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Distribution center could mean jobs for region

The construction of distribution centers has picked up in central Ohio, a sure sign that goods and the economy are moving in the right direction.

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By Steve Wartenberg The Columbus Dispatch  •  Sunday May 26, 2013 11:26 AM var switchTo5x=true; (function() { var stscr = document.createElement('script'); stscr.type = 'text/javascript'; stscr.async = true; stscr.src =""; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(stscr, s); stscr.onload=stCB; stscr.onreadystatechange=function(){if(stscr.readyState=='loaded'){stCB();}}; })(); function stCB(){ stLight.options({ publisher: "3b385b71-49e1-4013-8507-ae1e8e4ed970", doNotHash: true, doNotCopy: true, hashAddressBar: false, onhover: false }); } Comments: 0 View Slideshow Request to buy this photoPrologis A rendering of the 770,000-square-foot distribution center being built by Paul Hemmer Coin Etna TownshipConstruction will be finished in September. The construction of distribution centers has picked up in central Ohio, a sure sign that goods and the economy are moving in the right direction. “What’s happening is, all the large, Class A (distribution) buildings have been absorbed,” said Paul Hemmer, president of the Paul Hemmer Co., a Fort Mitchell, Ky.-based company that specializes in building distribution centers, factories and medical buildings. “People are continuing to expand their businesses, and because there aren’t existing distribution buildings available, they’re building new ones.” Hemmer is building a 770,000-square-foot distribution center in Etna Township, Licking County, for Prologis, one of the country’s largest developers and operators of industrial real estateThe San Francisco-based company will lease the massive space to SpeedFC, which provides e-commerce service to retail customers. SpeedFC recently received a state tax credit valued at up to $489,595 if it adds 250 jobs and retains 242 current positions in Etna Township. The central Ohio location “enables us to continue meeting our customers’ growing demands by providing high accessibility to the U.Sand Canada populations,” said SpeedFC President Jeff Zisk. The building is going up quicklyConstruction started in March and will be finished in September, Hemmer said. That timetable is made possible by a fast-track construction schedule that includes pre-cast concrete walls that are poured off-site and delivered to Etna Township. “Hemmer’s high quality of work and ability to deliver on time and on budget were instrumental in our decision to work with them,” Brian March, Prologis senior vice president, said in a statement. The pre-cast walls, Hemmer said, also take weather factors such as rain and cold out of the equation and speed up the building process. “The walls are complete, the structural steel is about a third of the way done, and we’ll start the roofing (this) week,” Hemmer said. Much of Hemmer’s work is centered in and around Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Louisville, Ky. “We’re excited the economy is starting to rebound in our areas of focus, and I’m knocking on wood that this continues for a bit,” Hemmer said. Construction picks up April was a good month for the construction industry, according to a report from McGraw Hill Construction. Contracts for future construction signed during the month in the Columbus metropolitan area totaled $160.6 million, a 75 percent increase from April 2012For the first four months of the year, these future contracts added up to $522.5 million, an11 percent increase over the same period in 2012. The overall Ohio numbers were solid, but not as strong as in Columbus. Future contracts in April added up to$1.2 billion, an 11 percent increase over the April 2012 totalFor the first four months of this year, the total was $3.5 billion, a 7 percent increase. Odds and ends • ?The Crawford Hoying mixed-use project on Lane Avenue in Upper Arlington is nearing completion. “The Homewood Suites by Hilton is scheduled to open mid-August of this year, with the mixed-use building opening around Oct1,” Bob Hoying wrote in an email. The mixed-use building will have 13,000 square feet of retail space and a similar amount of office space, 108 residential units and a 300-space parking structure. • ?The renovation of the historic Atlas Building at 8 ELong Stis set to start in July, said Joel Lilly of Schiff Capital Group, the owner of the buildingThe project will add marble lobbies, detail stonework and turn the office space in the 12-story building into residential units. • ?Turner Construction began work on the Genesis Medical Center in Zanesville on May 11The project will add a new patient center to the renovated Bethesda Hospital at the site, as well as a free-standing cancer center and a medical office buildingConstruction costs are expected to be $160 million, with an additional $40 million for new medical equipment and furnishings. @stevewartenberg Favorite Print Story Comments Advertisement • Place an ad News Video More Videos var ooyalaUrl = ""+"3f721b6f85e5443494b8b3ffa650b90d"+"?wmode=transparent&namespace=oo"+"Recent_News_Videos"; $(document).ajaxComplete(function(){ $.getScript(ooyalaUrl); }) var environmentCheck =; var urlPrefix = "www"; if ( environmentCheck.indexOf("digitalbuild") != -1 ) urlPrefix = "digitalbuild"; if ( environmentCheck.indexOf("redtailqa") != -1 ) urlPrefix = "redtailqa"; if ( environmentCheck.indexOf("redtailuat") != -1 ) urlPrefix = "redtailuat"; window.settings_Recent_News_Videos = { container : "#player_Recent_News_Videos_container" , currentSite : "dispatch" , currentUrl : "/digital/video/300-video-player-news.html" , randomId : "Recent_News_Videos" , playerName : "player_Recent_News_Videos" , videoPlayerFormat : "landscape" , ooLib : "ooRecent_News_Videos" , videoPlayerId : "3f721b6f85e5443494b8b3ffa650b90d" , mediaType : "video" , playerSize : [, ] , playerSizeString : "responsive" , baseUrl : urlPrefix + "" , embedPage : "/mediaplayer/embed.html" , videoPage : "/pages/video.html" , displayPlaylist : true , autoPlayPlaylist : false , hideSharing : false , embeddedPlayer : false , playlistContainer : "" , setPlaylistWidth : true , onEmbedPage : false , media : { "name":"", "playlist":[ { "pos" : 0, "media" : "/content/videos/2015/02/03/dogs-can-benefit-from-boots-in-winter.xml", "title" : "In the cold, even dogs might need coats", "image" : "/content/videos/2015/02/03/dogs-can-benefit-from-boots-in-winter.jpg?__scale=w:140,h:100,t:2", "ooyalaEmbedCode" : "A0YWE1czpj1e_hycGS9Yt_pUC_1vuslD", "adSetCode" : "58d1b81e3b0a4dfcbd22ef8cba2c69b7", "category" : "/topic/lifestyle/pets/", "parentSite" : "dispatch", "parentUrl" : "/stories/business/2013/05/26/distribution-center-could-mean-jobs-for-region.html", "parentAdSet" : "true", "mediaPlayerUri" : "", "storyLink" : "??? 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