Topic: Partial property ownership/Help!

ashmae9i4    -- 08-28-2017 @ 8:35 PM
  My husband and I are at a stand still with what to do
with property he inherited. It is a huge head ache. It
has back taxes of 6k+ and an unknown lean. It is a
trailer from the late 70s. We found it to be a waste of
money to fix up because it is such a money hole. It's
still on a well so it's grandfathered in. It´s a very
small amount of property, like 1/8 acre, with a value of
like 19k. But the worst part is that 10% is owned by a
great aunt who no one has any contact with and refuses
to sell or negotiate. She pays nothing on this property
what so ever. What do we do???

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