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beauty products and the latest celebrity fragrances. Related: 8 Ways Real Estate Is Your Smartest Investment While most of these items made for good stocking stuffers, it’s doubtful they added much to your portfolio. Now that the holiday rush is over ...

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Consumer stereotypes would have you believe that millennials are cheap, fickle customers who only make purchases online

If your goal is to market to them, you\u2019re better off not buying into these myths.<\/p>\nPew Research Center considers millennials the\u00a0generation born between 1981 and 1996<\/a>

They\u2019re highly educated --
almost 50 percent<\/a> have either attended or are currently attending a higher-education institution

Millennials are also an extremely tech-savvy generation, having grown up during the advent of household computers and the internet.<\/p>\nRelated:\u00a0<\/b>
How Growing Up With the Internet Made Millennials Different<\/b><\/a><\/p>\nThe reali<\/p>\n"},{"objectId":"317027","headline":"Tips for Finding a Job in the Hidden Job Market","objectTypeId":"12","objectTypeName":"article","publicationDate":"2018-07-21 16:00:00","statusId":"4","isNative":"","templateType":"1","wordCount":"503","shortLink":"http:\/\/\/m6p","breakingNews":"2","readTime":"3","edition":"us","authorName":"Alex Freund","authorLevel":"0","authorTier":null,"authorTwitterHandle":null,"seriesId":null,"seriesName":null,"seriesSlug":null,"seriesHeroImage":null,"seriesLogoImage":null,"authorTierName":null,"authorId":"7056","professionalHeadline_en":"","professionalHeadline_es":null,"professionalHeadline":null,"authorImage":"\/dbimages\/person\/h2\/20160303205419-alex.jpeg","authorRawImageName":"20160303205419-alex.jpeg","authorUrl":"\/author\/alex-freund","deck":"By following these suggestions, people in transition will not only speed up the job search process but also increase their chances of landing a job exponentially.","imageId":"88533","heroImageOffset":"","heroImageCaption":"","heroImageCredit":"graphicstock","heroImageCreditUrl":"https:\/\/\/","heroImageName":"20170801121740-businessman-in-office-typing-on-computer-bkf2ctrbj.jpg","tags":"Growth Strategies,Job Seekers,Job Seeking,Careers","provider":"1","providerId":"147","providerType":null,"providerName":"Personal Branding Blog","providerUrl":"\/provider\/personal-branding-blog","imageName":"\/dbimages\/article\/h1\/20170801121740-businessman-in-office-typing-on-computer-bkf2ctrbj.jpg","rawImageName":"20170801121740-businessman-in-office-typing-on-computer-bkf2ctrbj.jpg","url":"\/article\/317027","canonicalUrl":"https:\/\/\/article\/317027","kickerId":"2424","kickerName":"Job Seekers","kickerSlug":"job-seekers","kickerUrl":"\/topic\/job-seekers","campaignImageId":null,"campaignTrackingTag":null,"campaignImage":null,"rawCampaignImage":null,"campaignKeyword":null,"campaignId":null,"campaignSponsorName":null,"tagnode":"195","videoId":"","ytId":"","ooyalaId":"","informId":"","videoLength":"","contentVideoId":null,"videoSource":null,"tagIds":"195,2424,2770,2791","bodyFragment":"\nIn the current job market, it\u2019s not unusual for people to be looking for jobs over many months

It\u2019s a very competitive market, and job openings are few

This situation is amplified by the herd mentality whereby people deploy the job search strategies commonly used in the past

For example, asking people about their target companies elicits, in most cases, the names of large and very well-known companies

This means that all of those people are competing for the same few openings

Yet there are lots of jobs in the untapped arena called the hidden job market.<\/p>\nRelated:\u00a0
The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Prepare for a Job Interview<\/a><\/b><\/p>\nThe hidden job market is at the other end of the spectrum -- mostly hidden from the public because the jobs in it don\u2019t get published

Such jobs get fille...<\/p>\n"},{"objectId":"316467","headline":"How This Freelance Approach Can Produce Full-Time Results","objectTypeId":"12","objectTypeName":"article","publicationDate":"2018-07-21 15:00:00","statusId":"4","isNative":"","templateType":"1","wordCount":"1113","shortLink":"http:\/\/\/ero","breakingNews":"0","readTime":"6","edition":"us","authorName":"Peter Johnston","authorLevel":"1","authorTier":"4","authorTwitterHandle":"@PeterLJohnston","seriesId":null,"seriesName":null,"seriesSlug":null,"seriesHeroImage":null,"seriesLogoImage":null,"authorTierName":"Guest Writer","authorId":"12412","professionalHeadline_en":"CEO of Kalo","professionalHeadline_es":null,"professionalHeadline":null,"authorImage":"\/dbimages\/person\/h2\/20180709192949-PeterJohnston.png","authorRawImageName":"20180709192949-PeterJohnston.png","authorUrl":"\/author\/peter-johnston","deck":"Companies are exploring a workforce model with 10 percent full-time workers and 90 percent freelancers.","imageId":"119887","heroImageOffset":"","heroImageCaption":"","heroImageCredit":"Maskot | Getty Images","heroImageCreditUrl":"","heroImageName":"20180712205231-GettyImages-904531920-crop.jpeg","tags":"Growth Strategies,Freelancers,Managing Remote Teams,Gig Economy","provider":"0","providerId":null,"providerType":null,"providerName":null,"providerUrl":null,"imageName":"\/dbimages\/article\/h1\/20180712205231-GettyImages-904531920-crop.jpeg","rawImageName":"20180712205231-GettyImages-904531920-crop.jpeg","url":"\/article\/316467","canonicalUrl":"https:\/\/\/article\/316467","kickerId":"1219","kickerName":"Freelancers","kickerSlug":"freelancers","kickerUrl":"\/topic\/freelancers","campaignImageId":null,"campaignTrackingTag":null,"campaignImage":null,"rawCampaignImage":null,"campaignKeyword":null,"campaignId":null,"campaignSponsorName":null,"tagnode":"195","videoId":"","ytId":"","ooyalaId":"","informId":"","videoLength":"","contentVideoId":null,"videoSource":null,"tagIds":"195,1219,5005,11221","bodyFragment":"\nNot that long ago, people viewed freelancers as the people that carried out menial outsourced responsibilities

If companies had a low-skilled, repetitive task such as data entry or phone support that no full-timer wanted, they'd delegate it to a freelancer.<\/p>\nBut the growing number of highly skilled talent choosing to freelance shows that it's not just mundane tasks that they're choosing to take on

In fact,\u00a0
40 percent<\/a>\u00a0of the 1,267 American adults polled in December by NPR and Marist do freelance work in addition to their regular jobs; an additional study, a joint venture conducted by <\/p>\n"},{"objectId":"316685","headline":"3 Tips for Thriving Among Industry Giants","objectTypeId":"12","objectTypeName":"article","publicationDate":"2018-07-21 14:00:00","statusId":"4","isNative":"","templateType":"1","wordCount":"941","shortLink":"http:\/\/\/bxo","breakingNews":"0","readTime":"5","edition":"us","authorName":"Jeff Coffman","authorLevel":"1","authorTier":"4","authorTwitterHandle":"@AVALA_Marketing","seriesId":null,"seriesName":null,"seriesSlug":null,"seriesHeroImage":null,"seriesLogoImage":null,"authorTierName":"Guest Writer","authorId":"12448","professionalHeadline_en":"President of AVALA","professionalHeadline_es":null,"professionalHeadline":null,"authorImage":"\/dbimages\/person\/h2\/20180712181033-3186ea9.jpeg","authorRawImageName":"20180712181033-3186ea9.jpeg","authorUrl":"\/author\/jeff-coffman","deck":"Stand out with your startup in a world of giants.","imageId":"119884","heroImageOffset":"","heroImageCaption":"","heroImageCredit":"Dave and Les Jacobs | Getty Images","heroImageCreditUrl":"","heroImageName":"20180712201902-GettyImages-532029899.jpeg","tags":"Growth Strategies,Customer Service,Marketing,Startups,Competitive Advantages","provider":"0","providerId":null,"providerType":null,"providerName":null,"providerUrl":null,"imageName":"\/dbimages\/article\/h1\/20180712201902-GettyImages-532029899.jpeg","rawImageName":"20180712201902-GettyImages-532029899.jpeg","url":"\/article\/316685","canonicalUrl":"https:\/\/\/article\/316685","kickerId":"1222","kickerName":"Competitive Advantages","kickerSlug":"competitive-advantages","kickerUrl":"\/topic\/competitive-advantages","campaignImageId":null,"campaignTrackingTag":null,"campaignImage":null,"rawCampaignImage":null,"campaignKeyword":null,"campaignId":null,"campaignSponsorName":null,"tagnode":"195","videoId":"","ytId":"","ooyalaId":"","informId":"","videoLength":"","contentVideoId":null,"videoSource":null,"tagIds":"195,234,282,550,1222","bodyFragment":"\nStartups have never had it easy

Big businesses hate disruption, and when a new company starts doing things differently, established players do everything they can to steal the ideas and squash the competition.<\/p>\nPepsiCo, for example, has mechanized the process

Through its partnership with Black Swan Data,\u00a0
PepsiCo hopes to identify trends<\/a>\u00a0before they become, well, trendy and beat would-be disruptors to the punch in an effort to compete with its smaller competitors

This is because, as PepsiCo leaders suggest, smaller businesses are better able to keep up with trends.<\/p>\nFortunately, startups don\u2019t have to let big players such as PepsiCo steal their advantages without a fight

The biggest companies have the deepest pockets and the most service lines, so small companies must focus on niches, becom...<\/p>\n"},{"objectId":"317009","headline":"The Financial Advice Millennials and Gen Zers Want to Know (Infographic)","objectTypeId":"12","objectTypeName":"article","publicationDate":"2018-07-21 11:00:00","statusId":"4","isNative":"","templateType":"1","wordCount":"304","shortLink":"http:\/\/\/56p","breakingNews":"2","readTime":"2","edition":"us","authorName":"Rose Leadem","authorLevel":"3","authorTier":"10","authorTwitterHandle":"@Rose_Leadem","seriesId":null,"seriesName":null,"seriesSlug":null,"seriesHeroImage":null,"seriesLogoImage":null,"authorTierName":null,"authorId":"7581","professionalHeadline_en":"","professionalHeadline_es":null,"professionalHeadline":null,"authorImage":"\/dbimages\/person\/h2\/20160525164617--DSC3962.jpeg","authorRawImageName":"20160525164617--DSC3962.jpeg","authorUrl":"\/author\/rose-leadem","deck":"Having a grasp on your financials is tricky, but it's crucial if you want to be successful

And that starts with getting the right advice.","imageId":"120285","heroImageOffset":"","heroImageCaption":"","heroImageCredit":"Deborah Pendell | Getty Images","heroImageCreditUrl":"","heroImageName":"20180720151939-GettyImages-174417868.jpeg","tags":"Millennials,Infographics,Finance,Saving Money","provider":"0","providerId":null,"providerType":null,"providerName":null,"providerUrl":null,"imageName":"\/dbimages\/article\/h1\/20180720151939-GettyImages-174417868.jpeg","rawImageName":"20180720151939-GettyImages-174417868.jpeg","url":"\/article\/317009","canonicalUrl":"https:\/\/\/article\/317009","kickerId":"2103","kickerName":"Infographics","kickerSlug":"infographics","kickerUrl":"\/topic\/infographics","campaignImageId":null,"campaignTrackingTag":null,"campaignImage":null,"rawCampaignImage":null,"campaignKeyword":null,"campaignId":null,"campaignSponsorName":null,"tagnode":"2324","videoId":"","ytId":"","ooyalaId":"","informId":"","videoLength":"","contentVideoId":null,"videoSource":null,"tagIds":"498,2103,2324,6779","bodyFragment":"\nWhether it\u2019s saving for
retirement<\/a> or paying off credit card debt<\/a>, money management can be a challenge

Of course, different people have different concerns -- and that often comes with age

While a 60-something baby boomer might be organizing their savings for retirement, your 20-something millennial might be focused on paying off student loans.<\/p>\nRelated:\u00a0
8\u00a0Financial\u00a0Tips for Entrepreneurs Launching a Startup<\/a><\/b><\/p>\nIn a recent study<\/a>, financial intelligence company Comet surveyed more than 1,000 people to uncover the top financial concerns of various age groups, as well as the financial advice millennials <\/p>\n"}]; (function(w,d,s,l,i){w[l]=w[l]||[];w[l].push({'gtm.start':new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],j=d.createElement(s),dl=l!='dataLayer'?'&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src=''+i+dl;f.parentNode.insertBefore(j,f);})(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-PNLC48'); Video Podcasts Start A Business Subscribe Shop Real Estate 'Tis the Season to Invest in Real Estate Gift yourself with a new home before the end of the year. Next Article --shares Add to Queue Image credit: Shutterstock Senada Adzem Guest Writer Executive Director of Luxury Sales, Douglas Elliman Real Estate December 28, 2017 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Print media and digital outlets from coast to coast devote December space to their versions of an ultimate holiday gift guide

A quick online search of this year’s hottest items reveals some usual suspects leading the pack: noise-canceling headphones, high-tech fitness trackers, high-end coffee makers, tablets, cellphone cases, beauty products and the latest celebrity fragrances. Related: 8 Ways Real Estate Is Your Smartest InvestmentWhile most of these items made for good stocking stuffers, it’s doubtful they added much to your portfolio

Now that the holiday rush is over, savvy shoppers are spending the last week of the year in search of the gift that keeps on giving: real estate.Many industry experts agree that the weeks before and after the new year are prime times to invest in a residential property

Why? Part of the reason speaks to the emotions often tied to the season

People tend to make life-altering decisions around the holidays

For buyers, this may result in finally pulling the trigger on a purchase that they’ve been hesitant to make for months and months

For sellers, the spirit of the holidays -- and the interest in striking a deal before the first of the year -- may lead to a willingness to negotiate terms.Related: He Went From Being Broke to Selling More Than $1 Million a Day in Real EstateThere also are more practical and business reasons to explore a real estate purchase during the holidays

Among them:1. When demand goes up, inventory goes down -- and prices climb.According to data published in November and cited by The Wells Fargo Economics Group Special Commentary, home sales and housing starts will finish on a high note for 2017

Sales of new homes are expected to rise 8.7 percent compared to 2016, and the median price of an existing home is expected to rise 5.3 percent versus last year.With housing values increasing for a large segment of homeowners, it’s an opportune time for those looking to trade up, downsize or relocate to make their move

Meanwhile, improved perceptions about job security and income growth likely will bolster first-time home buying just as the leading edge of the millennial generation is reaching their late 30s

Buying is becoming a preferred option as rents continue to increase dramatically in major markets -- much faster than the median income.Add it all up, and the projected economic conditions should increase the demand for home purchases

As inventory declines, prices invariably rise

This is good news for investors who want to flip for a quick profit -- and equally good news for new home buyers who close before the end of the year.Related: 8 Proven Ways to Make Money in Real Estate2

The holidays give you the time needed to explore.I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shown a listing to prospective homeowners that have just finished a long work day

They’re tired

They’re hungry

And they’re not in the right frame of mind to view their potential dream home

Smart investors will clear time over the holidays to do their homework

Because so many of my clients understand how important this is, I’ll have more showings in December than any month of the year

Investing quality time now will pay handsome dividends down the road.Related: 10 Lessons this Entrepreneur Learned from Flipping $100 Million in Real Estate3

There are more open houses. Another reason why real estate activity spikes during the holidays has to do with businesses that make significant changes late in the calendar year

As a result, employees being relocated have a short window to end one chapter and begin another

These sellers are motivated to move and ready to negotiate

Others sellers are traveling during the holidays and thus more willing to welcome prospective buyers into their homes over the holidays.Related: 'For Sale by Owner': the Benefits of DIY Real Estate4

Analysts forecast a healthy economy.According to a fall Market Watch analysis, analysts suggested that how markets performed in October would set the tone for the coming six months

When the report was published Oct

31, the Dow was up 4.4 percent for October, the S&P was up 2.3 percent and the Nasdaq was up 3.5 percent -- it was the biggest monthly percentage gain for all three since February and the seventh straight positive month for both the Dow and the S&P, and fourth straight positive month for the Nasdaq.Economic strength increases consumer confidence in real estate investment

It also means mortgage rates will continue to rise in a healthy market

As of early December, the average fixed rate was hovering between 3 and 4 percent at an average of 3.92 percent

Experts predict that mortgage rates will exceed 4 percent in 2018

If you decide to wait, you will pay more interest.Related: My Whole Foods Real Estate Rule5

Tax incentives abound. Unlike those last-minute holiday purchases you made at the mall, purchasing a home before the end of the year comes with a bonus in the form of numerous tax benefits

Capital gains taxes can be excluded or deferred, depreciation of property used in an investment or a business can defer some income taxes, interest expenses on a mortgage on a primary or secondary home and home equity loans can be deducted -- and that’s not all

Consult with your CPA and review the IRS tax tips to learn about the full scope of tax incentives you can enjoy from real estate.Related Video: Sell a House and Pay $0 in Taxes With This Tip
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