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Inland Real Estate acquires Alabama shopping center for $23.4M

Westbury Shopping Center has about 115K square feet and is located in Huntsville, Alabama. It's 100% leased and anchored by Stein Mart, TJMaxx and Michaels.

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Get email alerts on IRC » To screen ETFs by asset class, performance, yield and more, check out the ETF HubETF Hub SeekingAlpha.Initializer.LogAndRun(function () { AutoCompleteSAConfig.Load('search', { Symbols:true, Keywords:true, IframeCover:true, AfterInsert:function () { this.Find(); }, AfterSubmit:function () { this.Find(); }}) }); SeekingAlpha.Initializer.LogAndRun(SA.Navigation.Top.init); body {background:#F0F0F0;} #content_wrapper {background-color:#F0F0F0; border:none !important;} .page_top, #main_container, .news_pages .top_date_and_charts .charts_wrapper {background:#fff;} if( (window.screen.availWidth > 1260) || SA.Utils.Env.isIPad || SA.Utils.Env.isAndroid) $('main_container').addClassName('show_left_cont'); Inland Real Estate acquires Alabama shopping center for $23.4M Mar 13 2015, 07:35 ET | About: Inland Real Estate Corpo..(IRC) | By: Stephen Alpher, SA News Editor Westbury Shopping Center has about 115K square feet and is located in Huntsville, AlabamaIt's 100% leased and anchored by Stein Mart, TJMaxx and MichaelsIRC purchased the asset for $23.4M in cash.Source: Press Release var ratings_hash={}; Sent to 719 people who get email alerts on IRC. 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