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5 Questions to Ask When Recruiting New Real Estate Agents to Your Brokerage

As a broker, you have specific goals and metrics you hope to achieve: from establishing an enviable company culture, to continually improving your revenue. One objective that many top brokerages today fail to make a big priority, though, is the recruitment ...

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One objective that many top brokerages today fail to make a big priority, though, is the recruitment (and, later on, training and coaching) of new real estate agents. If you fall into this category of brokers that’s yet to carefully evaluate their beginner real estate agent recruitment strategy, it’s time to do just that — and it starts by asking yourself these five critical questions below

Find out how to ensure you and your firm are ready to attract, hire, and educate new real estate agents … and turn them into top producers. 1) Is your real estate brokerage’s value proposition and market clearly defined for candidates? In many ways, appealing to a specific group of new agent talent is similar to nurturing your real estate leads into clients: You must highlight the unique aspects of your brokerage compared to others in your market and explain why you’re the best fit for their needs. Oftentimes, beginner agents aren’t sought after by many other firms — at least not until they’ve proven themselves somewhat in the industry (i.e

closing some noteworthy deals nearby; simply being hired to represent a high-end listing). Once these agents become hot commodities, though, the chances of luring them to your brokerage can diminish. Thus, this process of trying to get premier newbies on board shouldn’t be rushed

Rather, potential hires need to be reached out to subtly over a longer period of time — time during which you can make sure your brokerage’s mission, goals,  and culture are established. Some of the best ways to showcase your brokerage’s value proposition and your firm in a very positive light in general include: Clearly defining your values, such as how you want the brand to be perceived in the marketplace and how your agents can ensure that image is achieved and maintained. Explaining your inbound marketing strategy and how your team can adopt modern, inbound tactics that elevate their digital profiles and grow their businesses. Constantly educating your team members with both a hands-on approach (internal) and working with outside vendors who are experts in marketing and sales (external). Implementing team-building exercises, like volunteer work and office/out-of-office parties and gatherings that can promote togetherness and camaraderie among your staff. Once you’ve fine-tuned your brand messaging as it pertains to your new real estate agent recruitment, you can focus on … you know … actually recruiting the top beginner agents around town (or your entire region, if you have the bandwidth).

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