,"account":"5502557046001","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM1lDGV6T5I5sBzceCTft1iD58oboWLx2ae7B4uS6OPlWNB6lYMuwL4VclR43ZaBEDuItG0o0U5Bgdfc4oFvvAITPpbRoLVF7N_uSvmFQX3FUKgt-DXsp9DHNfTQrQfb9iDsZR_S"}},{"id":"202961699","publication":"kansascity","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":96,"poster":"//","title":"KU’s Mitch Lightfoot looking forward to March Madness","displayDescription":"Kansas sophomore forward Mitch Lightfoot talked on March 1, 2018 about every basketball fan’s favorite time of year.\n","videographer":"Rich Sugg","credit":"The Kansas City Star","published":1519948069,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":"//","langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"enabled":false,"account":"5502557046001","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM1lDGV6T5I5sBzceCTft1iD58oboWLx2ae7B4uS6OPlWNB6lYMuwL4VclR43ZaBEDuItG0o0U5Bgdfc4oFvvAITPpbRoLVF7N_uSvmFQX3FUKgt-DXsp9DHNfTQrQfb9iDsZR_S"}},{"id":"202896569","publication":"kansascity","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":79,"poster":"//","title":"Bill Self says KU isn’t about to mail it in at OSU","displayDescription":"Even with another Big 12 title in the bag, KU Jayhawks basketball coach Bill Self says he isn’t about to take the easy road when it comes to playing his alma mater on Saturday.","videographer":"","credit":"","published":1519937503,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":"//","langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"enabled":false,"account":"5502557046001","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM1lDGV6T5I5sBzceCTft1iD58oboWLx2ae7B4uS6OPlWNB6lYMuwL4VclR43ZaBEDuItG0o0U5Bgdfc4oFvvAITPpbRoLVF7N_uSvmFQX3FUKgt-DXsp9DHNfTQrQfb9iDsZR_S"}},{"id":"202892194","publication":"kansascity","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":138,"poster":"//","title":"How has the world changed since KU started its Big 12 title streak","displayDescription":"The Kansas Jayhawks started a winning streak in 2005 that has continued into 2018The men's basketball team has won 14 consecutive Big 12 Conference titles","videographer":"Chris Ochsner","credit":"The Kansas City Star","published":1519937312,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":"//","langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"enabled":false,"account":"5502557046001","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM1lDGV6T5I5sBzceCTft1iD58oboWLx2ae7B4uS6OPlWNB6lYMuwL4VclR43ZaBEDuItG0o0U5Bgdfc4oFvvAITPpbRoLVF7N_uSvmFQX3FUKgt-DXsp9DHNfTQrQfb9iDsZR_S"}},{"id":"202887739","publication":"kansascity","brightcoveId":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","url":"","duration":113,"poster":"//","title":"Can KU get a No1 seed in the NCAA Tournament? Bill Self explains","displayDescription":"KU Jayhawks basketball coach Bill Self on what it will take for Kansas to secure a No1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.","videographer":"Rich Sugg","credit":"The Kansas City Star","published":1519935062,"sources":[{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"video/mp4"},{"src":"//","type":"application/x-mpegURL"}],"ads":"//","langCode":"en","brightcoveData":{"enabled":false,"account":"5502557046001","policyKey":"BCpkADawqM1lDGV6T5I5sBzceCTft1iD58oboWLx2ae7B4uS6OPlWNB6lYMuwL4VclR43ZaBEDuItG0o0U5Bgdfc4oFvvAITPpbRoLVF7N_uSvmFQX3FUKgt-DXsp9DHNfTQrQfb9iDsZR_S"}}], {"wpsInclude":false,"wpsArea":null,"autoPlay":false,"pubName":"kansascity","embed":false,"cacheBust":"a62e285","iterator":5,"uniqueId":"203354804-1520373258302","paywallEnabled":true,"domainName":"","pubId":"4","isSecureRequest":false,"primaryVideoIsBrightcove":false,"baseTemplate":"story","videoType":"lead-asset"} ); }); Kansas coach Bill Self talks after his team’s 82-64 loss to Oklahoma State on March 3, 2018 Jesse Newell The Kansas City Star Kansas coach Bill Self talks after his team’s 82-64 loss to Oklahoma State on March 3, 2018 Jesse Newell The Kansas City Star jQuery(document).ready(function () { mi.leadAssets.init(); }); University of Kansas Oklahoma State pounds Kansas 82-64, sweeps season series with Jayhawks By Gary Bedore LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest Reddit Print Order Reprint of this Story $(document).ready(function () { mi.articleShareTools.init({ nextLinkedin: '7634', nextPinterest: '7712' }); mi.socialSharingScroll.init(); }); March 03, 2018 05:35 PM Stillwater, Okla. Bill Self figured his Kansas basketball players would give maximum effort in Saturday’s regular-season finale at Oklahoma State. Oh, was he wrong about that. “It’s sad to me when somebody already kicks your (butt) once … it seems to me like that’s plenty of motivation,” Self said after his Big 12 champion Jayhawks (24-7, 13-5) were blown out by the sixth-place Cowboys 82-64 in front of a crowd of 12,482 at Gallagher-Iba Arena. “I thought we’d compete harder considering they kicked us good at our placeThat was not the case,” Self added, noting, “once it went bad it started going worse.” jQuery(document).ready(function () { mi.renderNewsletterIframe.init({ container: '#newsletter-signUpWidget', url: ',,' }); }); Never miss a local story. Sign up today for a free 30 day free trial of unlimited digital access. SUBSCRIBE NOW jQuery(document).ready(function () { mi.calltoActionCtrl.init(); }); The Jayhawks, who trailed 17-7 after 7 minutes and were down 46-30 at halftime, were basically run out of the gym by an Oklahoma State team (18-13, 8-10) that defeated KU 84-79 on Feb3 at Allen Fieldhouse. The Cowboys became the first Big 12 team to upend KU twice in the same regular season in the 15-season Self eraKU entered having won 102 straight regular-season conference home-and homesIowa State was the last team to sweep KU, back in 2000-01. “How can I say this? We win the league by two games and they are a lot better than us,” Self said of the Cowboys, who tied for sixth in the conference with Oklahoma, Baylor and Texas. Oklahoma State will play Oklahoma in the Big 12 tournament at 6 p.m.Wednesday at the Sprint Center, with the winner meeting KU in a quarterfinal contest about 2 p.m.Thursday at the Sprint Center. “The two times we played them, it hasn’t even been close in my opinion,” Self added“To ask if they are an NCAA Tournament team, my answer would be an emphatic, ‘yes.’ They deserve to be in it (NCAAs) more than we do, in just the two games that we played them.” The Cowboys spoiled KU’s 120 Years of Basketball Celebration weekend in early FebruaryThe Jayhawks did not come close to returning the favor on the Cowboys' Senior Day. In fact, all four Oklahoma State seniors scored in double figuresKendall Smith scored 25 points, Mitchell Solomon had 16, Tavarius Shine added 11 and Jeffrey Carroll scored 10They celebrated after the game, the students storming the court in anticipation of a possible NCAA berth. “They are a lot more athletic than us,” Self, coach of the country’s sixth-ranked team, said of the unranked Cowboys“Their perimeter guys are more athletic than usTheir big guy (Solomon, who had seven rebounds, two blocks and helped hold Udoka Azubuike to eight points and seven boards with four turnovers and four fouls in 20 minutes) is such an anchor and played great today. "We probably match up against them poorly — as much as anybody in our leagueWe helped them by not playing any tougher than we did.” KU did cut the 16-point halftime deficit to nine at 56-47 on a bucket by freshman Silvio De Sousa (seven points, three rebounds) with 11:55 left, but Oklahoma State upped the margin to 12 points with 9 minutes left and never looked back. It was reminiscent of Oklahoma State’s 86-67 win over KU on Jan19, 2016, in StillwaterIn fact, this was the Jayhawks' worst loss since thatgame. “I’ve been coming back here enough and getting my butt handed to me enough here I probably don’t feel it like I did when I first started coming back,” Self said, when asked about his emotions returning to his alma mater, where KU has lost three of the last four years. “I think our message (leaving Oklahoma State), at least right now without studying tape or anything, is that our margin for error is so small," Self added“When it is so small, you are actually proud of your team’s accomplishmentsYou’ve also got to understand … when your guards don’t come to play (Svi Mykhailiuk had five points on 2-of-7 shooting, Malik Newman had seven points on 3-of-7 shooting and Lagerald Vick added eight points on 3-of-9 shooting) … we are not athletic like a lot of teamsWe can be athletic when we are turned up. “Just one or two guys being off … when you are only playing five the vast majority of the minutes, it’s just not enoughI think the message has to be, ‘Better now (to lose) than later.’ Certainly this could easily happen again if we are not 100 percent turned up and in tune." Self said the Jayhawks — who had a five-game winning streak snapped Saturday — have to bring intensity every game because, “we don’t put fear in anybodyWe used to play people and there was doubt before they played us whether or not they could play with usThere’s not that doubt this year.” KU senior leader Graham credited Oklahoma State with total domination.

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