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Texas hot air balloon victims were celebrating anniversaries and birthdays

His wife Laura also was on the balloon flight, a close friend said. LuAnn O'Connor said she and Laura Douglas worked for the same real estate business in Victoria, Texas. Laura Douglas' son is in the military, O'Connor said. "She was really bubbly ...

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Brian and Tressie Neill Brian and Tressie Neill and familyBrian and Tressie Neill had been married for 23 years and had two daughters, 16 and 20, according to a GoFundMe page set up for the couple.Brian surprised Tessie with "a trip to watch the sunrise by hot air balloon" for their wedding anniversary, according to the fund-raising pageWhile they were in the air, Brian sent his brother a picture with a message that read, "Can you see our reflection in the clouds?"The couple lived in San Antonio, and Tressie Neill worked for CPS EnergyA statement from the company said: "Tressie was known to many of our 3,000-plus employees to be a warm-hearted person who was always ready to help a friend and offer words of encouragementShe worked at CPS Energy for almost 25 years and will be missed by her many friends and co-workers she's touched over the years."Alfred 'Skip' Nichols Alfred "Skip" NicholsAlfred "Skip" Nichols, a resident of Kyle, Texas, owned Heart of Texas Hot Air Balloon Rides and was piloting the balloon when it crashedAlan Lirette, the ground crew supervisor for the company, described Nichols as his "best friend, boss and roommate."Another company employee, Phil Ferraz, told the Austin paper that Nichols was concerned about safety and developed his love of flying from his father, a pilot in Vietnam."He loved seeing the first flight through someone else's eyes," Ferraz said.Philip Bryant, a balloon pilot, told CNN he knew Nichols."I knew him to be a safe, competent pilot," Bryant said"He has done this for a very long time."Joe and Tresa Owens Joe and Tresa Owens Joe and Tresa Owens lived in Katy, Texas, and had three children, the Austin American-Statesman reported.Tresa Owens, 54, worked at Tiger Land Child Care Center in Katy for 25 years, the center's owner, Steve Sandweiss, told the newspaper."It was her passion," he said"You rarely see someone stay in child care that long, especially in the same place."Joe Owens, 43, worked at H-E-B's meat department and sometimes helped out at the child care center"They adored their children and grandchildren, and loved nothing more than spending time with them," said a GoFundMe page to raise money for their funeral.Matt and Sunday RowanMatt and Sunday Rowan Matt Rowan, 34, had just started working as chief of clinical trials for burns and trauma at the U.SArmy Institute of Surgical Research, the Austin American-Statesman reported"He loved to play volleyball," Trinity University professor Bert Chandler told CNN affiliate KSAT-TV in San AntonioSunday Rowan, also 34, worked at Crazy 8 clothing, according to her Facebook page, and had a 5-year-old son named Jett, the Austin newspaper saidThe Rowans, who lived in San Antonio, were married in FebruarySunday Rowan bought the balloon flight for her husband as a birthday gift, and it had taken awhile to schedule it, said Brent Jones, the father of Jett"Sunday was a very social person," Jones said"They have hundreds and hundreds of friends."Steve VisserContent by LendingTreeBrexit sends interest rates into freefall -- lock in all-time lows 4 cards with jaw-droppingly long 0% intro APR How a single mom paid off $7,500 in credit card debt Fastest way to pay off $10,000 in credit card debt Reverse mortgage: Worth the risk? var CNN = CNN || {};CNN.contentModel = { layout: "right-rail-tall" , sectionName: "us" , pageType: "article" , env: "prod" , type: "page" , analytics: {"pageTop":{"type":"video"},"headline":"Texas hot air balloon victims were celebrating anniversaries and birthdays","author":"By Ralph Ellis, CNN","showName":"","isArticleVideoCollection":false,"publishDate":"2016-08-02T21:50:54Z","pageBranding":"default","partner":"","cap_genre":"General News","cap_mediaType":"Text","cap_topics":"K47, BLL, BCQ, B9W, 85G, BDL, BLX, 51L, 55G, 8FK, 89S, 227, 3HL, D2W, 849","chartbeat":{"sections":"us,art-vid"},"branding_content_page":"default","branding_content_zone":["default"],"branding_content_container":["default"],"branding_content_card":[""]} , edition: "domestic" , title: "Texas hot air balloon victims were celebrating anniversaries and birthdays" , companion: {"enabled":false,"layoutType":"none","layoutStates":{},"ids":{}} , siblings: {"articleList":[{"uri":"/2016/08/04/politics/hillary-clinton-leads-donald-trump-national-polls/index.html","headline":"Clinton opened up a 15-point margin in survey","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"Hillary Clinton has widened her lead over Donald Trump in a pair of new national polls published on Thursday, as the Republican nominee ends one of the worst weeks of his campaign.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/politics/mike-pence-donald-trump-john-mccain-kelly-ayotte/index.html","headline":"Pence endorses McCain","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"Indiana GovMike Pence offered his support Thursday to Republican SensJohn McCain and Kelly Ayotte, days after his running mate, Donald Trump, refused to endorse the embattled Republican senators.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/politics/iran-400-million-kerry-rejects-ransom/index.html","headline":"Obama: 'We don't pay ransom'","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday insisted that the United States never pays ransoms for hostages, rejecting accusations that a $400 million payment to Iran was a quid pro quo for the release of American prisoners.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/politics/obama-trump-pentagon-isis/index.html","headline":"Obama: Rigged election? Ridiculous","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"President Barack Obama, with a clear eye on Donald Trump, said Thursday that party nominees who get classified security briefings must act like a president and shouldn't be \"spreading them around.\"","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/politics/pence-trump-question-young-boy/index.html","headline":"11-year-old puts Pence on the spot","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"Indiana GovMike Pence on Thursday fielded one of the toughest questions he's faced as Donald Trump's running mate - from 11-year-old Matthew Schricker","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/sport/russia-ioc-bach-olympics-rio-2016/index.html","headline":"IOC bans a third of Russian athletes","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"The Russian Olympic Team believes between 265 and 270 of its athletes have been cleared to compete in the Rio Olympics, a team spokesperson says.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/americas/russian-diplomat-brazil-robbery/index.html","headline":"Russian diplomat in Rio kills robber","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"A Russian vice-consul shot and killed a robber who attacked him on Thursday afternoon in Rio de Janiero, according to Brazilian state run news agency Agencia Brasil.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/us/twin-girls-die-in-georgia-hot-car-incident/index.html","headline":"Police probe twin girls' deaths as hot car incident","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"Police are investigating the deaths of 15-month-old twin girls in northwest Georgia as a hot car incident, authorities said ","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/us/george-zimmerman-claims-punch-in-face/index.html","headline":"George Zimmerman reportedly punched in face","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"George Zimmerman told deputies a man punched him in the face at a Florida restaurant after he thought Zimmerman was bragging about killing Trayvon Martin","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/opinions/trump-just-being-trump-axelrod/index.html","headline":"Opinion: Is Trump trying to lose?","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"It's hard to believe, as some have suggested, that Donald Trump wants to lose his campaign for the presidencyAfter all, his entire self-image, brand and message are built around one word: \"Winner.\"","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/politics/paul-ryan-donald-trump-endorsement/index.html","headline":"Ryan: Trump won, I'm backing him","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"House Speaker Paul Ryan stood by his endorsement of Donald Trump Thursday, but didn't rule out withdrawing it at some point in the future should he deem that necessary","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/us/firefighter-racist-threat-trnd/index.html","headline":"Home of town's lone black firefighter torched","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"The apartment of the only black volunteer firefighter in an upstate New York town burned down -- two days after he says he received a racist letter telling him to move out","layout":""},{"uri":"/videos/us/2016/08/04/jogger-karina-vetrano-killed-pkg.wpix","headline":"Missing jogger's body found by her dad","thumbnail":"","duration":"01:40","description":"Karina Vetrano went jogging alone along a popular jogging path in the Howard Beach section of QueensShe went missing, and later her father and detectives found Vetrano's body, New York Police said.","layout":"","iconType":"video"},{"uri":"/2016/08/03/europe/london-knife-attack/index.html","headline":"FSU prof's wife dies in London attack","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"One person was killed and five others were injured in a knife attack in central London's Russell Square, London Metropolitan Police said","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/africa/kenya-jackline-mwende-hands/index.html","headline":"Wife blamed for no kids, hands cut off","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"A Kenyan woman's hands were butchered and she was left with injuries to her head after she was brutally attacked by her husband, who blamed her for not being able to conceive any children during their seven-year marriage.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/health/zika-virus-cities-counties-preparation/index.html","headline":"Zika: These U.Scities take action","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"Zika was worrying local health officials long before Florida announced the nation's first local transmission from an infected mosquito in late July.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/us/obama-denver-broncos-demaryius-thomas-grandmother/index.html","headline":"Obama frees NFL star's grandmom","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"Winning a Super Bowel is great, maybe even greater than getting honored with a personal shout out at the White House by President Obama.","layout":""},{"uri":"/videos/world/2016/08/03/lovesick-man-waits-ten-days-for-girl-dr-jenn-mann-intv.cnn","headline":"Lovesick man waits 10 days for girl","thumbnail":"","duration":"02:47","description":"A Dutch man flew to China to meet a girl he met online who never showed DrJenn Mann explores the psychology of being lovesick in the Internet age.","layout":"","iconType":"video"},{"uri":"/2016/08/03/opinions/donald-trump-howard-stern-bunch/index.html","headline":"Opinion: Howard Stern gave us Trump","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"The critics thought he'd ended his career when it had just barely started -- thanks to one outrageous and offensive comment.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/us/governor-public-defender/index.html","headline":"Govdrafted to be public defender ","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"Missouri GovJay Nixon has been ordered to serve as a public defender by the State Public Defender's office, which cites a budget crisis in tapping a rarely used state statute that allows the office to draft any state bar member","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/aviation/airport-newsstand-best-selling-purchases/index.html","headline":"Most popular item at airports is ...","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"It turns out people's top priority in an airport, besides making their flight, is staying hydrated.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/04/health/turning-points-kate-foster/index.html","headline":"Gymnast: 'It was my leg or my life'","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"A deadly infection crushed the dreams of a budding gymnast,but her coach gave her the courage to make an incredible comeback.","layout":""},{"uri":"/2016/08/03/health/distracted-driving-addiction-brain-impact/index.html","headline":"Texting: Addictive like drugs?","thumbnail":"","duration":"","description":"Most people will admit that texting, checking social media or playing a video game while driving isn't safe, and yet,

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