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My husband and I are first time home buyers with little experience. Our agent is a relative, who has been in the business for about 7 years. We found a house the first day it was active on MLS that was priced about 30,000 less than it is worth. Its is in a terrific neighborhood, and near my husband's job, pretty much right where we wanted to be. It is a newer house, perfect for us, and so on.

Now we had just been turned down on another home because we offered $9,000 less than asking price and someone else offered full price.

Seeing as this house was obviously (even realtor/family member agreed) priced very low, and we caught it first day on MSL, we offerered full price. Should have been a done deal, no?

Here's the back story: When realtor called the realtor to show the house, the woman did not call back at all that day. So the next day my aunt called the company, and eventually got ahold of the realtor. We went to see the house and the realtor forgot the key. So the realtor told us to go look at other houses and come back. We didn't. She told us a few times to go ahead and see other places and come back but we instisted on waiting for her partner with the key which only took about 15 minutes. The realtor told us that the owners husband died 3 weeks ago in a car crash, and the wife wanted to sell the house.
We saw the house, loved it and drew up an offer that day. We agreed to come back the next morning to take another walk through, at the selling realtors request. Then next day realtor told me that the realtor told her that she presented the offer wrong and told the owner we offered $7000 less than full price. The CORRECT offer (full price) was told to the owner that morning.

So my realtor expected to hear a yes from them pretty much after we left. The seller's realtor keeps saying she will have an answer by a certain time then never calls. My realtor calls her, and she gives another run around story saying they are waiting on a lawyer, and its because the husband just died, and the wife is upset. I get that and so does my realtor which is why we haven't contacted the seller directly or been overly aggressive.
Its been 4 days, and the seller's realtor (who now admitted is personal friends with the seller) said that the wife wanted to present the offer to a lawyer before saying yes... and that the lawyer hasn't been available.

I also come to find out through a little research that the house has been on and off the marker for almost a year, that the husband was terminally ill and had aheart attack or something health related happen that cause the car accident and that he actually died 5 months ago, not 3 weeks.

Ok what the heck is going on?
We'd hate to pull out of this because the house is perfect and a great price for what we'd get.

The seller's realtor keeps saying its 99% we have the house but they are waiting for the lawyer.

Any opinions on what's going on??
And the house is still listed as active on MLS.

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Sounds like they are changing their mind again on selling their home. Whenever you are looking for a home, always have a few options in mind. This woman clearly cannot make up her mind, or maybe disuading you from buying it because they want a better offer.