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Sustainable cultural diversity will help South Florida’s real estate value

The demographic composition of South Florida will be its greatest long-term strength in terms of real estate value appreciation South Floridians should be excited by the region’s rich and promising demography and our likely place in the future of U.S ...

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May 22, 2016 7:00 PM Sustainable cultural diversity will help South Florida’s real estate value The demographic composition of South Florida will be its greatest long-term strength in terms of real estate value appreciationSouth Floridians should be excited by the region’s rich and promising demography and our likely place in the future of U.Seconomic growth. Must be: gallery" --> $(function () { $(document).trigger("slickgallery.init", [ 29504737, 1, { } ]); }); i BY ANTHONY MGRAZIANOSpecial to the Miami Herald Attempting fall-back value. --> LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest Reddit Print Order Reprint of this Story I once heard a tax accountant introduce himself as the second most boring person in the world next to a demographerThe discipline of compiling and understanding demographic change is of passing importance to most, but if you work in the South Florida real estate business, a big-picture view of foreign immigration and buying patterns is essential to understanding the transformative changes occurring in our economy If you’ve read a real estate article about the luxury residential market in South Florida recently, the dire predictions of fewer foreign buyers owing to currency devaluation will have been featured prominentlyThe larger issue at hand is: what drives foreign buyers to have an affinity to South Florida real estate vsother areas; and whether this trend is likely to continue in the long term A prominent Miami Realtor remarked recently that “[he] loves Miami because of its close proximity to the United States.” Over 51 percent of Miami-Dade’s population is foreign-born, with Broward at nearly 32 percent and Palm Beach at 23 percentIt’s this mix of cultures that positions South Florida, and Miami in particular, as an economic engine inexorably linked to the world economy In a review of the Realtor’s 2015 survey of buyers, 36 percent of all 2015 South Florida residential sales, representing over $6.1 billion in residential sales, originated from foreign buyers, nearly 79 percent of which was concentrated in Miami-Dade A review of the REALTOR survey buyer composition shows a much stronger European correlation in Broward and Palm Beach counties, decidedly more influence from Asia in Palm Beach, and a higher percentage of Canadians in Broward and Palm BeachMiami remains strongly tied to the Latin American buyers, and given the dominant proportion of overall investment from LatAm buyers in Miami-Dade and Broward, the diversification of foreign investment away from Latin America is not likely anytime soonWhile the market is currently experiencing fragile economic conditions worldwide outside of the United States, the demographic composition of South Florida will be its greatest long-term strength in terms of real estate value appreciationMost cities in the United States are growing nominally, or shrinking, as U.Sbirth rates continue to declineThe U.Scities that will outperform in the coming decades will be those that can foster economic growth by attracting both monetary and human capitalMuch of this growth in the U.Smust come from outside of the country unless birth rate trends reverse unexpectedly A review of commercial property investment in the past 12 months demonstrates a similar order of magnitude of commercial capital inflows to South Florida, with nearly $3.5 billion in direct investment from buyers outside the U.S., according to Real Capital Analytics cross-border capital trackerThe top five foreign commercial buyers year-to-date originated in Spain, China, Canada, Norway and the United Kingdom, with no Latin American buyers in the pool in the prior 12 monthsArgentina and Brazil were among the top five commercial buyers in 2014, with an annual cross-border total into South Florida of $1.5 billion The short-term ebb-and-flow of international investment will be affected by many factors, including currency fluctuations, commodity pricing and foreign political instability, but the key factor in our region’s success will be its sustainable cultural diversityContemplate on a 100-year timescale (back to 1916) what factors allowed New York City to prosper, and whether the wave of European immigration wasn’t a key determining factor in allowing New York’s economy and productivity to outpace all other U.Scities in the past 100 yearsWhile it may be boring to some, South Floridians should be excited by the region’s rich and promising demography and our likely place in the future of U.Seconomic growthWe represent a diversified base of cultures, ideas and capital that drives not only strong American in-migration to the region, but serves as an international magnet to drive long-term investment and growth Despite all the experts in 2009 who said Miami’s condominium inventory of 19,000 units would take two decades to absorb, in less than four years, cranes were emerging again downtown as supply had dwindled to less than 800 unitsThe current under construction pipeline downtown is roughly 7,300 units, so the slowdown of international buyers in mid to late 2015 has the development community alert, not only in Miami, but throughout the regionThese impacts will be short-lived, certainly shorter than the prior cycle absorption, owing to the domestic and foreign recognition of South Florida as a fast-growing international investment destination Anthony MGraziano, MAI, CRE, is senior managing director for Integra Realty Resources — Miami/Palm Beach, based in Coral GablesHe has been involved in the real estate field since 1986He can be reached at and South Floridian are from A review of the tri-county region comprising South Florida provides a 2014 snapshot of the origin of the area’s residents:Origin of residentsMiami-Dade% totalBroward% totalPalm Beach% totalSFlorida% totalFlorida856,36932.93603,36533.24406,81029.931,866,54432.32Northeast169,3246.51337,83518.61378,72027.87885,87915.34Midwest48,6591.87107,0835.90110,7028.15266,4444.61South (not Fla.)80,2833.09100,9325.5691,2136.71272,4284.72West29,0351.1232,9911.8225,1101.8587,1361.51Puerto Rico46,7081.8031,0991.7116,2831.2094,0901.63U.Sisland areas2,0510.083,9850.227570.066,7930.12Abroad to U.Sparents28,6211.1020,1361.1114,1191.0462,8761.09Foreign-born naturalized U.Scitizen708,36927.24321,413,17.71151,04411.111,180,82620.45Foreign-born (not U.Scitizen)631,44224.28256,43014.13164,31612.091,052,18818.22(Total)2,600,8611,815,2691,359,0745,775,204Source: U.SCensus Bureau — 2010-2014 Community Survey $(document).ready(function () { // Removing empty paragraphs first $("#content-body-16194140-79034187 p").filter(function () { var html = $.trim($(this).html()); if (html == ' || html == ' ') return true; }).remove(); // Taking a subset of paragraphs using offset and maximum var offset = 1; var max = -1; if (offset > 1) { $("#content-body-16194140-79034187").children().slice(0, offset - 1).remove(); } if (max > -1) { $("#content-body-16194140-79034187").children().slice(max).remove(); } // Show dateline field at the beginning of the first paragraph var showDateline = false; var datelineStr = ""; if (offset Must be: gallery" --> $(function () { $(document).trigger("slickgallery.init", [ 29504731, 1, { aspectRatio: false, } ]); }); Anthony MGraziano, MAI, CRE, is senior managing director for Integra Realty Resources – Miami/Palm Beach, based in Coral Gables. i Related content var $storyRelated = $(document.getElementById('story-related')); if ($storyRelated.find('article').length === 0) { $storyRelated.hide(); } Attempting fall-back value. --> LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest Reddit Print Order Reprint of this Story Real Estate if ( allowAdsState && mi.pageInfo.getConf('marketInfo.allow_ads') ) { window._taboola = window._taboola || []; _taboola[_taboola.length] = { mode: 'thumbnails-e', container: 'taboola-below-article-thumbnails', placement: 'Below Article Thumbnails Responsive', target_type: 'mix' }; } Comments Attempting fall-back value. --> if($("meta[property='fb:app_id']").length === 1 && $("meta[name='allow-comments']").prop("content") === "true") { mi.commenting = new mi.Commenting(); mi.commenting.setConf( { accountName: mi.pageInfo.getConf('marketInfo.domain'), fbapp_id: mi.pageInfo.getConf(''), fb_comment_div: {'data-width': '100%'} }); $(document).ready(function() { mi.commenting.display(); }); } else 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They're selling fast 02:34 28 minutes ago Mom says she was wrong in golf cart arrest but police treatment was hostile if ( typeof allowAds === 'undefined' ) { var allowAds = true; } if ( typeof wpsConfig === 'undefined' ) { var wpsConfig = { baseUrl: '/wps/source/scripts/src', urlArgs: 'misv=e1aaa39', paths: { 'fastdom': '../libs/fastdom.min', 'moment': '../libs/moment.min', 'jwplayer': '../libs/jwplayer', 'flickity': '../libs/flickity.pkgd.min' }, waitSeconds: 0 }; var wpsRequire = requirejs.config(wpsConfig); } wpsRequire([ 'video' ], function ( video ) { return video({"id":"79246512","url":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","title":"How NASA enlisted Angry Birds for space exploration and education","publication":"miamiherald","home":"/web/v1/sections/5092","modified_date":1464011683,"published_date":1464011583,"credit":"Courtesy of NASA","thumbnail":"","duration":301,"media_id":"NjN7RxYa","href":"/web/v1/content/79246512","ads":[{"publication":"miamiherald","tag":"","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=national&id=79246512&eid=79246512&pl="}],"leadtext":[{"text":"Bill Hader, the voice of Leonard of the new Angry Birds movie, cracks the egg on how NASA and Angry Birds came together to bring together the galaxies of mobile gaming, Twitter, science and mathematics."}],"sources":[{"height":360,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/23/13/1437582013143-p5k4ma/NASA and Angry Birds-1464011576062.mp4","uri":"","width":640},{"height":720,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/23/13/1437580321678-6bjrso/NASA and Angry Birds-1464011577860.mp4","uri":"","width":1280},{"height":0,"mime_type":"application/x-mpegURL","mrid":"binary/2016/5/23/13/art_79246512/NASA_and_Angry_Birds.m3u8","uri":"","width":0}],"assets":{"playlist":[{"id":"79245682","url":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","title":"Donald Trump voodoo dolls? They're selling fast","publication":"miamiherald","home":"/web/v1/sections/5039","modified_date":1464011080,"published_date":1464011014,"thumbnail":"","duration":69,"media_id":"Mttszdbw","href":"/web/v1/content/79245682","ads":[{"publication":"miamiherald","tag":"","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=politics_government&id=79245682&eid=79245682&pl="}],"leadtext":[{"text":"Sally Noedel, an artist from Bainbridge Island, Washington who specializes in making piñatas, started producing voodoo dolls of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump about six months agoShe was out selling them Saturday, May 21, 2016, at the 6th Congressional District Democratic caucus meeting in Suquamish, Washington -- and she wasn't short on buyersAt the caucus meeting, Democrats from the district selected seven people to serve as delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July."}],"sources":[{"height":360,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/23/13/1437582013143-p5k4ma/Trump Voodoo dolls-1464011011733.mp4","uri":"","width":640},{"height":720,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/23/13/1437580321678-6bjrso/Trump Voodoo dolls-1464011012501.mp4","uri":"","width":1280},{"height":0,"mime_type":"application/x-mpegURL","mrid":"binary/2016/5/23/13/art_79245682/Trump_Voodoo_dolls.m3u8","uri":"","width":0}]},{"id":"79245157","url":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","title":"Mom says she was wrong in golf cart arrest but police treatment was hostile","publication":"miamiherald","home":"/web/v1/sections/5092","modified_date":1464010728,"published_date":1464010703,"thumbnail":"","duration":154,"media_id":"xXYlnRpz","href":"/web/v1/content/79245157","ads":[{"publication":"miamiherald","tag":"","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=national&id=79245157&eid=79245157&pl="}],"leadtext":[{"text":"Julie Mall says there is no question she was wrong to let her 11-year-old son drive a golf cart at Bald Head Island in North CarolinaYou must be 16 years old and have a valid drivers’ license to drive a golf cart at the locationWhat troubles her, was what she describes as hostile, aggressive treatment by police."}],"sources":[{"height":360,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/23/13/1437582013143-p5k4ma/Mothertalksaboutgolfcartarrest-1464010699007.mp4","uri":"","width":640},{"height":720,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/23/13/1437580321678-6bjrso/Mothertalksaboutgolfcartarrest-1464010699674.mp4","uri":"","width":1280},{"height":0,"mime_type":"application/x-mpegURL","mrid":"binary/2016/5/23/13/art_79245157/Mothertalksaboutgolfcartarrest.m3u8","uri":"","width":0}]},{"id":"79244112","url":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","title":"Mom arrested for allowing son to drive golf cart","publication":"miamiherald","home":"/web/v1/sections/5092","modified_date":1464010323,"published_date":1464010292,"thumbnail":"","duration":65,"media_id":"Aq5h5Zgr","href":"/web/v1/content/79244112","ads":[{"publication":"miamiherald","tag":"","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=national&id=79244112&eid=79244112&pl="}],"leadtext":[{"text":"Julie Mall was arrested at Bald Head Island in North Carolina after police stopped the family for allowing 11-year-old son to drive a golf cart."}],"sources":[{"height":360,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/23/13/1437582013143-p5k4ma/Mom arrested for allowing son to drive golf cart-1464010290524.mp4","uri":"","width":640},{"height":720,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/23/13/1437580321678-6bjrso/Mom arrested for allowing son to drive golf cart-1464010291165.mp4","uri":"","width":1280},{"height":0,"mime_type":"application/x-mpegURL","mrid":"binary/2016/5/23/13/art_79244112/Mom_arrested_for_allowing_son_to_drive_golf_cart.m3u8","uri":"","width":0}]},{"id":"79194012","url":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","title":"Surveillance video shows fatal hit-and-run crash","publication":"miamiherald","home":"/web/v1/sections/5048","modified_date":1463959868,"published_date":1463959413,"thumbnail":"","duration":24,"media_id":"YJK73DoQ","href":"/web/v1/content/79194012","ads":[{"publication":"miamiherald","tag":"","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=miami_dade&id=79194012&eid=79194012&pl="}],"leadtext":[{"text":"Miami-Dade police are investigating a hit-and-run crash that killed Jorge Vargas, 61, on the NW 3000 Block and North River Drive on Friday, May 20, 2016."}],"sources":[{"height":360,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/22/23/1437582013143-p5k4ma/PD160520189488 MR-1463959412439.mp4","uri":"","width":640},{"height":720,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/22/23/1437580321678-6bjrso/PD160520189488 MR-1463959412758.mp4","uri":"","width":1280},{"height":0,"mime_type":"application/x-mpegURL","mrid":"binary/2016/5/22/23/art_79194012/PD160520189488_MR.m3u8","uri":"","width":0}]},{"id":"79179507","url":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","title":"Cuban music, food showcased at CubaNostalgia festival","publication":"miamiherald","home":"/web/v1/sections/5096","modified_date":1463952522,"published_date":1463952491,"thumbnail":"","photographer":"Patrick Farrell","duration":51,"media_id":"dd4MqyeD","href":"/web/v1/content/79179507","ads":[{"publication":"miamiherald","tag":"","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=cuba&id=79179507&eid=79179507&pl="}],"leadtext":[{"text":"The 17th Annual Cuba Nostalgia event draws a crowd to the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition center on Sunday, May 22, 2016."}],"sources":[{"height":360,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/22/21/1437582013143-p5k4ma/ad4faa0c-0d85-4427-8dcd-0ca9a84c180c-1463952488929.mp4","uri":"","width":640},{"height":720,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/22/21/1437580321678-6bjrso/ad4faa0c-0d85-4427-8dcd-0ca9a84c180c-1463952489372.mp4","uri":"","width":1280},{"height":0,"mime_type":"application/x-mpegURL","mrid":"binary/2016/5/22/21/art_79179507/ad4faa0c_0d85_4427_8dcd_0ca9a84c180c.m3u8","uri":"","width":0}]},{"id":"79179767","url":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","title":"The challenge of defending accused terrorists at Gitmo","publication":"miamiherald","home":"/web/v1/sections/5098","modified_date":1463952154,"published_date":1463952147,"thumbnail":"","duration":178,"media_id":"JThFA5Gk","href":"/web/v1/content/79179767","ads":[{"publication":"miamiherald","tag":"","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=guantanamo&id=79179767&eid=79179767&pl="}],"leadtext":[{"text":"Marine BrigGenJohn Baker, the chief defense counsel for military commissions, describes the challenge of defending accused terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, at an Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Criminal Justice Act in Philadelphia on April 11, 2016."}],"sources":[{"height":360,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/22/21/1437582013143-p5k4ma/20160509_ViewsfromtheMilitary-1463952141999.mp4","uri":"","width":640},{"height":720,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/22/21/1437580321678-6bjrso/20160509_ViewsfromtheMilitary-1463952142880.mp4","uri":"","width":1280},{"height":0,"mime_type":"application/x-mpegURL","mrid":"binary/2016/5/22/21/art_79179767/20160509_ViewsfromtheMilitary.m3u8","uri":"","width":0}]},{"id":"79107232","url":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","title":"Stoneman Douglas Celebrates State Championship","publication":"miamiherald","home":"/web/v1/sections/5170","modified_date":1463952696,"published_date":1463880217,"thumbnail":"","photographer":"Al Diaz","duration":19,"media_id":"2FAgq7Sz","href":"/web/v1/content/79107232","ads":[{"publication":"miamiherald","tag":"","lang":"en","sz":"400x300","vpos":"preroll","cust_params":"sect=high_school&id=79107232&eid=79107232&pl="}],"leadtext":[{"text":"Stoneman Douglas Celebrates State Championship Victory defeating Christopher Columbus 3-0 in baseball at jetBlue Park in Fort Myers on May 21, 2016."}],"sources":[{"height":360,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/22/1/1437582013143-p5k4ma/b2cc2f46-c055-4a06-a3e4-c502ad1e64e1-1463880215811.mp4","uri":"","width":640},{"height":720,"mime_type":"video/mp4","mrid":"binary/2016/5/22/1/1437580321678-6bjrso/b2cc2f46-c055-4a06-a3e4-c502ad1e64e1-1463880216367.mp4","uri":"","width":1280},{"height":0,"mime_type":"application/x-mpegURL","mrid":"binary/2016/5/22/1/art_79107232/b2cc2f46_c055_4a06_a3e4_c502ad1e64e1.m3u8","uri":"","width":0}]},{"id":"79106647","url":"","asset_type":"videoIngest","title":"Stoneman Douglas Wins 9A Baseball State Championship","publication":"miamiherald","home":"/web/v1/sections/5170","modified_date":1463880094,"published_date":1463880091,"thumbnail":"","photographer":"Al Diaz","duration":50,"media_id":"RoLGZbk5","href":"/web/v1/content/79106647","ads":[{"publication":"miamiherald","tag":"

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