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Thelivetransfer    -- 10-19-2017 @ 5:07 AM
  Let me introduce myself, my name is David Webb, and
I'm part owner of

I specialize in finding people in your city who are
interested in possibly selling their home. We do
this by calling homeowners by telephone with a
message such as

"I was calling to tell you that you are living in
one of the hottest neighborhoods in (City) There are
currently more buyers than sellers, so now might be
the right time to for you to sell. I would love to
put you in touch with a Realtor who can tell you
exactly how much your home is worth. There is no
obligation whatsoever, and it only takes 5 minutes
to find out how much value you have in your home.
May i connect you to a realtor now?

The caller then is transferred and introduced to you
by our telemarketer so that you can continue the
conversation with the potential homeowner.

I'm offering a special for first time customers of
just $10 each, with a minimum purchase of 50 leads.
A realistic expectation would be to get 3/4 listings
per batch.

Anyone who will leave a review, either good or bad
of my services will be bonused 5 additional leads.

(63)045 326 0913

Earl_White    -- 12-31-2017 @ 4:50 PM
  One consideration in generating seller leads is making
sure to have a functioning website. Whether its SEO,
adwords,or simply a customer checking our your
credibility, a website will improve your lead flow.

Earl White, Vice-President
House Heroes LLC
Sunny Isles Beach, FL

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