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Residential Real Estate Company serving Central Virginia ... Broadway and Penn Laird Virginia as well as in Franklin and Moorefield West Virginia.

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Ryan MKelly | Posted: Friday, May 20, 2016 5:44 pm Virginia tech pitcher Ryan Lauria pitches during an NCAA college baseball game on Friday, May 20, 2016 in CharlottesvilleVirginia beat Virginia Tech 7-6Photo/Ryan MKelly/The Daily Progress Buy this photo $(".jquery-ui-button").button(); try { _402_Show(); } catch(e) {} /* Share on Facebook"); } }); if(jQuery("#autoShareWithFacebook").find("input:checked").length>0){ jQuery("#blox-comments .post").find(".commentInfo .share.with.facebook").first().click(); } }); jQuery("#newPost .buttons").append("Share on Facebook"); jQuery("#autoShareWithFacebook").bind('click',function(){ jQuery("#autoShareWithFacebook").toggleClass("active"); if(typeof(jQuery("#autoShareWithFacebook input").attr("checked"))=="undefined"){ jQuery("#autoShareWithFacebook input").attr("checked","checked"); }else{jQuery("#autoShareWithFacebook input").attr("checked",false);} }); jQuery("#blox-comments .post .commentInfo").find(".share.with.facebook").live('click',function(){ var postId = ""; if(jQuery(this).parents("").length>0){ postId = "#"+jQuery(this).parents("").attr("id"); if(postId=="previewPost"){ postId = ""; } } if(typeof(ninjaLog)!="undefined"){ninjaLog.Update({text:"Sharing with facebook"}); } FB.ui({ method: 'feed', link: window.location.href.split('?')[0]+postId, to:', from:' }, function(response) { if (!response || response.error) { if(ninja){ninjaLog.Update('Facebook wall post failed.');} } else { if(ninja){ninjaLog.Update('Facebook wall post was successful!');} } }); }); jQuery("#blox-comments").trigger("previewCommentCreated"); } } }); /* ]]> */ /* Share on Twitter"); } }); if(jQuery("#autoShareWithTwitter").find("input:checked").length>0){ jQuery("#blox-comments .post").find(".commentInfo .share.with.twitter").first().click(); } }); jQuery("#newPost .buttons").append("Share on Twitter"); jQuery("#autoShareWithTwitter").bind('click',function(){ jQuery("#autoShareWithTwitter").toggleClass("active"); if(typeof(jQuery("#autoShareWithTwitter input").attr("checked"))=="undefined"){ jQuery("#autoShareWithTwitter input").attr("checked","checked"); }else{ jQuery("#autoShareWithTwitter input").attr("checked",false); } }); jQuery("#blox-comments .post .commentInfo .share.with.twitter").live('click',function(){ if(typeof(ninjaLog)!="undefined"){ninjaLog.Update({text:"Sharing with twitter"}); }""+escape(window.location.href)+"&text="+escape(jQuery(this).parents(".container").find(".commentText").text()),"Twitter","width=1024,height=480,menubar=no,location=no,status=no"); }); jQuery("#blox-comments").trigger("previewCommentCreated"); } } }); /* ]]> */ .fb-comments, .fb-comments * {width:100% !important} The Latest Authorities ask for tips in missing teen case Updated: 4:15 pm Driver's family press charges over US drone hit on Pakistan Updated: 4:01 pm Gunman among at least 2 dead in Houston shooting Updated: 4:01 pm 'You belong': Shelby Rogers of US in 1st Slam QF in Paris Updated: 4:01 pm The Latest: Rookie Alexander Rossi wins 100th Indy 500 Updated: 4:15 pm Depp's 'Alice' bombs, 'X-Men: Apocalypse' on top with $65M Updated: 4:15 pm 'Mommy loves you!': Boy rescued after gorilla is shot at zoo Updated: 4:15 pm More The Latest /* */ .blox-recent-list li .avatar.cutout { border: none; } loading... 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Visiting AngelsVisiting Angels is a national, private duty network of home care agenciesWe are proud to be the nation’s leading provider of non-medical senior home care servicesOur Angels provide in-home care, elder care, respite care, senior personal care, elderly care and companion care servicesWith our senior home care services, elderly adults can continue to live independently in their own homesThe directors and franchisees of Visiting Angels have always held the philosophy that they are in business to provide the best care possible to seniors as well as others who need in home care while giving total respect to the care giving staffOur network of franchised Visiting Angels home care agencies provide the very best in training and support so that elderly clients receive top quality care wherever the need existsThat's why Visiting Angels is "America's Choice In Homecare®.”When you choose Visiting Angels as your elder care provider, you will enjoy proactive senior home care services that are focused on the needs of your loved oneOur elder care services are designed to put you in controlWe don't dictate your schedule or try to adjust your habits to meet our needsInstead, our job as caregivers is to adjust to your routineOur caregivers do everything possible to keep you safe and comfortable in your own homeYour Visiting Angels team is fully committed to ensuring your loved one receives the best senior home care services availableAs part of that commitment, we have instituted a system of follow-up checksThe service coordinator from your local franchised office is trained to reach out to your loved one via regularly scheduled phone calls and at home drop-in visits to ensure they are receiving the best care possibleAt Visiting Angels, we don’t ever want your loved one to get "lost in the shuffle"At Visiting Angels, we know that choosing an elder care provider is never easyYou have many questions and concernsYou need to make the best choice for your familyWe invite you to call your local Visiting Angels franchised office to discuss the senior home care options available in your areaFind out how your local Visiting Angels franchised office can help your family find peace of mind with caring, compassionate elderly care servicesVisitng Angels Senior Care and In Home Assisted Living Services can assist elderly people located in Culpeper, Harrisonburg s and surrounding areas in Culpeper County, VirginiaBecause we are a non-medical franchised agency and not a nursing agency, Visiting Angels Senior Care and In Home Assisted Living Services does not dictate to you what your schedule is to beIt is our job to assist people in Culpeper, Harrisonburg s and surrounding areas in Virginia by adjusting our schedules to keep your loved one comfortable in their homes. Window World of Central ValleyWe are committed to providing exceptional products and window replacement services to our loyal customersWe offer Double Hung Windows, Horizontal Sliders, Garden Windows, Bows & Bays, Replacement Doors and much moreAnd in addition to our basic window style, optional upgrades including Low-E Glass and colonial grids can easily be installedAs an additional service, we'll patch up the area around your window frames, replacing any rotten wood, and offering custom stains, finishes and color for an enhanced lookWe guarantee lifetime materials and laborWe have been named Energy Star Partner of the year for each of the past 3 yearsWe serve all surrounding counties: Augusta, Albemarle, Greene, Nelson, Louisa, Fluvanna, Rockingham, Page, and Madison.Please contact us today to schedul your free in-home replacement window estimate. var jEvents = []; $(function(){ $("#cal-loader").bind("ajaxStart", function(){ $(this).parent().parent().find('#calendar-widget-block').addClass('transparent'); $(this).show(); }).bind("ajaxStop", function(){ $(this).parent().parent().find('#calendar-widget-block').removeClass('transparent'); $(this).hide(); $('#calendar-widget').datepicker( { numberOfMonths: 1, inline: true, showSpeed: 'fast', beforeShow: function(input, inst) {(this).delay(1000);}, beforeShowDay: editDays, onChangeMonthYear: fetchDays, onSelect: function(dateText, inst) { $("#calWidgetSearchDate").val(dateText); $("#calWidgetSearchForm").submit(); } } ); }); function fetchDays(year, month) { jEvents = []; i = null; if (year == undefined && month == undefined) { var d = new Date(); var n = d.getMonth()+1; var y = d.getFullYear(); month = n; year = y; } $.ajax({ type: 'GET', dataType: 'json', url: '/calendar/search/?year='+year+'&month='+month+'&fmt=json', cache: true, success: function(data) { $.each(data, function(index, value) { jEvents.push(value.result.numEvents); //console.log(jEvents+'test'); }); $("#calendar-widget").datepicker("refresh"); }, error: function(response) { //console.log(response.status); } }); } fetchDays(); function editDays(date) { var i = date.getDate()-1; //console.log('date : '+i+' -> Array Value : '+jEvents[i]); if (jEvents[i] == 0 ) { return [false, , '(no events)']; } var tempEvents = 'Event'; if (jEvents[i] > 1){tempEvents = 'Events';} return [true,'events-'+i,jEvents[i]+' '+tempEvents]; return [true,']; } }); Community Calendar today's events browse submit $("#calendar-widget-buttons").buttonset(); var _sf_startpt=(new Date()).getTime() var _sf_async_config={}; /** CONFIGURATION START **/ _sf_async_config.uid = 57530; _sf_async_config.domain = ''; _sf_async_config.useCanonical = true; _sf_async_config.sections = 'front'; _sf_async_config.authors = ''; /** CONFIGURATION END **/ (function(){ function loadChartbeat() { window._sf_endpt=(new Date()).getTime(); var e = document.createElement('script'); e.setAttribute('language', 'javascript'); e.setAttribute('type', 'text/javascript'); e.setAttribute('src', '//'); document.body.appendChild(e); } var oldonload = window.onload; window.onload = (typeof window.onload != 'function') ? 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