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Former Miss Kenosha, local agent to be featured on Beach Hunters

Marci Kelkar, 34, (formerly Gallo) and her husband, Prashant, toured Kenosha lakefront homes with local real estate agent Aaron Kohlmeier while filming the episode of the trendy TV series. The half-hour show airs at 9:30 p.m. on Dec. 10. The show is a foll ...

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Prashant and Marci Kelkar with their children from left to right Simmy, Kavin and  Anika. Jeff Zampanti Facebook Twitter Email Print Save
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Jeff Zampanti
Prashant and Marci Kelkar with their children from left to right Simmy, Kavin and  Anika. Jeff Zampanti
Jeff Zampanti Facebook Twitter Email Print Save If buying a home in a tight real estate market wasn’t tricky enough, imagine doing so in front of a national audience.A former Miss Kenosha and her family were selected to have their recent home-buying experience documented from all angles for an upcoming episode of HGTV’s “Beach Hunters.”Marci Kelkar, 34, (formerly Gallo) and her husband, Prashant, toured Kenosha lakefront homes with local real estate agent Aaron Kohlmeier while filming the episode of the trendy TV series.
The half-hour show airs at 9:30 p.m

on Dec

10.The show is a follow-up to HGTV’s “House Hunters.” Homebuyers narrow their choices to three properties — sometimes reluctantly and often with compromise — and reveal at the end of each episode their final decision.Husband not so enthusedAs a former beauty queen, Marci was thrilled for another opportunity to be back in the spotlight

Prashant, a 36-year-old Michigan neurosurgeon, didn’t share his wife’s enthusiasm.“When I asked him, first of all I said, ‘I’m going to ask you something and you can’t say no,’” said Marci, who graduated from Tremper High School and was crowned Miss Kenosha in 2002

“He was like, ‘Absolutely not.’ He totally did not want to do it

That’s just the different personalities of us

We’re very different

But he eventually came around.”With an emphasis on location, the Kelkars sought lakefront property in Kenosha with at least three bedrooms, additional living space for out-of-town guests and preferably private beach access with a maximum budget of $750,000.The Kelkars live in Birmingham, Mich

with their three children

They desired a second home for their frequent trips back to Marci’s hometown and close proximity to Prashant’s family in the Chicago area.Selecting local agentHGTV picked Kohlmeier from the local real estate agent pool and sent an email inquiring about his availability and clientele

The 1999 St

Joseph Catholic Academy and 2003 Carthage College graduate was also somewhat reluctant.“It was totally random, out of the blue,” Kohlmeier said

“I got an email that I thought was spam

I said I had been identified as someone who might be working with buyers for a lake home

I really thought it was spam

I responded and got an email back fairly quickly

We had a Skype interview with producers to see if they liked us

After about a week, we found out we were on board.”The HGTV production crew spent three days with Kohlmeier and the Kelkars

The crew visited several Kenosha landmarks — including a tour of the Kenosha North Pier lighthouse — and filmed the showings of three Lakeshore Drive beach houses.
TNCMS.AdManager.render({region: 'fixed-big-ad-middle-asset', slot: 1, fold: "span"}); One of them is the Kelkars’ new home

The exact decision is being withheld until the program airs.“We love the house we picked,” Marci said

“Our backyard is Lake Michigan

The views are amazing

It checked all the boxes

We have a hot tub outside that the kids use as a mini pool

Aaron was great

We told him what we were looking for, and he provided a lot of great insight for us

He made the whole process pleasant and fun, and we got the house we wanted.”Kenosha landmarks filmedThe couple was filmed climbing the lighthouse, despite Prashant’s fear of heights, and strolling the Simmons Island boardwalk

They made their final decision near the flower beds in Eichelman Park.Kohlmeier, who understands the importance of utilizing multimedia in his profession, said he is looking forward to seeing how the production crew puts it all together.“I’m more excited than nervous,” Kohlmeier said

“I’m excited for Kenosha

With all of the good things we have going on here, to see it all on HGTV is going to be very cool

It’s a huge bucket list thing for me being on TV doing something I love

It was a great experience.”
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