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StreetWire Blockchain Network To Revolutionize Real Estate Transactions

The key to StreetWire's confidence about real estate data is its peer-to-peer decentralized network. They will enable data producers and consumers such as brokers, appraisers and lawyers to exchange information directly without having to work through ...

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NEW YORK, April 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- New York technology company StreetWire has announced development of their decentralized data network which will provide global settlement services for real estate transactions

 CEO Oliver Tickner explained, "We are creating the fastest and most accurate data set that has ever existed for real estate.  Access to that quality of information is going to power innovation across the space

 Transactions are going to be faster, markets are going to be more transparent and information will be more secure."  Jonathan Miller, the author of the Elliman Reports and leading industry authority on US residential market trends recently stated, "StreetWire's decentralized network has the potential to become the authoritative source for real estate market data."The key to StreetWire's confidence about real estate data is its peer-to-peer decentralized network

 They will enable data producers and consumers such as brokers, appraisers and lawyers to exchange information directly without having to work through intermediaries such as Zillow and CoStar

 In doing so the company is able to return the value of their data to the people and organizations that have produced it.  StreetWire COO Paul O'Halloran declared, "The days of giving away data for free - let alone paying to upload it - for aggregator businesses like Zillow to exploit commercially are now numbered

 If you're producing data you should get paid for sharing it and be able to control who is accessing it."Sebastian Delmont the Co-Founder and former CTO of StreetEasy (acquired by Zillow in 2013) describes what he thinks the future of listing and aggregator services might look like

 "If I had started StreetEasy today I would have done it on StreetWire

We would have begun with higher quality listing data, and would be rewarded for all the value-added information we built on top of it and contribute back to the system."  The StreetWire team includes some of the best known Real Estate data experts in the space

Sebastian Delmont, Co-Founder of StreetEasy, Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel, Sofia Song, former head of research and data for StreetEasy, Compass and Douglas Elliman, Adrian Mercado, the former head of research for Massey Knakal and head of capital markets research at Cushman & Wakefield and Todd Parmley, the former head of product at Corcoran.StreetWire's decentralized network is being built using blockchain technology to service the $217 tn global real estate market

 The transformation of this industry begins with timely and accurate data - StreetWire is building that solution.ABOUT STREETWIREFounded by Oliver Tickner and Paul O'Halloran, StreetWire is the product of nearly four years of research into real estate technology and blockchain

 Based in New York City, the first tranche of WIRE tokens has been released for presale.  For further information visit