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Utah Governor Gary Herbert Asks Citizens To Pray For Snow

In an embarrassing and ridiculous bit of religious pandering, Utah Governor Gary Herbert sent a letter to ... your chapels, and your homes, asking that life and property be protected and that the elements be tempered. Within days of your collective prayers ...

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Toggle navigation HomeAboutArchive Index Nonreligious Utah Governor Gary Herbert Asks Citizens To Pray For Snow March 5, 2018 by Michael Stone 0 Comments {COUNT} It’s like a rain dance, only with Jesus and magic underwear: Utah Governor Gary Herbert issues bizarre Facebook post asking citizens to pray for snow In an embarrassing and ridiculous bit of religious pandering, Utah Governor Gary Herbert sent a letter to faith leaders across the state asking them to ask their congregations to pray for snow. Herbert also posted a copy of the letter, printed under the official letterhead of the “Office of the Governor,” to his official Facebook page: Dear Religious Leader, I am writing today to invite you and your faith community to unite in thanksgiving and prayer during the first week of March 2018. During the bitterly hot, dry and windy summer of 2012, Utah had become a tinderboxWe witnessed heroism from our firefighters across the stateBut after all we could physically do, most of the state still remained under red flag warnings. At that time I reached out to our interfaith community with a request for an extra measure of providential help in our battle against the firesAnd you responded with prayers in your synagogues, your mosques, your cathedrals, your chapels, and your homes, asking that life and property be protected and that the elements be tempered. Within days of your collective prayers the rains cameAnd not just any rain, but gentle, soaking rains without the winds that would have exacerbated the firesThe elements had, in fact, been tempered. Today our state faces another similar challengeAlthough we have just received some fresh snow, this year’s uncharacteristically warm and dry weather pattern has left the state with about half the snowpack that we might experience in a regular year. Because the health of our waterways, our wetlands, our agriculture, and our forests in particular depend on an abundant snowpack and because none of us can afford to witness the destruction that comes with wildfire, I am again reaching out to you and your faith communities with an invitation to unite in prayer. As you gather in your places of worship and in your homes during the first week of March, would you please join me in a special prayer? First and foremost, I believe we should thank our Creator for the extraordinary blessings that we enjoy as a stateBut I would also encourage us to pray that the elements be tempered on our behalf. Thank you for considering this special request, and thank you for all you do to meet the significant spiritual needs of the people of our great state. The stupid, it burns. ProTip: Mumbling magic words to imaginary deities will not alter the weather, not even if you are wearing magic underwear while mumbling the magic wordsIt just doesn’t work. If Governor Herbert, a Republican, was serious about the weather, he might consider taking science based action to address the issue of climate changeBut Herbert is not a serious manHe is either a cynical and pandering politician trying to placate a population infantilized and stunted by religious superstition, or he is just another deluded idiot groveling before a God that does not existEither way it’s not pretty. Bottom line: Utah Governor Gary Herbert used his official position to ask citizens to pray for snow Sad! 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